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On to today’s’ Mexican post! We have actually done a Mexican post before. Earlier this year, we visited Fonda Nbo and did a comprehensive food and restaurant review. Check it out if you missed it! Today, we look at Mercado – a restaurant that has won the hearts of many in terms of ambience. If anything, I think I am one of the only bloggers who hasn’t talked about it yet! Better late than never. Right? See their website here.

Mercado is located on T floor of Kenrail Towers in Westlands and has a beautiful view of the busy Westlands social & business scene. The entrance to the restaurant has beautiful potted plants and orange lights to welcome you.

Swinging benches, well cushioned seats, low, colourful leather sofa seats and high bar stools are some of the seating options available. I think Mercado takes up the whole floor of this wing of the building, because that space is just incredible! There are two outdoor seating areas and a well-spaced indoor area with a bar.

The seats and walls indoors have unique tribal prints that I fell in love with. Look at the picture below, and tell me which of the three prints, is your favourite. There isn’t too much to say about the decor and art in this restaurant since the furniture really speaks volumes. There is no need to disrupt the ambience with bright walls or any wall hangings. It would disrupt the whole set-up.

Mercado adopts the very modern open ceiling design, with wooden beams. Not only does this bring about uniformity in the design, but also, it gives the illusion of space, and allows the restaurant to have a free flow of air.

One of the outdoor sitting areas has a slightly different ceiling. Colourful ropes run from one end of the ceiling to another and match the colourful pots decorating the area. These colours and the view looking to the busy Westlands roundabout, make it a great place to sit at as you bite into a huge, juicy Mercado burrito.

Transparent glass windows and doors make the lighting in the whole restaurant very good. In fact, the lights are mainly for decorative purposes.

How many people have ever seen a beautiful private seating area/ conference area? It is often an after-thought making the design not well thought out. Not for Mercado. The decor in their private room is beautiful. Sturdy, blue, velvet chairs are set around a long, polished wooden table with a state of the art chandelier hanging from the ceiling. I wouldn’t really call this room private as the transparent windows allow you to see right through it. However, it’s secluded from the rest!

The multiple trumpets chandelier is what I resorted to calling the beauty that hang from above! Remember how I said the windows and doors are transparent, look at the way the light was hitting that whole room! One day, when I am feeling extra or like a princess, I will ask for the whole room, sit there, feel important and enjoy the beauty while indulging in one of their Mexican dishes.

The trumpet chandelier is not the only exciting lighting in this restaurant. Look at these ones found throughout the restaurant and let me know your favourite. Mine has to be the wooden diamond one. After the chandelier of course!

I will let the next few pictures speak for themselves.

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The food post will be up soon! You don’t want to miss it! We had over 10 menu items!!

Let me know in the comment section below, what your favourite part of this restaurant has been!

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