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I really enjoy meeting  small business owners, hearing their story and supporting what they do; especially if it has something to do with food. I was lucky enough to meet Lynda Ziki and be treated to her delicious creations last week. She is a young home baker (FacebookInstagram) who has been baking delicious pastries for about 3 years. Granted, she started baking when she was a young girl with influence from her mum and sister: Sheila, who now runs a special cakes business

By special cakes, I mean eggless, gluten-free, low carb, vegan etc. See her Instagram page here. Lynda baked through most of her university life but only started selling in her third year of uni. What she studied (recently graduated) actually has nothing to do with baking. She did Quantity Surveying but only realised towards the end that it wasn’t for her. By this time, she had already began Zikis Cakery and even won the Best Overall Baker Award during the Cake Art Affair 2017. Lynda attributes her success to her whole family especially her mother & sister but also, to her friends in university who would constantly buy her products and encourage her to do it seriously.

Like any other business, Lynda admits she has had a challenging time learning how to manage her business with very little business knowledge. A huge support & mentoring system has been the Cake Art Affairs Club where both big & small bakers come to learn & encourage each other.

The major turning point for Lynda was when she went for her third year internship and didn’t last a month. She comfortably decided that Quantity Surveying would be her back-up plan and focused on finishing her final year and then investing her time in her bakery – Zikis Cakery. Click to visit her website.

Believe it or not, Lynda is now almost two years in the home-baking business and hasn’t studied anything along the lines of cooking and baking. Now, it may not be as surprising for you who is reading this but my goodness once you bite into her pastries, you won’t believe it!

She made me an orange cake with chocolate frosting and some brownies for the soul. You know how brownies are often gooey-chewy-bitter-sweet blobs of pastry that you can’t have more than two bites of? Well, Zikis cakery partakes in no such creations!

Her brownies were spectacular. In fact, I can’t compare them to any other brownie I have ever had since all the ones I have ever had were nothing close to these. She hasn’t began selling them but as an introductory price, a slice costs 150/= with a minimum order of four slices. Order them so she permanently puts them on the menu. Click here to see the price list.

Zikis brownies taste almost like a chocolate cake. Not as moist as a cake but not dry either. I thought the chocolate she used was good quality because I felt not just cocoa but a deep chocolate flavour in every bite. It literally melted in my mouth. At no point in this brownie-eating spree did I feel the need to reach for some water. This goes to show how well balanced the ingredients were. Nothing was overwhelming. She drizzled some ganache on it towards the end but that step isn’t very necessary unless your love for chocolate is on some other level.

The orange cake was sliced and layered with thin layers of chocolate cream then drizzled with ganache and finished with blueberries. Watching Lynda do this all made me realise that to do something well, you only need passion. The way she transformed the simple, naked orange cake to a layered chocolate-orange cake worthy of a trophy, left me speechless and my mouth begging for more.

The main difference between cake and brownies is that brownies have more chocolate than flour and aren’t spongy. It’s like a ‘cakey’ chocolate. Hope that makes sense. There can’t be a non-chocolate brownie. If so, it would probably have another name. Therefore, brownies are strictly for absolute chocolate lovers!

You know how when you think about cake, you automatically think of something overwhelmingly sweet? That wasn’t the case for Zikis cakes. The melt-in-your-mouth feel and accuracy of flavour was spot on. Ask for an orange cake and I kid you not, you’ll taste the orange flavour, zest and juice. I can only imagine how good her banana cake is. I think I love bananas a bit too much. This was the 1 kg classic orange cake that is 2,000/=.



Let me know in the comment section below, what cake you’re likely to order from Ziki. That’s all I had for you today.

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