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This month has been all about pastries! At this rate, I have a good mind to make January the Kulanini pastry month! In this post, we are going to talk about more than just pastries. Frenchmaid bakery is a family-owned pastry shop located at Kirima Shopping Centre on 5th Parklands Avenue (the one with Aga Khan Primary).

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I visited Fonda Nbo Mexican Restaurant at Rosslyn Riviera Mall on Limuru Road and shared my restaurant experience with you here. Today, we are going on the food journey to see all they have to offer! Join me on this escapade!

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Merry Christmas people! Kulanini took a short Christmas break and is now back with a bang! You aren’t even ready for the giveaways, an even better website and amazing content! We are closing this year with some exciting posts! I will try and post as many possible before the year ends. Then again, that’s only a few days away! Today, we visit a famous Mexican Restaurant here in Nairobi: Fonda Nbo found on Limuru Road at Rosslyn Riviera Mall.

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