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I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful Wasp and Sprout Café in Loresho, Nairobi. Hidden in what looks like regular apartments from the main road, is a true haven. The minute you walk in, a sense of calm is bestowed on you, and the hustle & bustle of the city seems to disappear. In fact, I would say it slowly disappears as you approach this Café. It isn’t near any high traffic road and is relatively ‘tucked-in’.

From the name, Wasp symbolizes the resilience of Africa and its people while Sprout symbolizes, the new beginning and growth of the Team. The dedication this space has taken to present products that exemplify the beauty and organic nature of Africa that we all love, has been to empower local artisans by training, mentoring and EVEN supporting their craft!

It started with one seamstress; a disenfranchised single mother, who was unable to provide basic needs, shelter or education for her 3 children. Today, Wasp and Sprout is a lifestyle brand that represents African living and supports concepts of fair trade and environmental friendliness.

The entrance to the Café has unique cone-shaped lights and the path displays various items on sale. The best part about this is everywhere you turn to, there is a worth item being sold. Mostly African and Kenyan Vendors are allowed to display their items for the customers to buy. Anyway, at the front, there are various utensils (cups, mugs, bowls) for sale by a P.C.E.A Church group of Eastleigh, espresso coffee by Safari Lounge, Binti’s butters and even honey! In addition to these, there are German Bakehouse pastries (which are traditional & handmade) also for sale! These items are all displayed using the same material – WOOD and/or sisal. In as much as the items displayed vary, it creates uniformity, thus visually appealing!

Further on, we see the beautiful wooden seats whose cushioned parts have been covered in various African Prints. This style is emulated in all the sitting areas. The whole Café also has wooden tables of various designs to complement the chairs. The outdoor tables are decorated with small and coloured pots of mini-cacti or green plants.

Before we get into the interior, let’s explore the outdoor sitting area. There is a fixed, high, wooden table with wooden chairs to make up for the absence of high bar stools or cater for individual sitting or even for those who prefer to dangle their feet in the air while enjoying a milkshake. The walls are decorated with Africa-inspired patterns and the sisal cushions match up to this by having various patterns. Since the walls are not busy, the contrast created from the various patterns ends up looking amazing!

I won’t water down the beauty with my words but let you see for yourself the next level of creativity Wasp and Sprout Café offers.

In the interior, there is a section that has purely been dedicated to the sale of various rare, unique, eye-catching items. Items that can be found here include: Blackfly bags – made from recycled leather, jewellery from urban artefacts, pink savanna and many more! Click to see more.

The Café has great WiFi connectivity making it easy for people to work or write without much disturbance. Once you come here, you get so attached that the waiters even know you by name. Imagine that! In addition to having a nice work space, it is also very good for small meetings & even catching up with family and friends.

Here is the bicycle Wasp & Sprout Café is famous for! It has now been placed at the Cashier next to the bar & barista’s area. I wonder where it will be when you visit them. The indoor tables are decorated with baby breath flowers in colourful vases.

The manner in which the Café has branded their items is very unique!

As usual, the food blog will be up in the next post. Below is the menu:

That’s all I had for you! Hope you enjoyed the pictures more than my blabbering. IN case you didn’t, keep scrolling.

Some of the artwork you see here are by: George Ongeri, El-Tayub, Xavier Verhoest and many other local artists.

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