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I am so excited to share some of the menu items I got to try when I went to Geco Cafe on Mbaazi Avenue. I literally got to try ALMOST EVERYTHING! Guess what? It was all amazing! In case you haven’t seen the post on the cafe, you can read it here.

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Have you ever heard of the famous Geco Car Wash somewhere in Lavington? Well, the place has a cafe too! Not just any cafe selling coffee and dry pastries. The owner, Mateus Finato has dedicated this space to provide his customers with a wide variety of menu items, books to read and wine to drink! Without a doubt, Geco has set the bar for cafés a notch higher! Read on to discover more about Geco Café.

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Portugual On My Plate.

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I visited Adega Restaurant at Lavington Curve Mall and got to try some of their menu items. In case, you didn’t see the post about the restaurant ambience, you can read it here.

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Portugal in Blue.

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Before anything, I would like to appreciate each one of you for the amazing growth Kulanini is experiencing on all social media platforms. We just hit 1000 Instagram followers, we are almost at 100 on Facebook and we are over 120 on Twitter. In case you’re not following either, please be sure to click on the social media icons at the top or bottom of page to stay connected or search the name ‘kulanini’ on all platforms.

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Shakes, Salad, Wraps & Sandwiches.

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Did you know there are restaurants behind Valley Arcade? To reach them, you enter Valley Arcade normally, but instead of parking or walking to your left, you keep going straight on.

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