high ceilings.

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I recently visited a new restaurant: Ankole Grill in Senteu Plaza on Galana Road. As always, we will do the restaurant post first then, the food post.

The word ‘Ankole’ is the name of a breed of domesticated cattle characterised by very large horns. Not only, is the restaurant named after an animal, but also, their logo is the head of this same animal.

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could this be the biggest restaurant?


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As you all know, we recently held our elections. I feel obliged as a blogger, and even as the very opinionated person that I am, to mention a few things before going on with my post. However, being that it is a very sensitive issue, I would not want anything I say to offend anyone or to portray myself as being bias toward any political party or leader.

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a restaurant in a garden



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My schedule recently changed; getting the best of me, and leaving me with almost no time to catch up with you guys. I really hope I get the hang of it soon; and can post more often. Nonetheless, I have an exciting post prepared for you.

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I don’t know if am the only one who does this but, I actually look forward to food festivals like pizza festival or burger festival not to eat more of something but to try food at places I have never been, or a place I would not ordinarily go to because of how expensive it is.