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Before you stone me for being away so long, I want to sincerely apologize. School got extremely hectic for me so, I didn’t get a chance to excuse myself. Not to worry though. I am officially back and will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Some pretty exciting things have happened since we last spoke.

For starters, Chandni Solanki of Pika Chakula recently celebrated 7 years of being a recipe developer. She is a creative who has worked with some huge brands like Daawat, Nuvita and Ungawadola just to mention a few. You could see her very informative website here and follow her on Facebook or Instagram! Congratulations Chandni! Keep up the tremendous work! This is the wonderful hamper she sent over:

Anthony Mbugua of SpreadZone Blog and KenyaBuzz, wrote an article on the Kenya Buzz monthly newspaper and mentioned Kulanini as one of their favourite food bloggers! Thank you so much Tony! Those who aren’t huge football fans or weren’t as keen during the world cup, can let us know if they followed the advice Tony gave!

I got to do an amazing interview on IkoKaziKe with Rose Munuhe here. I spoke about the story of Kulanini, adviced all those wishing to start blogging and gave a few interesting details about myself. IkoKaziKE is a career blog highlighting different peoples stories. Read about your idols, role models and see their story to greatness!

In other news, I turned a year older on June 17th and was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday on Fathers Day with my wonderful family. We went to Village Market and had a nice lunch at Karel T-Lounge. Let me know in the comment section below, if you would like a review on the food we had!

Finally, a few weeks ago, I was invited for a new menu tasting at Terrace Restaurant in InterContinental Hotel. Unfortunately, because of exams, I wasn’t able to put this post up sooner. While there, I got to meet some pretty amazing creatives. Joy Kendi, Rachael Muthoni, Mansoor Jiwani; CEO of Go places, Susan Mukami of a Kenyan Collecive, Kevin Oyugi, Caleb Muema an amazing photographer, and of course the amazing Jayson from Jaytakeapic. Click on any highlighted name to see the work they do!

I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked during the menu tasting since the lighting wasn’t favourable. That not withstanding, here are a few of the new menu items I got to try!

First up were two salads which were served on one plate but presented seperately. Five spiced sesame duck (750/=) (right) and smoked chicken mango salad (750/=) (left). I must say: these are the best salads I have ever had. I mean, I have had good salads but none have ever been this creative in terms of flavour combinations or tasted this fresh and juicy! I now know what a good salad tastes like and unfortunately won’t accept anything less. The bar has been set. Well done InterContinental! The duck was well-cooked and coated in a thick sweet sauce. I am not a fan of sesame seeds but didn’t see or taste them at all. Talk about blending flavours!

The mango & smoked chicken salad was also a major hit for me. The dressing was like a thick mango sauce whose sweetness was contrasted by the savoury chicken flavour. I am in love with mangoes so maybe I am being semi-bias. I guess, you’ll have to go, try and see.

Next was the essence of chicken with coriander (600/=) which is simply chicken soup. Now, guys, this was not just a clear chicken soup with floating cubes of chicken. Granted, that’s what you see but the way it was presented was exemplary. Nearly all the chefs came out with these little copper kettles and poured the soup into your bowl. I am not sure if everyone would find this exciting, but in the group setting, it looked and felt great! The soup bowl had a slice of garlic toast with symmetric grill marks. I don’t fancy clear soup so can’t quite comment on the flavour. However, I would definitely order it for the garlic toast & of course for the aesthetics of the pot.

Speaking of toast, the tables had pastry baskets with what I’d call the best banana bread I have ever had. I have never had banana bread like the one sold at the Strathmore University student centre so this was a pleasant surprise. I actually carried some home to devour later. I guess it’s no secret that bananas and mangoes are my favourite fruits. I am still accepting birthday gifts! 😉

Next was a Bandhini chicken tikka masala pizza (1,000/=) made with house made sauce and mozzarella cheese. The flavour was incredible. Since masalas often has some thick sauce/curry sort of thing, it was quite a saucy affair! Not in an appalling way but a finger-licking way. I thought that this was an incredible meal in that, it’s simple, delicious and filling. The pizza is topped off with onions and coriander to give added flavour and colour. Talking about all that has made me salivate a little bit.

The next dishes except dessert more or less came at the same time. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to taste them all. The ham and Parmesan (cheese) tiger prawns (3,650/=) on a baby vegetable cassoulet were delightful. The ham and cheese isn’t enough to overpower the seafood taste so I’d stay clear from it if I am not a fan of seafood. That not withstanding, it was extremely delicious. I liked the size and distribution of the ham and vegetables making each bite one to remember.

Salmon was served with spinach and a delicious pesto sauce (2,700/=). Judging from the way the plate cleared extremely fast, I’d say it was a major hit. Then again, who really doesn’t like Salmon. I guess, if it’s for you, it is and if not, it isn’t. To me, it is the most subtle flavoured when compared to other sea foods. It kinda tastes like extremely soft chicken or a certain bird I can’t quite place. Anyway, it was amazing. There were only three pieces left by the time I was getting around to taking the picture.

The item I didn’t get to try was the lobster tails (3,000/=). Luckily, I got to take the picture below. I tried the herb crusted lamb chops (1,800/=) but wasn’t able to take a picture. They were extremely tender and delicious!

There were two beef options. One was the Morendat sirloin steak (2,900/=) and the other – Morendat beef fillet medallion (3,000/=). To be honest, I couldn’t tell the difference between the fillet and the medallion or should I say I wasn’t as keen when the chef brought both in. I’d say this one below was the fillet.

Both were served with a thick, slightly sweet sauce. One of them was extremely tough and the other pretty tender. Any guesses as to which was which. Not to say that all medallions or sirloins are tough. It’s only that in this case, the tough one happened to be the medallions while the fillet was tender. The taste/flavour/marination was more or less the same according to me. This one below is the beef medallions. Morendat is simply the farm where the cows are from. It is said to have the best/ healthiest cows hence produce the best beef. I can neither confirm nor deny since I haven’t quite found steak that comes close to the beef goulash Kenyans make at home to eat with ugali.

The chicken peri peri (1,300/=) was a bit of a disappointment for me since it was a bit too dry. The flavour/marination of rosemary and garlic wasn’t as bold as I’d have liked. Then again, maybe with tasting all this food, it may have been had to tell. However, the periperi sauce was a solid 10/10. As the name suggests, it is only for the chilli lovers. I am not sure if they can make the sauce without chilli but you could inquire then let me know.

For dessert, we got an assortment of: (from top) sesame & amarula tart, nanaimo bar, apple strudel, salted caramel & chocolate fondant topped with ice-cream. Each are 600/=. The sesame and amarula tart was a crunchy dessert. In between the two sesame biscuit (lack of a better word. Just imagine a sesame/simsim crisp kind of thing), was a meringue which is a sweet, crunchy biscuit. The nanaimo bar was my second best but most peoples’ best. The only reason it didn’t excite me as much is because it had coconut and I am not a huge fan. What surprised me most was the fact that the coconut flavour was not overwhelming. You could mainly taste the chocolate and white custard successfully making it to the second position.

The apple strudel was great! I appreciated the fact that the pastry wasn’t soggy making it taste even better. Last but not least was the hot dessert. I say hot because it is typically made in an oven, then topped with cookie crumbs and ice-cream. Just the cookie crumbs and ice-cream were a hit for me. P.S: The ice-cream melts quick so be sure to eat it quick enough. The fondant had a deep chocolate flavour. When coupled with the ice-cream and crumbs, it was simply beautiful.

That officially marks the end of this post. Let me know in the comment section below if you have had an InterContinental Hotel food experience or better yet, if you have experienced any of the said foods at any other place.

Thank you so much for stopping by and catching up with me!


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