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A few weeks ago, I conducted a “Come eat with me” giveaway at a restaurant in Karen (The Hub) called La Cascina. Takah, a Strathmore university law student, won and was my date for this lunch review.
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This is the first Italian restaurant I have ever been to. It doubles as a restaurant and gelateria (shop that sells gelato (italian ice-cream)); which is incredible. They also have a pastry-shop that sells various italian pastries.

Remember the thin pancakes we talked about in the last blog post (here)? Well La Cascina happens to have a live station for cooking them! Come watch the magic happen!

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Wine, Wine and more Wine! You know how Italians love their wine. This restaurant ensures this is well depicted by their astounding wine collection. Any wine lovers out there should definitely see what they have to offer!

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Cascina means farmhouse. It particularly refers to a country-house made of bricks or stones, and is ancient, warm and full of charm.

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The brick walls throughout the restaurant give the restaurant the Italian touch the name demands. As I walked around, admiring the design and architecture of the restaurant, I met Veronica.

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Veronica and her husband own this space and are in fact Italians. In addition to being in the hospitality business, the two, are very keen on bringing to Kenya, a piece of their home, for all of us to enjoy. Being an architect by profession, Veronica has managed to design this restaurant as accurately as possible to the restaurants in Italy.

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The transportation one experiences when here, to a little farmhouse in Italy can not only be felt but also seen. High ceilings, and the widespread use of wood makes it very unique. In fact, count the number of items I will say are made from wood! Trust me. It’s a lot!

White wooden seats with sisal cushions woven into them are very classy. Since it is meant to imitate looks of an old farmhouse, the lighting is minimal.

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The indoor section of the restaurant, has two, large, round paper-like hanging lights that are very beautiful. I have never seen anything like it before! It looks like a large crampled piece of paper. Told you she’s an architect!

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The brick walls aren’t cluttered with much. A few old pictures, a beer sign, WiFi sign, and a woven love-heart is all they have on the walls. This allows you to appreciate the unique colour and aesthetics the brick walls have to offer.

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There exists a nice hidden space (where the paper-like lights are). Here we have a long booth bench, as well as polished wooden tables and white wooden chairs. As I said, this restaurant is named after an old country house. Nothing beats old like wooden floors; which is what they have indoors.
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The outside, being part of the mall, has a more modern Italian setting. There are wooden tables, and  bright-white wooden chairs. Additionally, there exists wooden benches with white cushions. (told you there is a lot of wood!)

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Majority of the sitting space is outdoors; which is typical of most Italian restaurants. People are always eating out on the street. You get to enjoy heart-warming Italian delicacies while observing the city (in this case, the mall’s) hustle and bustle. Luckily, there is a rain-proof transparent curtain to shield the guests on windier days.

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Potted plants in nice white pots decorate this area. Furthermore, the purple bicycle with baskets at the front and back and the bright blue scooter at the entrance, manage to win people over and invite them into the Italian restaurant.

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The bar and display area are well illuminated by low hanging bulbs. The bar is enclosed by wood; made unique by various wine brand logos; most of which, they offer.

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Various desserts and pastries I was lucky enough to see include: bombolone, gelatos, muffins, cheese cake, millefoglie among others.

I think I can best describe this restaurant based on the movies most of us watch. I am sure you’ve seen those movies based in small towns in Spain, Italy or even Greece. You see the kind of restaurants, bakeries and cafes the actors go to? Well, that’s exactly what La Cascina is. Head over to La Cascina and have your Italy experience today!

Find menu here:


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