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Actually, this is a very delayed post. This ‘Valley Coffee Shake’ Lunch, happened months ago; at the beginning of the semester. At the time, the girls and I hadn’t seen each other in so long; courtesy of the public university-lecturer strike; that kept us home for so long. Therefore, in that spirit, we decided to spoil ourselves by, catching up over lunch at a nice place. It was an amazing ‘once in a while’ lunch. (A students budget cannot handle such expenses very often).(Shout out to all university students hustling!)’Valley Coffee Shake’ is located on a street between Muindi Mbingu street and Koinange street called Biashara street. It is in a building called: Yala Towers on fourth floor

I have been here twice only (both times with the girls). The second time was this lunch. I don’t quite remember the first time though.

This restaurant is quite big; as it has a large indoor and outdoor sitting area.

The design is beautiful in that, it has, an artistic touch. From the ceiling, to the lights and even the drawings displayed. The pictures below depict all am saying much better.

The menu is very extensive. You can be assured of getting something; irrespective of the mood your in. (Yes! There are people who “feel like” eating certain things sometimes… me included! Trust me, we are catered for in every aspect.)

The pictures of the menu are shown below, so you can see the prices and variety of meals, drinks and snacks. The place is not ridiculously expensive. It’s quite affordable. You can get a good filling meal (without a drink) anywhere between 500/= and 800/=. Amazing right? I would say you could budget with 1000/= for a drink, meal and maybe even a dessert.

I definitely recommend this place as a restaurant to go on a date or even if you work in town , a place to go in for lunch or for tea and a snack in the evening. Be sure to sit outside to enjoy the beautiful view and calming breeze.

My friends Kendi and Joan (a.k.a ‘Twist’) had ‘chicken burrito with rice, beans and salsa’  and ‘mushroom soup with brown bread’ respectively. Don’t even ask how she just wanted soup. I complained until my voice got hoarse. You can’t just go to have soup in a restaurant. Those are things you eat at a buffet or at home i.e salads and soup. However, Twist argued that I was bothering her and so, I let her be. I had mushroom chicken breast with rice and salad. (Real food!) Oh! By the way, they offer ‘heinz’ ketchup and ‘heinz’ chilli sauce which I love!! Shout out to ‘Valley Coffee Shake’ for treating their customers right!

My food was amazing! The chicken breast was bathed in a tasty, thick mushroom sauce. It wasn’t dry but moist and well cooked. However, they went a little too crazy with the sauce. It was a bit too much. I like mushroom but I would have preferred if I would have poured it on myself, or they put a little less of it.

The steamed white rice, was well cooked. Salad was fresh, with crunchy juicy vegetables of onion, tomato, cucumber and lettuce. They provided a tasty 1000 island salad dressing that I ended up even pouring on my rice because of how good it was. The gravy was a bit too light and runny so I wasn’t quite drawn to it. Nonetheless, the food was superb! This was 720/=.

Kendi wasn’t too happy with her food. Thing is, she was really hungry and I advised her to get a burrito which would be filling. However, contrary to my meal, it was extremely bland and flat which was so disappointing; especially because she was hungry. I would recommend this to someone who doesn’t pay much attention to the food taste but is keen on getting full. It was actually, a good amount of food. In Kendi’s words: “It was all quantity and zero quality.” The burrito tortilla (chapati-like wrap), tasted a little under-cooked. The chicken in the burrito wasn’t flavourful nor did it know any marination. The beans were under-seasoned (not flavourful), had coconut; (which wasn’t mentioned in the menu) and there were a few mashed and black beans which I feel shouldn’t have been plated. The rice was just okay. The salsa like my salad, was tasty! Very fresh tomatoes, onions and avocado. Her meal was 620/=.

Twist; who opted for soup was the most content. With just 200/= she got a nice, thick, creamy mushroom soup. It was packed with flavour and even had bite-size mushroom pieces; which was a nice surprise. The soup came with a slice of bread and butter. I definitely took back everything I said about ordering soup in a restaurant. This was one of a kind. I think I will start to explore soups!

The service was very good for us. The waiter who took our order was very patient while Kendi and I (mostly me) asked questions before deciding on what to eat. However, Twist has been there, other times, when the service was poor and extremely slow.

P.S: “This place gets packed in the afternoon and evening so be sure to try make it there a little early or call in advance, to avoid disappointment.” ~ Twist.

Twist wanted hot water with lemon after her soup (fancy girl) and we got it for free! This isn’t the usual but I found this very kind of the waiter. I think we were told a ridiculous price and then refused to order; but the waiter brought it on the house anyway.

Back in university, we are drawing to the end of the second semester and the end of the year; hence lots of exams and reading to do. I have decided to post this now, to remind my girls and probably any other student doing exams now, to remember all the great times throughout the year. Even though, we may feel like dropping out of university, and quitting half of the units we are doing, please know that its not permanent. Exams will end and we will be back to pointless story telling and laughing a bit too loud. Just do your best and let God do the rest.

Otherwise, that’s all I had for you on this post.

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