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The Mayura is an Indian Restaurant at The Hub Mall in Karen that offers a wide array of authentic Indian dishes in a peacock-themed restaurant. Mayura means ‘peacock’ in Sanskrit (liturgical language of Hinduism).

Peacocks have unique characteristic beautiful, colourful feather. This is precisely where the lights, cushions, art and decor are derived from! In India, the peacock is the National bird – making it even more’ Indian’ than any other theme!

Mayura is unique to most restaurants at The Hub, in that, the sitting space is highly extensive – providing a lakeside (man-made lake in the mall) & lush, green garden view. I believe it s the only restaurant in the mall with this much sitting space.

Outdoor seats include cream sisal couches with bright blue cushions. There are also wooden tables, benches and seats cushioned with blue peacock- themed material. The open area has brown and blue curtains, a short wall and a very unique tent-like inner ceiling to give a full outdoor experience.

The area is further amplified by the bright, green potted plants surrounding the area on the outside. Observe how the blue colour is in the curtains, cushions and even lights! The design was well-thought out; putting into consideration the theme of the restaurant. See how even the decor on the partition dividing the two sitting areas is very much peacock-related.

Despite there being several Indian Restaurants in Nairobi, Mr. Rajiv, the owner, realised that something was always amiss. If the food was good, the ambience wasn’t and vice versa. They wanted their customers not to have to choose between ambience and food quality and therefore have an experiential dining experience.

This experience is derived from their four pillars: Food quality, service, ambience and value for money. I can tell you for sure, that while here, I experienced all these at their best- making my experience authentic and experiential indeed!.

Indoors is where the mother of all decor awaits. There is an upstairs sitting area with about four tables. The wall and staircase to this area, heed to the peacock theme, but now in another peacock colour-gold.

While up there, the small and large ceiling lights with peacock feather decor are even more apparent.

Downstairs, there is the same peacock art and decor carried throughout but now in gold instead of blue; giving a royal, classy, fine-dining finish to the restaurant.

From above:

The restaurant is great for adults and not kids since there is no play area for them. All other gatherings or meetings seem very fine to be held here. (Dates, meetings, lunch, dinner etc.)

From below:

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Below is the team (chefs & restaurant manager) with Mr.Rajiv (chequed shirt).

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