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A few weeks ago I got to visit Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club. For those who aren’t quite familiar with this place, allow me to give a small breakdown. There exist hotels, restaurants, clubs and even kibandas among other ‘joints’ or ‘places to eat/chill’. There is another category however, that we have never talked about. That is country clubs. These are complexes often sitting on a large piece of land that encompass a restaurant, club and hotel with amenities such as swimming pool, gym, spa, sauna, golf course, tennis court, fine dining restaurant, casual dining etc. They are often open to a select few strictly by membership hence are private.

Their membership fees are often extremely high and their member registration a tiresome and rigorous process. So why, would anyone want to be part of such a place? Well, for exclusivity, convenience and access to quality amenities at an affordable rate. Exclusivity is granted by the amenities only being accessible to members. This assures the members their privacy. Politicians, big business people, those who value privacy, and even royal families prefer this sort of set-up. That way their leisure time is protected from the public eye or press and basically the rest of the world. 

Convenience in that, these country clubs are set apart from the hustle and bustle of the city and are often around neighbourhoods of their target customers. This way, the members aren’t too far from the country club. Take for example: Muthaiga Country Club in Muthaiga, Parklands Sports Club in Parklands, Royal Nairobi Golf Club & Impala Club on Ngong Road, Karen Country Club in Karen among others. All these locations have residential areas for the target market of these clubs. Affordability comes in when they offer their members better rates or post payment option for amenities vs the stand-alone businesses offering those same amenities. This is made possible through their annual/monthly club fees. Therefore, for these people, they prefer to go to their country clubs for gym, swimming, golf etc. 

Now that we understand what a country club is, allow me to tell you about one Windsor Country Club located in Ridgeways off Kiambu Road. For them, they offer an endless list of amenities. From a 5-star hotel to a golf course to several restaurants, spa, gym, swimming pool, bars and so much more. Since I am a restaurant reviewer, I was most interested in their restaurants and what they have to offer. 

Remember when I said these kinds of places are often open to the members only, well that’s not the case for Windsor. They rope everyone in when it comes to restaurant experience. So, YES! You can walk into Windsor, have a meal and leave without being asked about your membership status or who you are! Isn’t that just incredible! After seeing the pictures you’ve just seen, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say, the view is too beautiful to be privatised. It is lush green and has been designed in a magnificent way. Once here, you forget absolutely everything to do with Nairobi C.B.D. It’s almost as if you’ve been immersed into a far off holiday destination yet you’re only 30 minutes from the C.B.D. Incredible isn’t it? A getaway without really ‘getting away’. 



Windsor has three restaurants at this complex. The first one is near the poolside – The Conservatory. By the heated swimming pool, you gain access to both outdoor and indoor dining 24/7. Their menu is below:

SUMMIT MENU 2019 The Place Restaurant – Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club

Summit Grill & Coffee Shop – Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club

They have two bars. One is at the poolside – Kingfisher bar and the other is near the lobby – The Library Bar. Both have a unique theme/setting and are equally beautiful. See their menu below:

Cocktails Menu – Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club


The restaurant looking to the beautiful golf course is The Windsor Room. It’s setting has a ‘fine-dining- buffet’ theme but they also have their own a la carte menu.  See their menus below:

BUFFET MENU – 2019 – Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club
Windsor Room Menu (Al a Carte)

Windsors Tea & Coffee Menu

Last but not least, at the complete opposite end of the club house is The Place. Once at the reception, you are transported to The Place on a golf cart. This crowned my entire experience as I got to enjoy all the views with the breeze hitting my face. Granted, it’s quite cold during this time so I advice you to dress warm when visiting Windsor. 



The Place was originally made for the golfers to have a bite as they play on the course. However, it became so popular that they ended up opening it up to everyone and including more than just bitings on the menu. There is also a bar, large pizza oven, barista area and a stage. Hosting bands, artists or events at this restaurant is very easy. I mean, they have an entire stage with lights and everything. 


There are several sitting areas. Even at the back where  the stage is, there is more sitting. Everything at The Place is innovative and functional. For example, the indoor sitting area, can be converted into a meeting/conference room. How incredible! 



Windsor has it’s own coffee plantation. Therefore, all coffee served is their very own! I am not quite sure whether you can buy coffee for use at home but you can definitely inquire once there. The grounds are a popular destination for weddings due to the great scenery so you can also have an event/wedding on these beautiful grounds. 

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit about country clubs and specifically The Place Restaurant at Windsor. Look out for the food review soon! In the meantime, you can see their menu below:

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