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In case you missed the last two posts on a restaurant in Kilimani called Ankole, you could read them by clicking on each of the following titles: High Ceilings @ Ankole Grill and The Story @ The Grill. I really enjoyed preparing these two posts for you and hope you enjoy them! Unfortunately, I can’t deliver the Ankole cocktail post I promised because this site does not support videos. However, the same videos are up on Facebook and Instagram!
Today’s post is about a serene restaurant in the heart of Westlands. Did you know that serviced apartments have restaurants? There are beautiful restaurants hidden in those fancy apartments. They are not only open to the guests, but also, to the general public! YOU & ME!

Here are a few: Burrito Bar restaurant of Aden Valley apartments on Valley road, Argenti restaurant of Gem Suites on Riverside Drive and also on State House road, Alan Bobbes Bistro of Andrews Apartments in Westlands and of course, VENTANA RESTAURANT of BIDWOOD SUITES in Westlands. (I will be visiting each in due time.)

Bidwood suites are located on a hill at the junction of Lower Kabete road and Karuna Road.

The restaurant is located on ground floor and can be easily accessed without going to the apartments’ reception. In this post, we will combine the food and restaurant because, I was alone and had one meal.

A staircase accessorised  with green potted plants in brick-stone vases welcome you to Ventana. This is the outdoor sitting area. The wood ceiling matches the wooden floor, and the potted plants are neatly arranged round this area to break the monotony of the brown wood colour and the dark grey furniture.

The rattan woven garden chairs with neatly tied cream cushions, complement the glass topped tables that are neatly set; awaiting your arrival. The patio can be easily adjusted by lowering or lifting the transparent canvas to reduce or increase the breeze. This is a big plus because if it gets too chilly, then you could lower the canvas instead of having to move back inside the restaurant.

Ventana boasts of its prime V.I.P section. Basically, it is a well furnished room within the restaurant that has a unique brown sofa set, a television, and a large, well-set table for about 10 people. In case you want a more private or intimate gathering, then you can request to have this room.

Indoor sitting is also available. The restaurants’ white ceiling and white walls are contrasted by the bright art pieces, as well as the colourful mini flower vases placed on each table.

The wooden floors and furniture give Ventana a characteristic tranquil ambience. The smooth wooden chairs have a unique rough and ‘un-finished’ look. Not only are there rattan woven seats (as seen outdoors), and smooth wooden chairs, but also, high wooden bar seats with orange-maroon cushions to contrast the white walls and wooden floors.

Ventana’s semi-circular bar enables them to showcase the wide variety of drinks they offer their customers. The unique, low-hanging lights are not only creative, but also, ensure the bar is well lit.

I think Ventana is  good for both small and large groups. However, children would not be as comfortable due to the lack of a childrens’ play area or a childrens’ menu section. Despite this, I really like everything about this restaurant. I would actually take anyone here. From family, to friends or even to have a meeting!

The menu items are of a wide variety and are rather affordable. They have everything. Breakfast, snacks, smoothies, shakes, hot beverages, curries, desserts and even cocktails.

Main courses range from 1,000/= to 1,700/=. The menu is below:

On this day, I had a lamb curry; Lamb Ruganjosh @ 1,100/= which came with rice and naan. The serving/portion was generous and the presentation was also very eye-enticing.

Lamb ruganjosh is braised lamb simmered in an onion, tomato and yoghurt gravy.  The meat was very tender and well marinated. The indian cuisine flavours married together beautifully. I am not one to like chilli in my food, but, this meal had just the right amount of chilli. This allowed me to taste all the other flavours complementing the lamb.

The rice was well cooked and presented with a yellow pepper on top. The contrast created, complemented the dish very well. The well seasoned rice was a win for me.

As for the naan, it was probably my favourite part of the meal. The butter flavour hurricane that took place in my mouth was incredible. It was SOFT, buttery, well seasoned, properly charred and smooth. No bumps or wrinkles. I personally don’t like my naan hard and so this was pretty hard to beat. The presentation of quarter pieces on each side was creative, and the portion generous. This is the best naan I have ever had. If this changes, I will be sure to let you guys know!

Actually, this is the best food I have ever eaten. Notice how I had no complaints? Well, except for the lack of vegetables on my plate; which was rather disappointing. That not withstanding, Ventana Restaurant is at the top of my restaurant list. However, I will go back and try other meals to re-confirm this.


I really contemplated on this whole dessert thing. I was satisfied but not bursting on the seams. I still sorta-kinda had some room for dessert. My mum says that it’s not good to rush for more food until your certain you really want more. She says you should relax for a few minutes before deciding on whether you really want more food. After waiting a while, and with much self-deliberation, I was convinced.
I settled for ‘Sticky Toffee Pudding’. “It is a date puree based cinnamon cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce”; said the menu.

That menu caption did not adequately prepare me for what was to come! Before I continue, please note that, this is my favorite dessert from now on!
The cinnamon cake was delicious. It was moist and well flavoured with the cinnamon. The caramel sauce was sticky, sweet and soaked every crumb of that cake beautifully. Now hear me out, this cake was hot and moist, then the caramel sauce was drizzled on top and of course it melted through the cake to the bottom of the plate. The COLD vanilla ice cream went ahead to melt through the cake such that, each bite had the cinnamon, caramel and melted vanilla ice cream ALL AT ONCE.

Need I say more? I will. The plate was garnished with cinnamon powder and topped with a beautiful mint leaf to contrast the colours.

Anyway guys, that’s it for today! I am definitely going back to Ventana soon to try out more of their menu items. Aren’t you?

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  2. Dani Cuspin says:

    I loved it when you said *the butter flavor hurricane that was in your mouth*
    The place looks lovely especially the VIP and the bar, the architecture, colors and lighting with the whole decoration was beautiful, the meal as we

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