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I am sure you are already wondering what Christmas special I am talking about, yet January is coming to an end! Despite this, I am still very excited to share this post with you since the bakery is still there selling all the products I am about to share with you.

In terms of the events Kulanini has been invited for, this one and the Pan Asian Yao menu tasting (see here) are the ones I am most proud of! Unfortunately, or fortunately, the posts prior to this one happened before and so had to go up before this one. Hence the delay.

Tiramisu Bakery is located at the Village Market food court and has smaller branches at Zucchini shops. The Village Market branch is the head/main bakery. Five years ago, the owner and director, Harveen Jandu, was baking cupcakes and muffins for Zucchini. Today, she owns one of the largest bakeries in Nairobi.

A business woman whose interest in baking led her to open her own bakery, is a woman after my heart. Harveen Jandu has now mastered the art through continuous practice, a few classes (maybe) and especially through travel to the countries well known for beautiful cafes! Her pleasant personality drew me to Tiramisu even more! I mean, you can see the joy and pride in her eyes when she speaks about Tiramisu.

The best part about it all, is she duly recognises the team she works with. For her, it’s more of them doing it than even her. She accords each and every one of them the appreciation deserved. I think if we asked the team, they would call her a friend, partner and leader, instead of a boss who has adequately trained them to deliver quality products that are just as consistent as the last batch.

From breads, to caffeinated drinks, sweet & savoury pastries, cakes of course and speciality desserts inspired by her love for Italy, Harveen has managed to bring a taste of Italian desserts, to Nairobi. Remember guys, they do deliveries through yum! Since the event was done using smaller quantities, I will not include the price. You can see the standardTiramisu menu here.

Below is the menu of what was provided for us to sample:

I will definitely go back to do a full review of the space, bakery and even outlets. For now, check out the beautiful set up:

We will begin with the savoury items. Roast beef sandwiches and Roast turkey sandwiches had pesto, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, green peppers and even spicy olives. They were extremely fresh and didn’t break or tear when bit into. They said they used a certain type of bread (I can’t quite remember the name) that is different from usual bread.

My favourite sandwich however, was the sweet onion and cheese sandwich that was truly delicious (without crust). It had a sweet jam that made the overpowering onion flavour a myth. I loved this and will probably visit enough times to get a glimpse of the recipe! The other one is the cucumber, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich that was fresh and crunchy!

Savoury spinach quiche with lots of cheese was held in a firm crust. Sausages for the sausage rolls are made at the bakery giving a spicy, unique taste. The pastry is soft and not too heavy like most bakeries have. You don’t choke on it but chew & swallow it with ease. By far, the best sausage rolls I have ever had!

Sweet items

Cinnamon rolls for the win! The layers in this pastry were well defined with the inner part being extremely soft and the outer part having an eye-catching glaze that made the roll very sweet. Every bakery has to sell these. Tiramisu, however, out-did themselves by making sure the raisins and cinnamon flavour were very pronounced! Think of a bite into a soft, moist, sweet bun with raisins and a strong cinnamon flavour .

Custard profiteroles were a favourite for many. Especially Darshani and Ekta (who both have blogs. Check out @notjustafoodiereview and @cupcakestocurry ). Also present, was: Sharon of @haveyoueatenhere_ke, @tatianakaranja / @mamaolivekm and her cute baby Olive (p.s: I think I have potential to be this kids friend!), Jessie from @kenyabuzz and @soni.side.up

The profiteroles are filled with a custard cream that is light but still has a good density. They are drizzled with chocolate to make the bite into it, even more of an experience.

A tart made with nuts, dates, nutmeg, cinnamon and many other spices was also extremely delicious. I highly recommend it to people with a sweet and spicy pastry preference.

Raspberry and white chocolate mousse was also a tasteful trip to remember! Sweet, creamy, fruity and smooth all in that tiny cup. Are such texture and flavour combinations even legal? Harveen is definitely setting the dessert bar high for all bakeries and even restaurants and hotels in Kenya. We now know what profiteroles are. They can’t serve us air filled pastries no more!

Cookie with custard and fruits. I am pretty sure that wasn’t the name of this pastry. However, that it is exactly what it tasted like. The custard didn’t soak the biscuit but perfectly sat on it waiting to be devoured! The name was: fruit tart with raspberries and strawberries as the fruits.

I had a pumpkin spice latte with my pastries throughout and found it absolutely amazing. I mean, I am done with mochas, cappuccinos and macchiatos. This is now a Kulanini staple!

The flavours of cinamonn, nutmeg and whipped cream, resonated so well across my mouth. Just look at it! It is a glass of perfection. She promised if I convinced you guys to go try it and let her know how it tastes, she will definitely put it on the menu!

They even gave Christmas goodie bags and gave us the remainder of the pastries to carry home! How kind! I officially love the Tiramisu people!

That’s all I had for you today. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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