Live Inn Room Restaurant.

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Clearly, this whole consistency thing is proving to be difficult for me when school is in session. Therefore, I promise to post when I can. At least until I close school. Sounds fair? Let’s hope the answer is yes. Kinda like how childrens’ shows ask you a question, give you a second to answer and hope the answer is correct! Alright team, where are we going today?

If you follow Kulanini on social media you have seen me tease you with pictures of Park Inn by Radisson and some of the food I had. Radisson is a hotel group like Sarova, Four Points by Sheraton or Hilton. The first Radisson Hotel in Kenya is Radisson Blu in Upperhill, Nairobi.

The second one is this one I visited – Park Inn by Radisson – Westlands. From the first time I visited this hotel with my friends (just to see), I knew it was a place I had to tell you guys about! The modern architecture and unique decor is breath-taking. There are two restaurants; Attic Roof Top Bar & Restaurant and Live Inn Restaurant on ground floor. The Attic Roof Top Bar is near the swimming pool, gives a magnificent view of Westlands area and provides an opportunity for you to take a swim.

Live Inn is very easy to access from the lobby. You can’t miss the bright inviting colours once you’re in the lobby. The colourful seats set the pace for the hotel colours, staff uniform and of course their main restaurant. Basically, the restaurant theme follows this same colour scheme.

Both the roof top bar and the Live Inn Bar, have a happy hour offer on cocktails everyday from 5p.m to 7p.m. Two cocktails at this time go for 900/=. See below:

I really like how the dark, black tiles at the bar complement the rest of the restaurant that has lighter colours.

The restaurant has about 5 different sitting areas. There is this open side of the outdoor sitting area (See below):

as well as this side (See below).

I love how the lush green climbing plants in both these areas cover the wall. Beautiful backdrop for pictures don’t you agree? These low seats paired with low, wooden tree stumps as tables, are extremely creative! The other side isn’t as open as the this side since it is semi-covered at the ceiling and has proper tables and chairs for a meal or formal setting rather than a snack.

The indoor area isn’t as relaxed as the outdoor area as there are no low seats here. However, there are high chairs (similar to those at the bar area) surrounding an island table. The low hanging green & white lights were my favourite part about this area.

The buffet area is in a far corner away from where guests are dining and has been set up in such a way that people go round an island area as they serve. Above this area, are some famous quotes about food that motivate you to enjoy your meal. Loved them!

I didn’t have the buffet but went around to take a few pictures of the beautiful set up. I really love how spacious this restaurant is!

I tried a couple of dishes from the a la carte menu. See the simple yet comprehensive menu below. I think Live Inn needs an award for having a short, simple menu!

To start off, I had a Virgin Colada (600/=). The sun was out on that day so I needed a cool, refreshing drink. My colada turned out to be an excellent pick! Coconut cream, pineapple juice and ice cubes served in a tall glass with a pineapple slice garnish.

I don’t know if I was very thirsty/dehydrated or the glass was tiny or maybe the ice was too much. I keep saying; especially when I have cocktails (however, this was a mocktail), that I will be asking for my drinks with ice on the side or none at all. Most places (not necessarily Park Inn) put too much of the ice and very little of the drink since the ice takes up more of the space.

Then again, I am the same person who forgets to specify “no ice” when ordering drinks. So obviously, I got my drink with ice cubes and regretted once I had gotten to the bottom and had an extremely watered down drink.

Bottom-line: Ask for ice seperately so you control how much ice you get in your drink. That not withstanding, the drink was spectaular. It had the perfect balance of pineapple and coconut flavours without either one overpowering the other. (I noticed because coconut isn’t really my favourite flavour).

Maybe this drink just has me bitter because it was so tasty and I drank it too fast. I highly recommend it even for children! They also have strawberry, chocolate and vanilla milkshakes @ 400/= that are unfortunately not on the menu. Inquire if interested.


Next up was the smoked half rack of bbq pork ribs (900/=) served with red cabbage coleslaw. I am a huge fan of pork ribs. It has been a while since I went to the famous Spur Steak Ranch though. Someone please take me soon. I promise to finish my food! Anyway, these ribs at Park Inn are the complete opposite flavour of what we get at Spur. They went for savoury + slightly saucy instead of sweet + very saucy. I am not sure what your preference is but these were delicious! I mean, I have never had ribs that were more than just honey-glazed. They had an actual flavour from the marination of herbs, black pepper and a smokey taste. MMMHHH! Really good! The sauce on top was sweet and perfectly complemented the herbs on the ribs.

It was so tender, I actually managed to eat half of it all alone. Don’t be shocked. There isn’t too much meat on the bone and it’s a starter. It can be made a meal by simply adding an accompaniment (300/=) or forgetting this and going for the 1,700/= whole rack ribs with chips. It’s all up to you! The only thing I would change is to make the herb marination a notch lower. I thought it was a bit overwhelming and over-powered the pork flavour to some extent.

Then again, it is their best seller so more people must prefer it that way! I am sure you will too! The red cabbage coleslaw was fresh & delicious! I’d have a whole bowl if possible.

It’s been a while since we considered our vegetarian friends so one of the main dishes I had was the spicy corn & chickpea burger (1,200/=) served with french fries and side sauce. The burger comes with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, relish, a toasted bun & onion rings. Now, I guarantee you, this is one of the best burgers I have ever had. Note: Not the best vegetarian burger but the best burger. I enjoyed every bit of it! The corn & chickpea patty was tender, flavoured and bread-crumbed to perfection! I would say it tasted like a juicy bhajia. You know how there’s always one bhajia in a serving, with the most coating and is gigantic. Now, imagine that but in a burger form!

The veggies in the burger were fresh and the mayonnaise (relish) sauce just right. I would have preferred a bit more of it especially on the top bun. However, that’s not something we can’t fix with the side sauce given or the heinz ketchup. The side sauce was sweet & sour and had chunks of vegetables. It served as a dip for both my french fries and an additional sauce to my burger!

There is nowhere we are going before we discuss those onion rings. Loved them! For once, the breadcrumb coating tasted like it had an onion flavour. Most places just have thick dough with an almost boiled onion in the centre. These ones had a large crunchy onion at the centre and a delicious coating. I still prefer the small onion ring shavings served at Spur Steak Ranches to these. Obviously those can’t go on top of a burger though.

The next main meal was beef lasagne (1,200/=) served with  french fries and a side salad. The lasagne consists layers of pastry, minced beef, cheese and a tomato sauce. I don’t think the beef lasagne at La Cascina can live up to this. This minced meat was better marinated and wasn’t at all dry. There were some vegetables like carrots too that made the consistency great! Best believe, it can be eaten in 5 minutes. It is that good! I think the cheese, pastry and beef-balance was perfect because at no point did I feel overwhelmed by either. Have you ever had lasagne at a restaurant?

The french fries were amazing! They were not oily and had a perfect crunch. The size was perfect especially because I prefer long chips to shorter ones. I think these would have to be the best fries I have had in a very long time. They even came salted! Absolute WOW! I didn’t even add ketchup on them. That’s how you know the fries are good!

Finally, for my dessert I had a cocktail drink and yoghurt based dessert. The yoghurt parfait (extremely creamy and sweet yoghurt that’s almost like ice-cream) came with balsamic strawberries and pistachio nuts. I recommend this to people with more than just a sweet tooth. I have a sweet tooth and could point out that it was sweet. Meaning it was quite sweet. I think the yoghurt alone isn’t too sweet but the balsamic & brown-sugar strawberries are nothing short of sugar on sugar. The nuts gave a great texture & flavour change since the strawberries & yoghurt were tender.

I picked my cocktail drink from the happy hour menu. Pink Bikini (900/=). Now, I don’t know why I didn’t see tabasco among the ingredients because if I had, then there was no way I was going to order it. I only saw the vodka, lemon juice, sugar syrup and completely disregarded the rest. Turns out: there was tabasco in it too. Now guys, when I say I am completely intolerant to chilli, you better believe me. This drink could barely go down my throat without me feeling like scratching my throat out and sipping some water. Maybe, some of you enjoy chilli in your cocktails but I guess it’s not for me. To add salt to injury, the glass rim was lined with chilli. You might as well just kill me now!

Okay, I am done being emotional & elaborate with my explanation. Simply put – I am not a fan of chilli in food let alone drinks.

One thing I must point out about my Live Inn Restaurant experience, is the presentation of the food, cutlery & utensils used. It is not what you’d expect at a high end hotel like this so it was definitely a pleasant surprise. Very unique!

Currently, there is a steak and wine offer. See below:

That’s all I had for you today. Thank you so much for stopping by!