the story @ the grill

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Before we talk about what Ankole had to offer my companion and I from their grill, allow me to thank all of you. Kulanini was featured on yesterday’s DAILY NATION (08/09/17) in the SHOWBIZ section by Abigail Arunga. This is kinda sorta a big deal for Kulanini because it is the first “big” recognition Kulanini has ever received. For this, I am grateful to God above all, and to you; the Kulanini family for the endless encouragement, support and dedication. Asanteni sana. A big thank you Abigail Arunga for this surprise. I am very grateful.

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nachos, pork & cocktails

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The title of this post may put off many;  but for the few still reading this because pork is amazing no matter what anyone says, lets dive in! Shall we?

Seriously though, there’s more than just pork so please keep reading!

This is the follow up food post to my last post. Click here to see. Charlie’s Bistro is a new restaurant at South End Mall. It is right opposite T-mall and is accessed from Mbagathi road. I already talked about how amazing the ambience, furniture, decor and even washrooms are in my last post. Here, we will dwell on the food.

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hot n spicy

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My brother Paul, has visited Hashmi a couple of times, and he always talks about how amazing it is for weeks on end. Then again, he has the tendency to talk up people, places and situations more than they really are. He is your typical hype-man. Do you have friends who will hype something up only for it not to be all that? Continue reading “Hashmi BBQ Center – Nakumatt Ukay.”