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My friend John, recently asked me to review an affordable restaurant and I thought wow, how much more affordable can we get after: Joes Atlanta Wings, Wingerie Kenya &Remax Village? Nonetheless, I was up for the challenge. I racked my brain thinking of affordable places that aren’t popular fast food spots or ‘kibandas’ yet offer great ambience. Considering, I am at The University of Nairobi, I thought the CBD would be the perfect place to begin my search. Just in case you’re new to this website, feel free to look at my ABOUT page to know a little about me. 

Before I seriously embarked on the search, I conveniently remembered a restaurant my friend Kevin, had shown me sometime last year. Views Coffee House – a place with the most beautiful view of the Nairobi CBD uptown area. The restaurant isn’t too high up so the view, is both breathtaking, and still manages to show the hustle and bustle of our city. While here, I tried their chips for 150/= and thought WOW! I need to come back here.

The chips were clean! No dark spots at all. Fried to absolute perfection with a uniform colour on every single one. And the portion? Heavy! As if that wasn’t enough to make me want to come back, they served Heinz Ketchup. Granted, I may be a little fancy. However, I will not pour anything other than this on my chips. Especially not, the watery-jelly pink substance people call sauce. Nope! Salt alone works when Heinz isn’t available. Anyone else like me? 

Views Coffee House is on the 13th floor of Bihi Towers which is on Moi Avenue (right beside the Bazaar (where Bata is)). I didn’t get too many shots of the restaurant itself but believe with these few images, you can picture what the ambience is like. P.S: I sometimes do impromptu reviews where I haven’t actually got the go-ahead from management to walk around the restaurant taking pictures as I please. Hence such problems.

During this impromptu review, I decided to try two dishes and a drink to see how much it would cost me. See their menu here:

I began with a mildly spiced chicken shawarma that I thought would serve as a starter. Eh! These people don’t play with portions. The 200/= shawarma was huge and had a heartily served filling. The chicken, lettuce & carrot flavours married beautifully. The patty/bread/case was soft and allowed you to sink your teeth into the filling un-interupted. I feel words can’t do enough justice to this shawarma. 

I have had shawarmas and wraps in a couple of places, and feel this has to be the best chicken shawarma ever. Mugoya in  South C had stolen my heart thanks to my friend Wellington, but not anymore. The portion at Views is nearly twice the one at Mugoya. From now on, it’s Views Coffee House all the way! The chicken marination was incredible. It had a smokey-tandoori-roast flavour with some pepper. The lettuce and carrots on the other hand, was fresh and crunchy. 

Next, was the main meal. Can you believe they have main dishes from as low as 500/=. As tempting as it sounded, I was convinced by the waiter to go for the drumsticks @ 600/=. I thought 100/= more isn’t too bad so agreed to have that. Besides, she promised it was her best meal on the menu. Let me tell you guys something, that 100/= was worth it! The portion, affordability, plating and quality of food literally blew my mind away. All main dishes come with an accompaniment and salad. I chose chips and coleslaw for mine.

I understand that I may be raving about affordability when it really isn’t to some. Just to clarify, I am not saying you can afford to come here daily. However, when you want to go to a quiet, relaxed place within CBD, this is the place. The view is a bonus we don’t even deserve. Small group birthday meals, dates, valentines day or other celebrations can definitely be done here too. 

The meal had three well marinated drumsticks. Not the tiny drumsticks but, the large ones. They were fried (I’m guessing) then generously coated in their house-made tomato bbq sauce that had onions and coriander. Food blogger, Kaluhi, recently talked about how coriander (dhania) can change a whole dish and set it up for greatness on her Twitter account. Views Coffee House clearly heed to this call. The coriander and subtle onion flavour worked perfectly on those well-cooked drumsticks. Salivating yet?

The coleslaw won my heart the minute the plate was placed on the table. If you compare just the look and presentation of this coleslaw vis-à-vis what we get at a typical restaurant in town. Msscheww! Night and day! Well done Views! Salad was fresh, had a mild black pepper flavour on top of the cold, delicious dressing. It worked perfectly. I am one never to touch a salad at a restaurant but I cleared this within the first few minutes and haven’t had a stomach upset. (Also, the rest of the food was still a bit hot so I was buying time by eating my salad first). Comment down below if you also wait for food to cool a little before touching it. 2019 isn’t for blowing food or getting your fingers or tongue burnt.

The fries, like my first time, were amazing! I really would like to know what makes theirs so fresh, crunchy and clean. Not soggy at all! Must be some wonder chef or a wonder chips fryer. The Heinz I spoke of earlier, was well utilised during this second trip as well! However, after the pictures were taken. The sauce on the chicken is served as it is.

Of course I wasn’t going to gobble this down all this without a drink. Same waiter who recommended the drumsticks, asked me to try their newest mocktail – Jamaican crush @ 300/= (isn’t on the menu yet). They don’t serve cocktails (with alcohol) since it is owned by a Muslim. This mocktail had lemon juice, apple juice, hibiscus, orange juice all stirred with crushed ice (instead of ice-cubes). Absolute game changer! Enjoyed every sip until I got to the bottom where I thought I was eating fruit puree. I think it was blended apples or oranges (not the juice but what is left after squeezing the juice.) 

I am not saying it was terrible, neither did it make up the whole drink (was very minimal). It just collected at the bottom towards the end and I felt it didn’t need to be there. It should have been sieved off or something. Would still order it again despite this. The flavour balance was awesome and they served it with a black straw. I think I have an obsession with black straws. (Those who’ve followed me for a while know that serving a drink especially a thick one e.g. milkshake without a black straw is criminal and not having heinz at a well-established restaurant is an offense. One and a half years down the line, and I still hold those sentiments close to me heart. There’s just something about those normal supermarket straws that come 100 in a pack that make me think a place isn’t serious.)

I’d say, all in all, I enjoyed this review and will be taking my friends there soon!

That’s all I had for you today. Thank you so much for stopping by! 

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