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Royal Spice Kitchen is a restaurant at the Nextgen Mall Food Court. For those not familiar, Nextgen Mall is near Ole Sereni Hotel and EKA Hotel on Mombasa Road. This mall gives me mixed feelings. I am proud we have a large mall on Mombasa Road. However, the quality of tenants and finishing in some areas is simply not up to par. I mean, five clubs in one mall is just too much. That’s almost the number of restaurants they have. The supermarket at this mall is the Souk and is pretty nice. I like it. In fact, they have recently opened a bakery section that I am yet to try.

Nextgen Mall, has 8 floors. Majority of the spaces are still empty despite it’s opening over 2 years ago. The percentage occupancy is maybe 20% with some opening today and being closed in a few months. Even the food court is not 100% filled up. Like the shops, you’ll see a restaurant today and three months later, it isn’t there anymore. Rate of closure is pretty high here and I wonder why. I really hope the owner is reaping benefits of this gigantic investment because it would be quite un-fortunate if he/she isn’t. Then again, seeing how they are doing very little to spruce it up, I doubt it’s doing well. Once more. Kenyan investors learn we don’t need big malls the hard way. Capital Centre is a good example of this. It’s constantly vibrant, despite it’s small size.

I am getting side-tracked. My point was: Royal Spice Kitchen has been there from the start and still is today. This shows they are good at what they do and their customers are loyal. They have a small kitchen; typical of a food court restaurant space. However, they have managed to produce authentic, quality Indian food to it’s customers. 

The food court area has a huge multi-coloured canopy with several chairs and tables. It’s pretty nice. The fact that it’s outdoors and spacious makes it my favourite food court. Sarit Centre & Capital Centre food courts’ should definitely borrow a leaf. 

Royal Spice Kitchen specialises in Indian food and has partnered with Jumia Food and Yum Deliveries to allow you to order from wherever you are and have the food come to you . See their menu below:

Let’s start this review already! Shall we?

The first item I tried is the Chilly paneer (650/=) which is a vegetarian appetizer. Their appetizers are well portioned. Therefore, you could have them as a meal by simply adding naan (80/=), rice (250/=) or even roti (130/=). From my understanding, roti and naan differ in the kind of flour used as well as the end product received. Roti is softer and thinner while naan is crunchier. To be honest, it’s all like chapati to me.  

Paneer is a type of fresh, soft cheese common in India. It has a spongy texture and has a milky-dairy product taste. Well, obviously; because it is a dairy product. It is cooked with onions, capsicums (hoho) and green chillies. The food was extremely fresh and had the best flavour ever. You almost don’t realise it’s a vegetarian dish. 


Next was a non-vegetarian starter – Chicken tikka (700/=) which has about 5 sizeable chicken pieces. Loved the portion, presentation and flavour. I think it was char-grilled so had a nice smokey-charred taste which I enjoyed. The marination was just great. I obviously can’t pin-point what spices it had but know they worked very well together. Unfortunately, it was over-salted. I believe it was an honest mistake as no other dish was over-salted and it did not deter me from enjoying it. The kachumbari portion was very generous and quite colourful!

Main course was up next. For the vegetarian option we had Tawa Mushrooms @ 700/=. It is made with capsicums in the famous thick Indian gravy that always leaves people licking their plates. Royal Spice Kitchen knows what they are doing when it comes to the gravy/curry/sauce. All were very good. Thick and flavourful! 

The mushrooms were not too amazing for me. I thought the curry they were in was great but the mushroom flavour wasn’t bold. Maybe they should have cooked them a bit longer or I just prefer a certain type of mushrooms. However, my companions loved it. Therefore, I think you will too! It was served with plain naan that was tender and delicious. Each main dish actually comes with one naan. 

For the non-vegetarian main dish, we tried mutton rogan josh (750/=). Have you really gone to an Indian restaurant if you don’t eaten mutton? I think not. In fact, a good Indian restaurant, doesn’t serve beef or pork as most Indians are either Hindu or Muslim and those items offend them respectively.It is normally common to have mutton, fish and chicken; which was the case here. 

The mutton was sooo tender! Mhhh You almost feel like you’re making a mistake biting into it. And that gravy? Absolute wow! It was served with butter naan that we found a bit tougher but more flavourful than the plain naan .

Nile perch fish curry (750/=) was the last item we sampled. This was hands down my favourite dish. The fish was so tender eh! It just melted in my mouth. It was actually my first time to have nile perch. I often have tilapia, omena and red snapper. Oh and also, prawns and calamari that I’ve written about. What kind of fish have you tried? The curry once again was amazing. I loved the spices used. The combination worked together the best. We had it with butter naan as well. 

Do tell me in the comment section below if you’ve been to any of the restaurants at this food court. Besides, Royal Spice, I’ve been to Peppercorn Indian Restaurant and loved their food. Affordable and delicious! I can’t wait to do a review for you. My two friends; Selina & Joan who came along with me, thought the chilli in the food served was generally manageable. I, on the other hand was sweating and crying throughout despite having asked them to make it as mild as possible. Of course, I sinffed with joy as the food tasted amazing! Turns out, my tolerance even for the absolute mild is actually very low. It’s good they prepare the food mild, hot or extra hot depending on your preference.  

That’s all I had for you today. Thank you so much for stopping by!