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On Sunday 13th May, (Mother’s Day), Sarova Panafric launched for the first time ever, their weekly brunch from 12 p.m to 4 p.m. Those who follow Kulanini on Instagram, must have seen a few short clips from that day. With me, was Lucy from A Foodies Collective and Weveti Mwangi of FoodiescornerKE . They have both done video reviews of this launch so you can check them out on You Tube or click on their names above to be taken to their website or social media pages.

Apart from the mind-blowing array of food, the band doing the event really outdid themselves. With just a vocalist, keyboard player and a saxophonist, they managed to keep us entertained as we stuffed our faces with foods we could barely pronounce right. That being said, I must admit I was thoroughly impressed by the variety of food offered. Granted, you pay for quite an amount for it, but it is definitely worth it. Adults pay 3,500/= for the buffet and a welcome drink. To get unlimited cocktails and local beers, you only need to add 1000/= . That is 4,500/= per person. Vegetarians are very well catered for in this buffet so please do keep reading!

Children are welcome to this brunch. As the oldies sip on Mimosas, go for several rounds of food and enjoy the live band music, the kids can get face-painted, enjoy the games provided at the manned play area and even get a cooking class at the manned kids area! Sarova has ensured we are ALL well-catered for every Sunday afternoon. Children below 6 years dine and play for free while those between 6 and 12 years pay 1,750/=.

This Brunch is more than just extensive variety. Sarova Panafric is taking you on an international cuisine journey! Every Sunday, there will be a station that changes. You may find Indian this week and Chinese next week. Some of the cuisines they plan to explore are: Thai, Mexican, Portuguese, among many others! In fact, you could follow them on social media so you don’t miss out on all these important updates and let the waiters and chefs know what you would like to see next time.

How much can you really eat on a Sunday afternoon? I challenge you to try this brunch and have a bit of everything from every station. I guarantee, you will not want to see dessert and will be begging them to let you leave before you explode! I won’t really talk about each and every dish but will highlight each stations personal best!

The sitting area is very large. I mean, this restaurant has a huge indoor, verandah and garden sitting area. Irrespective of how big your group is, there will be space for you! Of course if your coming with a whole Citi Hoppa you might want to call in advance just so they prepare a place. Otherwise, there is room for everyone.

The first thing you get when you sit down is a welcome drink of your choice (either alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and a pastry basket. Just look at how beautiful these are! The pastry basket has one of the best chocolate croissants I have ever had, a fresh scone, a nut & raisin pastry and a glazed nut pastry. Now, before you get all excited, this is just a welcome basket. There is actual food! If you try finish this, trust me, there is nothing else you will be able to eat until about 4p.m when the buffet is ending. So go easy on them but definitely take a bite of each. They are fresh and very well prepared!

The welcome drink on that day, had rosemary in it. Since it was sweet, the rosemary contrasted it beautifully to give a fresh, refreshing taste.

The buffet begins with this ‘work-of-art’ chocolate table. Almost everything at this table is made of or has a significant amount of chocolate. I strongly believe you can never go wrong with chocolate and so thought the whole idea was great! Most of us never make it to the dessert table so giving a dessert sneak peak at the start of the buffet is a great idea! There was cake, mousse, chocolate balls and so much more!

Next was the salad bar with fresh vegetables on their own, various vegetable combinations and even already dressed salads. Shrimp salad, Greek salad, Couscous salad and many others made an appearance while all dressings you could possibly think of, were in attendance too! Pro-tip: Mix ketchup, mayonnaise and a little vinegar together, to make your own thousand island dressing at home. You could add hot sauce, pepper etc. to your liking!

Antipasti is basically cold cuts e.g ham, salami, smoked salmon etc. There was beef, pork and even sea-food.

Next was the Raw Bar. Here there was lobster, clams, mussels and salmon all set on ice and served raw.

The last part of this section had a beautiful array of sushi and sashimi. One thing I have really learnt to appreciate since I began Kulanini, is sushi. Now, I absolutely love it but before, I would frown when I hear it mentioned, let alone see it. I challenge you to try it and let me know your thoughts.

The trick is to dip it in soy sauce, stay very far away from wasabi (green super-spicy paste) and to swallow it whole. No biting! If that flavour explosion doesn’t send you back for more, then I promise not to convince you again. Of course if you don’t like sea-food at all, I don’t recommend it.

The cheese bar had an interesting cheese called mursik cheese by the famous Browns cheese. Have you ever heard of it? I didn’t give it a try because I have never had Mursik (traditional Kalenjin fermented milk drink) and thought it would only be fair if I tried that first before dipping my toes in the cheese. At least that way, I’d know what to expect and have a reference point when explaining it to you. Have you ever had Mursik? Other cheeses present were parmesan, cheddar and basically, the ones we have all come across at one point or another.

The desserts have a special room with all the sweet treats you could ever think of. By the time, a restaurant has a dessert room, they have thoroughly mastered the art of listening to their customers. Don’t you agree?Pistachio and strawberry craqualine, brownies, chocolate cake, fruit tarts, gulab jamun (Asian sweet) and even umali pudding (arabic bread pudding). Sponge cakes, fruit tarts, kaimati, toffee pudding and mousse were also in attendance! Where to start or begin is entirely up to you!

All other food was served outdoors, in this sturdy tent like structure.

There was a Pan Asian station with dim sum and soto ayam noodles.

The carvery station served jacket potatoes, ribs, root vegetables and oven roasted chicken. You get to watch your chicken being carved for you which was pretty exciting.

Indian Tandori Delights was one of my favourite stations. From prawns to naan, to lamb rogan josh (curry), dal makhani (lentils and beans) and even biryani – all made with the authentic Indian spices to give tremendous flavour. Rice with anything is a favourite for me. Be it lentils (ndengu), chicken, meat, fish, rice just works so well with it all! Ugali lovers stand aside please.

The live Barbeque Station had rotisserie quails, chicken skewers, beef & vegetable skewers and jumbo prawns. They were each set on their own mini-barbecue grill that was visually appealing. There was also Kachumbari (salsa) and coleslaw salad at this station.

Lebanese Mixed Grill and Arabic station was my second favourite. They had shish taouk, lamb koftas, tender lamb cubes in sauce and braised leg of lamb with rice. I am a huge fan of lamb so this was great for me! Apart from lamb, there were garlic and coriander chicken wings and even spinach empanadas (like a vegetable samosa). I think any true Kenyan appreciates kachumbari (salsa) with coriander (dhania) and so would appreciate chicken with it! Dhania has one of the most under-appreciated flavour if you ask me. Try this station immediately you get there!

In other news, I have been absolutely obsessed with the new Naivas at Capital Centre on Mombasa Road. They have an extensive bakery, an ice-cream station, hot food section, a dry grains and spices section (in sacks so you get only what you need) to even a sea-food section in the butchery. Naivas has truly done a tremendous job with this supermarket. No wonder they call it a ‘Food Market’.

My absolute favourite section & product is the bakery muffins. Chocolate with choc chip and blueberry are my two favourite flavours. Their ice-cream section has the best ice-cream I have ever had. Yes. better than Milano or Coldstone or Sno-Cream. They have very unique flavours that quite frankly, don’t taste like normal ice-cream. The flavours are very bold. You could be blind-folded and still be able to tell the flavour. Both are very affordable too! I will definitely do a post on these two items soon and give you proper details! Are you interested in such a post?

Generally, the flavour of the food was spot on incredible. There is nothing I felt could have been better. The only thing I didn’t like was the things I usually don’t like. Meaning, the preparation &flavour was very good. WELL DONE SAROVA!

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