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I recently had an amazing afternoon with my cousins; Joy and Cathy, at Tamambo Restaurant. I believe you’ve heard of the famous Carnivore on Lang’ata Road. Well, Carnivore opened a restaurant under the name (Tamambo) at Village Market (this one has since closed) with the same menu, food quality and management. However in January 2017, the restaurant relocated to the famous Karen Blixen Museum on Karen Road. The museum was originally home to a famous writer named Karen Blixen.

Like a coin, Tamambo Bar and Restaurant has two sides. Tamambo; which is open throughout the day, and the fine-dining area, Tamarind, that only opens at night. Tamambo offers a contemporary array of dishes while the latter mainly focuses on sea food. Nonetheless, they are in the same compound and have the same sitting areas & staff.

We visited Tamambo on a warm afternoon and stuffed our faces with their various delicacies. Amidst our banter, laughter and pieces of advice, I was able to walk around the restaurant and take a few pictures.

Extensive indoor and outdoor sitting space is available; with the outdoor, allowing you to appreciate the well manicured garden. The art paintings displayed for sale, are also a feast for the eyes!

The lush, green garden has wooden umbrella tables and cushioned garden chairs. However, sitting space is not on the grass; allowing the grass to flourish without much disruption.

In addition to the garden, is a beautiful pond!

Tamambo has two patios that offer additional sitting space for those who prefer to view the garden from a distance.

Indoors, is the bar and more sitting space. The polished wooden floors, dim lighting and simple design, mimic an old building and give a pleasant homey feeling. The indoor sitting area near the bar has tall stools and large screens to facilitate watching of matches. Different shades of blue on the seats, contrast the unique black and white walls.

Adjoining this, is a high ceiling area furnished with low tables & chairs, in-built sofas, globe lights, as well as spherical blue & silver wall lights. The silver and blue lights, are well complemented by the cushions and pillows.

Evenly distributed green potted plants make this is my favorite part of the restaurant.

People mainly smoke their affordable sheesha in this area, due to the cosy feel it has. Their sheesha goes for 950/= or 1350/= depending on the type you prefer.

There is an outdoor area for private functions that is well secluded to allow the restaurant guests carry on with their activities as usual during functions.

Carnivore is well-known for introducing the famous vodka infused ‘Dawa’ cocktail in Kenya. Tamambo has maintained this; enabling people to get a genuine ‘Dawa’ cocktail at another location. I challenge anyone who has never had a ‘Dawa’ cocktail at Carnivore or Tamambo, to try it out. I bet you will never have this cocktail elsewhere again.

The food will be in the next post; but in the meantime, find the Tamambo food and drinks menu below:




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5 thoughts on “Tamambo Restaurant – Karen Blixen Museum

  1. Vivian says:

    Hey! Just a point of correction, Tamambo at Village Market closed down months ago due to the renovations at the mall. But Tamambo in Karen has been running for a couple of years now. And it’s located at Karen Blixen Coffee Garden, near Karen Blixen Museum 🙂
    Other than that, beautiful review!

    • Hey Vivian. Thank you so much for pointing this out. I think the way I mentioned it wasn’t clear. Will correct it.

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