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The Talisman Restaurant is situated on Ngong Road after the Karen round-about on your way to Ngong. It could be easily missed, since there is no proper sign except for the small letter ‘T’ near the entrance.

Like most restaurants in Karen, it was once a residential home and is several years old. The owner would invite family and friends over for unique culinary experiences. With time, it became popular and the guests would have to pay for this experience. Today, The Talisman is one of the best restaurants in Kenya. They classify themselves as a gastro-lounge; which essentially means, a high end restaurant and bar.

Despite its large sitting capacity, The Talisman, does get packed! In fact, I highly recommend reserving a seat if you plan on visiting during the weekend.

From long couches with decorative afghan pillows, to wooden, collapsible garden chairs and even high bar stools, Talisman offers a wide array of sitting space. The predominant in-built and movable long couches, offer a unique and comfortable sitting option.

Painted glass windows give a beautiful contrast to the white walls, as well as compliment the pillows.

The appreciation of art at The Talisman can be seen from the moment you step into the restaurant. Paintings on sale are hanged on every wall to allow people to purchase the unique works of art. In fact, there is no bare wall at this restaurant.

The pieces decorate the restaurant as well as offer guests an ‘art-gallery’ experience. I recommend any artist looking for inspiration from other artists, to visit the Talisman and simply walk around the restaurant. For art-lovers looking to purchase various drawings or paintings, then look no further!

Talisman has unique wooden window blinds and perforated hanging lamps to complement the red walls.

I counted about 3 fireplaces at the restaurant. The cosy sofas and fireplaces, keep you warm, comfortable and relaxed.

A lush, green organic garden is the source of most of their fruits and vegetables. For this reason, you can count on their meals as being very fresh!

Talisman is child-friendly; in that, there are swings and a slide to keep children busy as you soak in the cool Karen breeze.

There is a beautiful patio made around artistic, Pakistan wooden pillars. This is great for those who would like to be under a roof but still outside (veranda experience). The open spaces bring in a nice flow of air into the space.

As always, I had to visit the washrooms.

Their bar is indoors with high wooden stools and a wide array of drinks. Andrew, the mixologist, is sure to make you the portion you need. See the drinks menu below:

Several food menus are available at Talisman.

Next will be the food post. Stay tuned to find out what my two companions, and I ate.

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