EASY ON THE POCKET, Great on the tongue!

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This is the post following the latest one on The Garden Restaurant and Bar. Before we get into it, here is their Chinese food menu. In addition to this menu, they also have a continental menu for those who aren’t huge Chinese food fans.

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Setting The bar.

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Today, I am excited to launch this new website (kulanini.org) with an amazing food post from Argenti Restaurant. The restaurant post about this classy, elegant space on Riverside Drive, can be read here. I am very open to receiving comments & suggestions to improve the new website. I know it isn’t like the other one; but, I hope I can keep editing to make it look even better! I opted to do it myself with an online web builder as it was much cheaper.

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the story @ the grill

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Before we talk about what Ankole had to offer my companion and I from their grill, allow me to thank all of you. Kulanini was featured on yesterday’s DAILY NATION (08/09/17) in the SHOWBIZ section by Abigail Arunga. This is kinda sorta a big deal for Kulanini because it is the first “big” recognition Kulanini has ever received. For this, I am grateful to God above all, and to you; the Kulanini family for the endless encouragement, support and dedication. Asanteni sana. A big thank you Abigail Arunga for this surprise. I am very grateful.

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