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In case you missed the last two posts on a restaurant in Kilimani called Ankole, you could read them by clicking on each of the following titles: High Ceilings @ Ankole Grill and The Story @ The Grill. I really enjoyed preparing these two posts for you and hope you enjoy them! Unfortunately, I can’t deliver the Ankole cocktail post I promised because this site does not support videos. However, the same videos are up on Facebook and Instagram!

Today’s post is about a serene restaurant in the heart of Westlands. Did you know that serviced apartments have restaurants?

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ice cream is the answer.

Hey guys! I know its been so long since I wrote; but kindly accept my peace offering. I present to you ~ “A beautiful ice cream post featuring my classmates and I. I will be sharing fun facts about some of my friends, as well as finally showing the face behind kulanini!”


 hope you brought along a friend because that’s what this post is all about!
Welcome to this post and thank you for stopping by! 

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Hey there! Welcome to this ice cream post! Thank you for stopping by.

Being someone who lives on Mombasa road, I haven’t sampled as many food joints as an ordinary ‘nairobian’. Let’s face it: every other fancy attraction is just too far from home! (Mombasa road people ayee!) You can imagine me leaving the house, going all the way to ‘Two rivers’ or ‘Garden city’ or ‘The hub’ to eat something or see a new place. Already the fare or fuel spent is equivalent to the money I want to go and spend. Even the hustle I will go through to get there, makes it more impractical; unless I am with my parents or was already in the area doing something; then that’s fine. We typically get comfortable going to the same places along Mombasa road; which by the way, is about to get super cool with all the new food joints coming up (Burger king, Dominos pizza, Pizza Mojo and Big Square). That being said, I had never been to ‘ABC place’ along Waiyaki Way. Continue reading “Zucchini – ABC Place.”