Ice Cream is the Answer.

Hey guys! I know its been so long since I wrote; but kindly accept my peace offering. I present to you ~ “A beautiful ice cream post featuring my classmates and I. I will be sharing fun facts about some of my friends, as well as finally showing the face behind kulanini!”

I hope you brought along a friend because that’s what this post is all about!
Welcome to this post and thank you for stopping by! 

I recently closed school for the end of year break. After our last exam paper, some of my classmates and I took a nice long walk to town from University Of Nairobi~Chiromo Campus. Its actually not too far; but, the sun was up and we were extremely hot and fatigued by the time we got to town. We needed something to cool us down and settled on my favorite ice cream spot – Milano Ice Cream on Kaunda Street. 

Its basically around City Hall on Kaunda Street which is on Wabera Street.

I have been here about 5 times and never had a bad experience. The ice cream is always amazing; customer care is great and is in a very calm environment i.e that part of town isn’t noisy or crowded.

You can even take a selfie on the streets (see below). I dare you to try the same around National Archives or in downtown. Lets just say you won’t be able to read these posts from your phone for a while.

For those who don’t know the face behind kulanini; I am the girl on the right. Fun fact – I wear head scarfs nearly everyday. I probably have enough to last me forever. Anyway, if any of you ever see me somewhere; please don’t shy away from saying hello! Of course unless its downtown or the crazy places in town where I would highly appreciate if you didn’t try. God knows how I am ready to fight when anyone comes near me in town because I assume your trying to rob me. So please, don’t be a victim of my ready to punch fists when am walking in those places.

Now back to this amazing ice cream.

Besides amazing ice cream, Milano Ice cream also sells sorbets (fruit based ice cream that doesn’t have milk), milkshakes, ice cream cones and even coffee.

Some of the flavours shown in the picture are:
Caramelo – caramel.
Nocciola – hazelnut.
Fior Di Latte – pure mozarella from cows milk.
Fragola – strawberry.
Menta – mint choc chip.
Dolce di latte – choc n nut (simple terms)
Straciatella – vanilla choc chip

On that day, there we all had ice creams except for me who had a sorbet. There are several flavours of both ice-creams and sorbet; that makes it more amazing!

Eric (above) is one of the most enterprising people I know. He is the ‘guy’ who knows a ‘guy’. Kind-hearted and extremely generous.

Cones are sold at 200/= while cups range from 150/= for the small one  (maximum 2 scoops of different flavours) and 300/= for the larger cup where you get 3 different flavours. (Applies to both sorbet and ice cream).

The place isn’t too big but its big enough for an ice cream shop. There are seats and tables and even sometimes when it’s packed; tables and chairs are set up outside along the street.

I would say that this is one place you can come with anyone; young or old. Perfect place to be treated by someone; because it is not expensive yet the ice cream is amazing. Smooth, creamy (not too milky) and is rich with flavour!

I met these wonderful ladies at Milano.  They were kind enough to pose with their tasty treats for the blog. I unfortunately don’t remember their names. Wherever you are, thank you for this.

Did you know Milano makes their own ice cream right there? 

The customer care is amazing! The server is very patient. She bore with all my questions (anyone who knows me; knows how annoyingly inquisitive I can be). Therefore, thank you for Milano Ice cream for being very kind and patient with me!

Menta is mint choc chip ice cream. Joan (above) a.k.a ‘Twist’ is your girl geek. Don’t get me wrong, she can down a few shots of vodka and still stand on her two feet; but the girl is so informed about everything. From technology to missiles and bombs then to skin & hair care to art and wine and cheese… oh my goodness the list is endless. She is basically my google. She is featured in the Valley Coffee post as well as the Donuts World post.

French Vanilla “in simple terms” is just vanilla ice cream. Personally I don’t taste a difference because I don’t really like vanilla in the first place. However, french vanilla is made differently; in terms of the ice cream making process.

Amarena Cherry is cherry ice cream while Mandorla Tostata is toasted almond ice cream.

Here we have Baraka. Yes those are dreadlocks and yes he may have a piercing or two (other ear). Now that that’s out of the way, Baraka was my first university friend 🙂 It was only a matter of time before the world began to appreciate his dreadlocks and piercings that he became a ‘lady’s man’. Nonetheless, he is a very funny guy (shout out to my inside joke partner) and gives some amazing advice!

More Vanilla with Panna being ordinary vanilla ice cream and Sugar free being just that.
Mango and Treetomato Passion are fruit based ~ sorbets.

Michelle/Kendi from the picture at the beginning of the post and other posts is your ultimate diva. Not the mean, bossy ones; but she loves herself and chapati quite a bit! She keeps me sane and reminds me how important it is to treat yourself and show yourself some love. I would rather not expose our ridiculous behaviours here… Lets just say she’s pretty cool.

Anyway guys, that is all I prepared for you today! Thank you so much for stopping by. Come again soon and bring a friend too! 

Have you been to Milano Ice Cream?
Share your experience in the comment section below.

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3 thoughts on “Milano Ice Cream – Kaunda Street.

  1. Albert says:

    Aiii you’re out here talking about your friends and I’m not there??? We need to have a heart to
    I’ve not been to the place because I have such a bad att towards town.but the place seems so definitely give it a shot.

    Than you kulanini queen

    • Aww Albert you know you and me have a kulanini date. Just you and me. Don’t stress… I also hate town but the place is in such a nice place. Let me know how it goes. Thank you ??

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