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Being someone who lives on Mombasa road, I haven’t sampled as many food joints as an ordinary ‘nairobian’. Let’s face it: every other fancy attraction is just too far from home! (Mombasa road people ayee!) You can imagine me leaving the house, going all the way to ‘Two rivers’ or ‘Garden city’ or ‘The hub’ to eat something or see a new place. Already the fare or fuel spent is equivalent to the money I want to go and spend. Even the hustle I will go through to get there, makes it more impractical; unless I am with my parents or was already in the area doing something; then that’s fine. We typically get comfortable going to the same places along Mombasa road; which by the way, is about to get super cool with all the new food joints coming up (Burger king, Dominos pizza, Pizza Mojo and Big Square). That being said, I had never been to ‘ABC place’ along Waiyaki Way. Some of you will probably say that’s a lie; but it really is true. Now,  what am I even going to do there that cannot be done around here? You may say, “just to see” but my parents aren’t big on the whole driving around Nairobi, without a plan kinda people, or even walking in a mall “just to see”. We are a purposeful family! Haha. Therefore, when we go somewhere, it’s rarely by accident. Even when we plan, it’s always a tug of war between ‘the kids’ (siblings)  and my parents who think a place is too far or too expensive, or the hustle of getting there is too much or are scared of trying new things and regretting it (which is 90% of times). Clearly distance is a key problem.

Typically rent in places like Westlands, Karen or in malls along Thika road is expensive; making  the items so expensive; not because of the quality, but the area the place is in. Am not such a big fan of town, so I can’t be found looking for a matatu that will drop me at ‘The hub’ or at ‘Two rivers’. Just the hustle of bus stops in Nairobi even for the places I regularly go (e.g home – people who take matatus at railways and bus station, I know you hear me!), makes me cringe a little. You can imagine going to that guy shouting for people to enter the matatu. (Not the conductor but the people at the stage (kamagera)) and asking him whether he will pass somewhere and he lies that he will and your dropped God knows where and have to walk for long after being overcharged. Sorry. I am just not thaaaat enthusiastic about going to new places under such circumstances. My  safety and comfort first. Some places I will try when I buy myself a car or when my parents feel like going; but the latter is likely to happen sooner.

Anyway let’s focus on what this post is really about; ‘ZUCCHINI!’
I got to go to ABC place with some of my friends for one of us to run an errand  (completely random and there was a car) and one of us couldn’t stop talking about how great the ice cream at ‘Zucchini’ is. However, it was 10 in the morning but for people like me; anytime is ice cream time. I was ready to indulge and see what all the fuss was about. In any case, the other restaurants there, were a bit too expensive to just walk in and spend money without planning. So, I turned a blind eye to places like ‘360 degrees’ and ‘Caramel’ and followed my friend to Zucchini.

Its clean, bright and well lit on the inside making you feel so excited to try anything and everything. The beginning of the counter sells detox juices, smoothies, milkshakes, lemonades and fresh juices; then the end has the ice creams.

Ice cream scoops and ice cream sticks (big and small).

The sticks were being sold at 100/= for the small and 200/= for the larger ones.

Scoops were being sold at:
150/= for one scoop,
250/= for 2 scoops and
350/= for 3 scoops.
You can also get a 1 kg tub of ice cream at 2,400/=.

On that day, there were only four “scoop” flavors; which didn’t seem too interesting to me.

I found this a bit too expensive for something I really wasn’t attracted to especially as a cost I hadn’t planned for (maybe I was broke or I found their scoop a bit too small for 150/=. I decided to go for the small ice cream sticks that were being sold at 100/= and looked way more enticing anyway.
They all looked so pretty and I found it difficult to choose. There was caramel, white chocolate, strawberry, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. However, before I made the decision, I was informed that the flavors I just mentioned were simply the coatings and the ice cream inside (for all of them) was just vanilla. I was so upset! Now I have nothing against vanilla flavour, but it’s just too basic for me. I can’t spend money on vanilla. I can buy that in the supermarket. I want something I can’t get in the supermarket. A unique flavour. Something fancy. (I am so extra)
Anyway, despite the sad news, I went ahead and ordered. My friend chose strawberry (rolls eyes… too basic) and I went for caramel – because it’s an amazing flavour that you can’t just buy in the supermarket. If the caramel popcorn at the movies is anything to go by, I can say caramel is the bomb!

Guess what? It wasn’t as amazing as I expected. 🙁 It had a strange “back of the tongue” nutty taste that I didn’t like. I don’t think caramel should have any trace of nuts; but that’s just me. I didn’t taste my friends’ strawberry because am not a fan of strawberry plus my friend wasn’t amused; so I wasn’t motivated to try it anyway.
The vanilla ice cream inside was good. I can’t complain. Am just not big on vanilla so I won’t go on and on about it. The coatings were nice but now the basic vanilla on the inside was a big let down. I mean if its strawberry then it should be strawberry all the way through not just outside. i.e a flavor related to the coating.
I know most people won’t agree with me because Zucchini is a place known to have really good ice cream; but I can’t lie and say my experience was all that. I have actually had way better ice cream (which I will share with you soon).

I will definitely go back and try again and let you know how my second experience is, because maybe it wasn’t a good day for them.

Thank you for stopping by!
Come again soon!

I would love to know what your experience has been at any Zucchini branch as well as your favourite ice cream joint. Let me know in the comment section below.

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14 thoughts on “Ice Cream @ Zucchini Greengrocers

  1. charles says:

    Niiiice!former geography deskmate…I see you

  2. Vivian says:

    Hi, nice read 🙂 . I think it was actually a bad day for them because their ice-cream is really something else. I am yet to find better (the scoops ie not much of a fan of the sticks). I would suggest going later on in the afternoon when they have more flavours out. Try the biscotti flavour, that’s their best in my opinion. Mango, strawberry and mixed berry are also quite good. Their scoops are also really generous.

    • Hi. Thank you so much for taking your time to read. I will definitely go back and try the scoops (those flavors in particular) and write about it soon. I really hope my second experience will be much better. Have you tried milanos ice cream on Kaunda street in town? They are currently my favourite. Stay tuned for a blog post on that soon 🙂

  3. Kesley says:

    This new post is dope
    I second you in the choice of MILANO ice cream shop..AYE! I like their ice cream cause they have the REAL taste of every flavour…
    There is also a place in Garden City just at the entrance to the mall,it is centrally located where people pass and can be spotted quit fast..
    Their ice cream is superb too..their scoops range from i think 150/- also but cant remember..You are allowed to have a taste of almost all flavours before deciding which one you will settle on..Plus their scoops are worth the price and more..You should give it a try.

    • Thank you so much Kesley for reading the post, as well as sharing your comments. I will definitely try garden city and write about it. It sounds amazing! We should go to milanos together though! ?

  4. stephanie kahi says:

    Gosh, can we be going to taste food together haha

  5. Just came across this site and I love the way you write gal. You even know kamagera? lol…you are so authentic. Let me read a few other posts.

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