Hot n Spicy.

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My brother Paul, has visited Hashmi a couple of times, and he always talks about how amazing it is for weeks on end. Then again, he has the tendency to talk up people, places and situations more than they really are. He is your typical hype-man. Do you have friends who will hype something up only for it not to be all that? Continue reading “Hashmi BBQ Center”

Awaken your Taste Buds!

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As promised, this is the post about the food at The Big Elephant Cafe on Limuru Road. In case you missed the last post which was the restaurant review; here it is.

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Hidden Cafe in Parklands.

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Do you remember a kulanini post about my little sister’s birthday cake by ‘Muthoni’s Oven’ ? Well, later in April, we had an amazing family lunch at a nice restaurant called “The Big Elephant Cafe”, to celebrate the same. I found out about this restaurant/cafe, through their Instagram page (@bigelephantcafe) and then suggested it to the family. They bought the idea; and we were on our way there on a Sunday afternoon, after church. The Big Elephant Cafe is in a pretty hidden location; that I doubt you would know it, unless someone told you about it. It is located at Valley View Office Park on City Park Drive – along Limuru Road. I call it hidden because the office park can’t be seen from Limuru Road.