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I am sorry I’ve been away so long. Balancing a hobby, school and other responsibilities is quite a task. I’ll keep saying I’ll try to be better & more consistent because I genuinely try. Thank you for being patient and not giving up on me! About a month ago, Four Points by Sheraton was gracious enough to invite me to do a review of their newly renovated restaurant on the rooftop. When I went last year, I only did a review of their main restaurant on ground floor called Pablo’s Restaurant. I was really excited about this one because it is  a Middle East-Mediterranean cuisine restaurant; which I have never tried before! Making this review one of a kind!

The Mediterranean region includes: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey among others and even some North-African countries e.g. Libya, Algeria & Morocco. In as much as their food names are often too difficult to pronounce, they have perfected the art of simple, yet delicious food. However, before we talk about the food, I’d like us to talk about the restaurant. 

The way the colours blue and white come together with splashes of green from potted plants, made me feel like I had stepped into a holiday destination. A few steps and behind me is the blue pool literally calling me for a quick swim or maybe even a four-hour one. 

There were these cool ‘royalty-like’ chairs that commanded character in the whole restaurant.

There was a raised seating area too! 

The view of the whole restaurant from up here was breath-taking. 

See their mini bar here in the corner. 

Overall, it is a very beautiful restaurant.

With this un-bearable heat we’re experiencing, I think you should make a point of visiting this airy, cool, restaurant. It’s definitely a solution to dealing with this heat. 

As I walked around taking pictures, I realised their Level 8 Lounge is just downstairs. I went ahead and took a few shots here. Hopefully you enjoy them! I really hope they can invite me one more time for their cocktails here. 

Remember me saying they have simple yet delicious food? Let’s talk about it now! Here is their food and drink menu:

We started off with some mocktails (non-alcoholic). We had morning star, shirley temple and the classic nojito. All these drinks are kid friendly. I think people should start giving teens and even kids more than just plain juice, soda or milkshake. Trust me, mocktails are almost always way better. 

Morning Star (600/=) was pineapple juice with mineral water, honey, brown sugar and pineapple chunks. It came with a spoon to mix the honey in case it all settled at the bottom. Now, I don’t know why I didn’t get a jerican of this amazing drink but I am definitely going back for it. The fresh juice, mixed perfectly with the honey and sugar and the mineral water made sure the sugar wasn’t too much. 

Shirley Temple (650/=) was presented in the most beautiful way. However, I thought the ice cubes were a bit too many. Then again, I constantly tell you guys to make sure you ask for ice-cubes seperately or just one then forget to do it myself. The drink had grenadine syrup, lemonade, chunks of ice and was very refreshing. This drink is for more simple people. It doesn’t have too many ingredients but is delicious nonetheless. All extra people should go for Morning star or classic nojito. 

Yes. I am not mispelling it. Here they call it nojito not mojito. This 650/= mocktail came with apple juice, lime, sugar syrup and fresh mint. The ice here was crushed and so barely noticeable. This drink was absolutely amazing! I am a huge fan of apple juice, lime and mint though so maybe that’s just my ‘spirit drink’ if such a thing exists. 

For starters we tried crispy calamari (1,100/=) that came with tartar sauce. These were very nice. Though, I’d be very wrong if I said I haven’t had better. Tamambo in Karen still has the best I’ve ever had. I felt the tartar sauce was incredible but the calamari could have been flavoured a bit better. The two together though, were an un-beatable duo.

That was a hot starter. The cold starter we tried was hummus with lamb (950/=). Hummus is chickpeas blended with garlic, tahini and lemon to make a thick paste. It’s served with fried lamb mince in the centre and pita bread on the side. Now that I’m writing about it, I think this is a whole meal on it’s own . The hummus is the only thing that’s cold then the meat is warm. My friends really enjoyed this more than I did. There’s something about cold food that has never really enticed me. I think if I could have the same thing piping hot, I’d enjoy it more. Then again, maybe it is terrible that way. 

The pita bread is almost like chapati. The difference comes when you taste it. It has an almost sour aftertaste. In my opinion, it’s un-palatable on its own. However, with the lamb and hummus, it is amazing! Trust me, even the hummus on it’s own is an acquired taste but, the two together topped with some lamb, is quite enjoyable. The same meal is available for vegetarians where it is just hummus and pita bread.  

Iranian Beef Stew (1,650/= ) was hands down my best meal while here. It is served with steamed white rice but I felt it would have been even better with ugali despite it not being Mediterranean. Ugali and beef is such a timeless Kenyan classic such that it is almost mandatory to offer ugali if you have a nice thick beef stew like this. Mind you, I’m saying all this about ugali yet eat it very rarely. We can say that the stew awakened my ‘ugali pangs’ haha. 

The flavours from the beef, vegetables and spices came together in true fashion and married the simple flavour of steamed rice for an award-winning combo! If you remember anything in this post, remember this meat. 

Syrian Chicken Shish Taouk  @1,500/= was next. We tried it with mashed potatoes which were rich and flavourful. I felt they should have mashed it a bit more because it was not as smooth. That not withstanding, I loved it. The chicken comes on a kebab stick bearing wonderful flavour and a char-grilled (smokey) flavour. It was very tender too. I definitely enjoyed this! 

Despite there being no stew/curry/sauce, I didn’t feel it was dry; which I thought was amazing. In any case, there was garlic mayo served with it but I only remembered when I was halfway through. Yes. The food was that good!


We decided to get the mezze platter to have a taste of the different kebabs, some fish and even grilled lamb. This was 2,850/=. It came with a beef kebab, two types of chicken kebab, lamb kebab, grilled fish and grilled lamb. The accompaniment was a small portion of fries. The chips here are definitely incredible. Even the ones at Pablo’s were tremendous! All other restaurants with ‘wanting’ fries should come here for orientation. (That’s on a light note). All the kebabs were amazing though and each had a unique marination with the smokey flavour as a standard for all. The one that looks saucier was chilly. 

I felt the lamb was a bit too bone-y. It needed a little more meat. Either that or it was so delicious, I ate it too fast. The flavour on this was very good. Tender, well marinated and well-cooked.

The grilled fish was delicious! Not sure whether it was tilapia or red snapper or what kind of fish but I am sure I enjoyed it. 

Lastly, for our vegetarian followers, we tried the delicious halloumi shawarma (1,100/=)! Halloumi is a type of cheese that is a bit tougher than cheddar but not as hard (in terms of texture) as meat. It has the melt-in-your-mouth feel. Apart from the grilled halloumi, there were tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, a white sauce and a filling I couldn’t quite place my finger on. It was all-round delicious. 

I highly recommend this to all vegetarians and like I said on my social platforms, it’s a great alternative to meat on Fridays during lent for Catholics. The portion and price is also quite reasonable! 

I’d definitely come back here for the incredible food. In fact, now I feel visiting a Mediterranean country is definitely an option . I might just start with Algeria or Libya. Do you have any experience with Middle-East-Mediterranean food?

That’s all I had for you today! Thank you so much for stopping by!