nachos, pork & cocktails

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The title of this post may put off many;  but for the few still reading this because pork is amazing no matter what anyone says, lets dive in! Shall we?

Seriously though, there’s more than just pork so please keep reading!

This is the follow up food post to my last post. Click here to see. Charlie’s Bistro is a new restaurant at South End Mall. It is right opposite T-mall and is accessed from Mbagathi road. I already talked about how amazing the ambience, furniture, decor and even washrooms are in my last post. Here, we will dwell on the food.

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Sandwiches & Lemonades on Madaraka Day.

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My cousin; Joy, has been with me since I was born and has been the best cousin-sister-bestie that I could ever ask for. Yes. She is older than me by a year but we all have those people we refuse to believe are older than us. Case and point: Joy!
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Taste of South Africa.

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From 24th to 28th April, Crowne Plaza Hotel (in Upperhill, Nairobi) in association with South African airways; hosted a South African food festival – to showcase a wide array of south African cuisines. A South African chef; Shimmy Sello, prepared all the wonderful meals. I attended the festival on Friday 28th April.
I want to share with you my experience and hopefully teach you a thing or two about South African food.
The hotel is pretty easy to get to with a matatu (public service vehicle) or even with a private car. For a matatu, board a vehicle going to upperhill and alight at Crowne plaza. See? It’s pretty simple!