Waffles, Pancakes and Tasty Croissants.

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A few months ago, I went for a breakfast buffet with my friend; Marvin at Ventana Restaurant. In case you haven’t seen the post, you can read it here. Ventana restaurant is situated at Bidwood Suites in Westlands. Despite being in serviced apartments, the restaurant welcomes all; whether guests or not.

Their breakfast buffet costs only 1000/= per person, and comes with an all you can eat ticket! Can you imagine that! Let’s take a moment of silence to appreciate how amazing that is. Unlimited fresh juice, tea and house coffee are also included in that cost. Another moment of silence.

Unfortunately for you and me, most of the pictures from this day got corrupted by my SD Card. Therefore, I only managed to salvage the few I will show you. I have since learnt my lesson and will not be buying cheap SD cards anytime soon. Nonetheless, that will not stop me from sharing my experience with you! Lets dive in. Shall we?

The variety presented to us was overwhelming. From a variety of cereals with either cold or hot milk, granola & yoghurt to fresh fruit cuts and even a fruit salad. Ventana laid it all out!

Potatoes roasted with black pepper, wings in bell peppers, sausages and crispy bacon. The potatoes were cooked all through, well seasoned and had just enough (not too much) of the black pepper flavour. The wings were tender, well prepared and presented beautifully. This was made possible by the colourful bell peppers they were prepared with. Imagine all you can eat chicken for only 1000/= I don’t even understand why your still waiting for me to convince you more. However, in case I haven’t managed to convince you enough, keep reading.

Now, I don’t know how you guys like your bacon but I like mine crispy. Some people lightly fry it and it ends up looking like it has been boiled. Arrggh. Here, the bacon is crispy. No semblance of boiled meat whatsoever. Well done Ventana!

Other items included a live egg, waffle and pancake station. Since neither Marvin nor I are big egg fans, we comfortably settled for the waffles and pancakes. The portion was so generous, we ended up sharing instead of each getting a plate. The best part is they serve it with fruits (grapes) and maple syrup. I have eaten pancakes & waffles but these have to be the best I have had in a while.

The pancakes are fluffy, sweet and not oily. they are soft and simply melt in your mouth when you bite in. I was hoping I could eat quite a bit but was so stuffed and ended up eating like 2. The waffles, were just as good as the pancakes. They were well presented, had wonderful texture and flavour and were a bit crispy (which I loved).

Bread and a toasting section are provided too! Tasty, even-sized chapati slices and vanilla sponge cake cubes were also available. I found the cake very light and spongy (true to its name) and liked that it had just the right amount of sugar. In addition to this, there were mini chocolate croissants. Normally the big ones are just lots of pastry with like a drop of chocolate in the centre, that barely lasts a minute.

These were very rich. It wasn’t just pastry and chocolate but the whole pastry was flavourful. I can’t really describe it but I remember taking a bite and looking back at what was left like WOW! The chocolate was spread through the whole pastry and not just one part. Another fancy pastry was this round one with mushroom and cheese at the centre. The mushroom was well marinated and had a great flavour making it a bite of perfection. Cheese, meat and a perfect pastry all rolled in one. The name is vol vent.

I am probably going to have breakfast there again sometime next week. See you there! Remember, it goes down from 7-11 a.m everyday!

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