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If you are a true Kulanini trooper, you would know we already did a food & restaurant review of the Argenti Restaurant here and here respectively. This post however, is about Argenti Lounge. Here, we will see what their new wing has to offer. Apart from more rooms and an extended out-door sitting area, there is a spa, gym, conference rooms anda beautiful bar & lounge area!

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It has been a while since I did a restaurant review. Before Christmas, I got to visit a restaurant called 45 Degrees Kitchen in Garden Estate. To get there by matatu, board a Thika Road matatu with Roasters as one of its stops and then ask to be dropped at Garden Estate/Naivas/Roasters, and take a motorbike to 45 Degrees (they know). You should pay 50/=. for the motorbike ride. In case you need to know how to get to other restaurants I have reviewed by matatu, comment on the restaurant post, and I will respond and update the post with the necessary information.

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Have you ever heard of the famous Geco Car Wash somewhere in Lavington? Well, the place has a cafe too! Not just any cafe selling coffee and dry pastries. The owner, Mateus Finato has dedicated this space to provide his customers with a wide variety of menu items, books to read and wine to drink! Without a doubt, Geco has set the bar for cafés a notch higher! Read on to discover more about Geco Café.

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