Peppermint ft Oreo Krusher.

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Today; it’s all about the KFC krushers. I recently went to the KFC at Westgate Mall with a friend, to have a Krusher. Up until a few weeks ago; I thought that the oreo krusher was my favourite kind of milkshake. I don’t know about you guys; but, very few restaurants seem to get this whole milkshake equation right.

I think before recently, the last time I had a Krusher was probably, 5 or 6 months ago and it was really good. (I prefer ice cream to milkshakes to be honest; I guess that’s why it  had been so long.)

The oreo Krusher I knew 6 months ago, was thick, sweet, and had nice big chunks of oreo. However, the Krusher I had a few days ago was a complete disappointment. It was very light – wasn’t thick and heavy,  extremely milky; I could barely taste the Oreo and even the little oreo I could taste from afar, was over-crushed (no big chunky pieces to chew.) The ratio of oreo to Krusher has greatly decreased and so has the amount of sugar! I can say it was plain vanilla milk with a hint of oreo. All this, yet the cost is NOW 280/= from 250/=.

Luckily, my friend ordered the peppermint Krusher which was much better. It wasn’t better than the “6 months ago oreo Krusher” – just better than this recent oreo Krusher. It was still really milky, light and not as sweet as I would have preferred; but at least the peppermint was not over-crushed and the ratio of peppermint to Krusher was good – allowing you to crash bits of peppermint with every sip. (That’s actually the whole point of Krusher so you now see why the Oreo was a big disappointment).  Unfortunately, the peppermint krusher wasn’t good enough for me to go back for; especially because it’s just plain vanilla with peppermint chunks. I feel like peppermint and vanilla is just ok; but if you mix it with chocolate, then it’s oh so glorious! That’s why mint-choc ice cream is a gift from above! I wish the peppermint Krusher had a hint of chocolate. The vanilla for me, was a bit  too bland.

Nonetheless, something interesting came from this experience. So here was my friend with the peppermint Krusher and me with the Oreo Krusher. Since we both didn’t  like each one; we figured; why not combine the two? (I know. Sounds crazy!) That way; the peppermint will have a hint of chocolate from the Oreo and the Oreo will have the chunks of peppermint. We couldn’t fix the “runniness” or absence of sugar; but this was a better option compared to the individual flavours on their own.

It turned out great and we actually enjoyed our new self-made flavour! – peppermint ft oreo. 

I am not sure if this was just not a good day for KFC or those flavours are just not good ones or maybe my sweet tooth is a bit too sweet.
I will probably try go back; to try the strawberry and the banana flavours. (I tried banana a year ago, and it was really good; but a tad bit too sweet. I am not so sure about how it is now though.)

I would love to hear whether your last KFC Krusher experience was like mine or Westgate KFC is the one slacking or I was unlucky.

Thank you for stopping by!
Come again soon; and bring a friend too!

If you do have a favourite milkshake spot with really good milkshake; please tell me about it? I would love to know.

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0 thoughts on “Peppermint ft Oreo KFC Krusher- Milkshake

  1. Erick says:

    I love this part “peppermint and vanilla is just ok; but if you mix it with chocolate, it’s oh so glorious!” Milkshake ain’t milkshate to me without chocolate!

  2. Ignore my overly-due comment.

    (No, please read :’^)

    Thank you for this lovely blog! I’ve not come across someone giving reviews and updates on eat outs. It should go a long way :)) (l m a o I sound like I don’t know you now :’D)

    (Short comment on the matter at hand: Krushers’ costs are probably raised bc~

    countrywide drought.

    …I know, me too ^.^)

    But keep at this, love! I’ll bring a friend next time. 🙂

    • Thank you so much!!! ?? (of course I will read ?) I do hope it pays off someday haha. Ah Yes! That makes sense. That’s why it’s more expensive. Thanks for that! Yes! Make sure you bring a friend next time.

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