killer ambience & POCKET-FRIENDLY prices.

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Today’s post is about a semi-new restaurant in Marsabit Plaza along Ngong Road. The building is opposite Ligi Ndogo Grounds and is right next to Joe’s Atlanta Wingsrestaurant that I recently reviewed. Speaking of Joe’s Atlanta Wings, who has tried their food  out?   

If this post doesn’t convince you to visit Mugz & Brewz soon, I’ll be surprised. Right from the time you set foot in this restaurant, you get a feeling of peace, calmness and joy. Maybe it’s the colours, the lights or entire interior decor coming together because it felt like ‘home’!. 

The restaurant space is huge! The high ceilings really exaggerate this even more. There is a bar on one end and an open kitchen on the other where you can watch the chefs prepare your meal from the comfort of your seat. If your seated outside, where the view is more nature-inspired then you may not see the chefs but: hanging plants, potted plants, wall plants and the sky. All this allows you to feel like you’re nowhere near our busy Nairobi City. 

I’d say, Mugz & Brewz has managed to make us a safe haven. The trampoline in the corner re-assures their customers that they love kids too. So does the menu! See their full food & drinks menu below:

One thing that definitely stood out was the affordability. You look at the ambience and you expect the place to have ridiculous prices. Not Mugz & Brewz. 



My sister and I always rush to see the smoothies and milkshakes section of the menu as soon as it is given to us. Mugz & Brewz didn’t disappoint at all! They had very interesting flavours. I went for the pinacoLada shake while my sister had a vanilla shake. The portion was extremely generous. I advice you not to have this if you’re planning to eat. We actually couldn’t finish these milkshakes after eating as the food portions are equally as generous.  


The flavour in the pinacolada was spot on accurate. It even had actual coconut shavings and a strong pineapple flavour. P.S: I absolutely love the cocopine juice by PEP. It’s a total game-changer for me. Especially when eating rice and beans. ‘Wueeh! simply amazing!’ This flavour is normally more expensive compared to the rest though. I don’t know why.

My sisters vanilla shake was ‘heaven-in-a-cup’. Thickness and flavour galore! Both flavours go for 350/= each. I am not a huge fan of vanilla milkshake/ice-cream so obviously wouldn’t go on and on about it. I tasted it and thought it was great. I think you will too!


I’ll start with the meal that made over 250 retweets on Twitter. Let me say that again: 250 retweets! I don’t think you guys understand the magnitude of this statement. Your girl is used to 12 retweets on average and maybe even 25 on a good day. But 260? Never ever! I am grateful for this because so many people discovered my work as a result of your retweets and comments. Thank you guys! Make sure you follow Kulanini on Twitter so you’re not too blank when I talk about things like this. 

Said meal was a sloppy joe quesadilla served with a side of salsa (kachumbari) and guacamole @ 750/=. It is like two chapatis stacked together with a sweet, marinated ground beef (minced meat) filling and topped with cheese. You could also call it a folded pizza. Top notch presentation with a great portion! 

I loved the guacamole and salsa it came with. It’s the best guacamole I have ever eaten at a restaurant. Well done Mugz & Brewz! The pastry (chapati) was extremely soft. This coupled with the cheese made it literally melt in my mouth! Trust me, there’s no need for an accompaniment with this meal. It is extremely filling as is. 

I had something almost similar. PIZZA! Guess what? It’s ‘BUY ONE GET 1 FREE ON SUNDAYS!’ so we got two pizzas for the price of one. I chose pollo pizza (1,200/=) for my first pizza and crispy bacon (1,100/=) for the second. The pizza base was the best I have ever had. A perfect balance of thick, thin and crunchy. I didn’t quite like the fact that there was a bit of flour on the bottom of both pizzas. However, if that’s what makes it so good, then I’m here for it.

The pollo (chicken) pizza had a rich tomato base made with oregano (best spice for pasta, pizza etc.) and was topped generously with shredded pieces of barbecued, well-marinated chicken and a truck-load of cheese. May I add again – generously! The char-grilled taste could actually be tasted. 

Crispy bacon pizza was even better. There were pieces of very crispy (but not tooth-cracking) bacon bits, on the same delicious tomato base as the first one. Coriander (dhania) leaves were also added before the cheese was put. This gave a distinct and tremendous flavour. I had no idea bacon and coriander were an un-beatable match! Between these two pizzas, which one are you more likely to have?

My sister had a barbeque chicken burger (750/=) with extra bacon (100/=). It came with a side of well cooked, tender, salted french fries. The burger had a soft, toasted bun with a huge, marinated chicken breast basted in a delicious sauce, fresh & crunchy lettuce and tomatoes. Let’s not forget that extra bacon! If a burger has ever looked juicy. It’s this one. The fact that it wasn’t too tall for an even better picture didn’t bother me because it was delicious!

That juicy chicken breast you see, was tender and had a spectacular flavour. The chips, like I mentioned were marvelous! They served Heinz Ketchup too, so it was even better! 

My mum had half roast spring chicken at 1,200/= that came with fries and vegetables. Her choice of vegetables was creamy spinach that she finished in seconds, while thinking of how it would be better with ugali. That aside, she loooved her chicken. So did I! Think of Galitos flame grilled chicken but a with a more roasted, pepper flavour. 

The only slight downside is the breast part was a bit too dry. Be sure to remind them not to over-dry it if that’s not your preference! 

Dad had Mugz Rump steak @ 1,200/=. His choice of accompaniment and vegetables was mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. The way he talks about his food to date, re-assures me that I wasn’t the only one who loved it! The steak was prepared with the best marination and cooked to tenderness. I loved that the actual taste of the beef was not over-powered.

As for the mashed potatoes, they were creamy, well salted and very filling. Overall, this dish was simple but prepared tremendously! Would you have it?

My cousin also had the same thing as my dad but asked for vegetable rice instead of mashed potatoes (1,200/=). As for the meat, he asked that it be cut into strips and re-fried so that it cooks all the way through. He likes very well done beef. To be honest, I thought such requests incur extra charges or are often turned down. 

The chef took up the challenge and went an extra mile to cook it with some tomatoes. Pretty amazing, right? I’m definitely going back for the vegetable rice! The portion, preparation and taste stole my heart. Well-seasoned with spices and prepared very well. It had onions, peppers and broccoli. The choice of side vegetables was creamed spinach. 

The creamed spinach served for all the 3 meals that had it, was delicious. In fact, when you go, make sure you ask for your meal to come with this! 

In general, I thought all the food served was very fresh and  affordable. Affordable from the perspective that, if someone is treating you or you want to treat yourself, it is friendly to the pocket. I know my classmates and student-friends might read this post and think I am crazy to call this affordable. However, for people who work like my parents, it is affordable! In case, you feel it’s expensive, I found out that their fries are only 150/=. This is, very affordable considering, fast food spots sell chips at 100/= and don’t have even half of the ambience here!

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