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In December, bloggers and ‘Youtubers’ were invited by Pan Asian Yao Restaurant to document the new menu items the restaurant has launched. Guess what?

Kulanini was one of them! Apart from getting to meet amazing Kenyan bloggers and You Tube personalities, I got to try a wide array of Asian food. A huge thank you to Pan Asian Yao for inviting me and to you guys for following, liking, commenting, sharing and subscribing. I love you guys so much!

Pan Asian Yao is located on UN avenue in Gigiri. It is what was formerly Emerald Garden.

To begin, we were served a rosemary and Hendricks sour cocktail @1200/= which for the record, I found a bit too pricey. It had Hendricks gin, rosemary, lime and vanilla syrup. It wasn’t sweet but had a strong rosemary flavour. I recommend this cocktail to people who don’t have a sweet tooth and don’t mind a huge pocket dent ๐Ÿ˜‰

The perfectly crushed ice, black,double straw and rosemary branch made this cocktail go down in my books as ‘one-to-remember’. Despite rosemary being a savoury spice, I appreciate it is slowly making its way to the mixology scene. Have you had cocktails with rosemary before? Am I just late to the party?

The menu can be found here.

Chive dumplings stuffed with assorted vegetables @ 800/= for 4 pieces. They are topped with pomegranate seeds (pink) that give a contrasting texture to the soft vegetables and chive dumpling case.

There a few sauces constantly served with every meal. Dark soy, chilli sauce and a chilli salsa. The only one my tongue could handle was the dark soy and even then, I was taking it down with a tonne of water. Kulanini heat seekers! Where are you?

Round dumplings with more or less the same filling of carrots, onions and even cabbage by the name: Crystal Dumplings were also offered @ 900/=. Both the crystal & chive dumplings were purely vegetarian and when dipped in the sauces provided, gave an incomprehensible flavour explosion.

Next was a small sushi plate of beef tataki @ 1200/=. This is seared beef served with vinegar and pickled ginger. The stacking order is as follows: sushi rice, lettuce, beef, cucumber, pickled ginger (pink) then another piece of beef. Three servings are provided with a side of pickled ginger.

The doneness of the beef is medium-rare; allowing the colour to be appealing but the juices inside to be fresh and succulent. I remember Kaluhi saying this was her favourite dish. In seconds, it was all over! That should tell you something.

Chilli eggplant @ 900/= was another vegetarian dish served. I highly doubt the accompaniment is included in the cost. It came on a bed of rice and a beautiful side presentation of cucumber and carrot salad. The rice wasn’t like anything I had seen before. It had a unique colour and taste which I believe it got from the sauces oozing out of the chilli eggplant. I may be very wrong though.

Sushi rice doesn’t quite taste like the rice we are used to. The grains are shorter and tend to be ‘ugali’ like. That not withstanding, it was amazing! I think the vegetarians reading this are pleased with the variety offered. The rest of you could try and be convinced that vegetarian food is just as good!

But not too soon! Chicken and prawn shui mai is an open faced dumpling served with fried spring onion and garnished with coriander. For 800/=, you get both chicken and prawns; which for the record, is an amazing combination! As I said, you dip these in the sauces provided and your ticket to paradise is confirmed !

You will experience a smooth sail of well seasoned chicken and prawn flavours among other vegetables. I had no time to scrutiniz since Jessie from Kenya Buzz was eyeing the last one left! I had to stay on top of my game. P.S: I lost.

Hargau @ 900/= was one of the chefs specials, we were lucky to try. I mean all the dishes are special but this is a notch higher. It was the dumpling case stuffed not only with prawns, but also, bamboo shoot and fried basil.

A very interesting taste I must say. However, it was delicious too! The hargau and shui mai may seem a little dry but with my dippping secret, you are set to indulge in these Asian delicacies.

Enter salmon asparagus @ 1,600/= served with pomegranate drizzle and tobiko cream. Tobiko is the japanese word for flying fish eggs (roe). Look at you frowning. It was very delicious. The salmon despite being raw, manages to combine well with the tobiko sauce and pomegranate.

Crunchy asparagus and fresh, tasty salmon. The lemon gives a nice presentation as well as allows you to drizzle lemon on the salmon for extra fllavour.

Instead of asparagus, you could have it with rice.

Have you ever had Tofu before? It is a vegetarian dish made from soy. Singaporean tofu made with chilli and black pepper @ 900/= is one of the meals offered at Pan Asian Yao. Vegetarians are you there? Heat seekers are you present too? Rushab, one of the organisers was pretty excited about this dish, and managed to go through most of it.

The fried tofu is coated in a chilli sauce and served hot. It was pretty hot (Hot meaning chilli), and so I didn’t really try much of it. That not withstanding, it is necessary to note that: the consistency of the sauce was heavy and very flavourful. If I could eat that every day, I would be content. It is definitely the ultimate comfort food.

Chilli garlic shitake mushroom @ 900/= was amazing. I LOVE MUSHROOMS. This was like heaven for me. It had bell peppers, sesame seeds and even a salad! Unlike the tofu, it didn’t have a sauce but wasn’t dry. Kenyans mostly call that dry-fry. Is it everyone or just Kenyans? You would have to tell me!

Flavours married beautifully and the mushroom was well cooked. Not overcooked to be leather-like but cooked just right!

Prawn tempura roll is basically prawns dipped in batter & deep fried to give a crunchy outer texture, then rolled with rice and a nori sheet (seaweed). I felt the flavour was amazing but the texture too dry, even after dipping in the sauces. I recommend asking for a side sauce or gravy to dip it in or do away with the crunchy texture. Then again, I know nothing about Asian cuisine. If that’s how they eat it, so will we! This was 1,500/=.

Dynamite was my more preferred roll. I am sure you can tell this one was juicier and had a better texture.

DUCK is once again featured on Kulanini. We had crispy duck wonton with fresh mango salad and plum sauce @ 900/=. This was my absolute favourite dish. It had an amazing crispy texture on the outside and juicy duck meat on the inside. Truly a work of art!

The review surely wouldn’t be complete without curries! (Most relatable dish to Kenyan cuisinr). Green chicken curry @ 1,400/= and red beef curry @ 1,500/=. Both of which were spectacular. If your too confused about all these other Asian new names, just ask for this with steamed white rice. You can thank me later.

There are numerous vegetables, chilli and great flavour that complements plain white rice. The great thing about nearly all the portions, is that, they can all be shared. Except the cocktails of course. However, all the rest can be shared and so can the accompaniments. LOOK at the costs with that in mind.

Dessert included frozen daiquiri, coconut panna cotta @ 600/=, basil & mint apple mousse @ 900/= and some Christmas treats. The treats included: a log cake that finished in seconds, candle shaped chocolate mousse and a larger mousse.

The log cake was layers of vanilla sponge cake with an orange like jam in between and a chocolate cream on top. The flavour marriage was a match made in heaven; making the taste absolutely incredible. The moistness, texture and flavour made it diminish right after I took the pictures. Jaytakeapic and Bahati Nzuri, where are you? ๐Ÿ™‚

The passion frozen daiquiri @ 600/= was a bit too thick for me to enjoy. I would have preferred a spoon for that consistency. Despite that, the flavour was outstanding. I loathe coconut and mousse’s and so don’t want to lie that I tried it. I didn’t. However, I braced myself and tried the chocolate ones.

I stand corrected. Not all mousses have a strange taste. Some, like this one, are amazing. That’s all I had for you today!

Hope you enjoyed the post and learnt a thing or two about Asian Food.

Interesting Fact: Did you know Nyama Mama and Pan Asian Yao belong to one company called The Good Earth Group? They plan on opening several other establishments too! You can see their plans on their website here.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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