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Some say that eating a lollipop in public makes you look like less of a ‘lady’. Others even say, that boys shouldn’t eat lollipops. I completely disagree! Lollipops are fun and should be enjoyed by people of all ages; whether man or woman. Whichever category you are in, kindly don’t shy away from reading this post; because walking around with a stick in your mouth is truly not a big deal. So, take out the lollipop that’s just been sitting around somewhere in the house, or has been at the bottom of your bag; unwrap it, and let’s get to know some lollipops!

I am such a huge fan of sweets and I feel like the stick makes it such a fancy affair. I am a bit of an extra person; therefore, fancy is definitely my thing. From the time I was young, there have been endless types of lollipops in the market; with most coming and going.

Allow me just to say that ‘chupa chups’ has been the most constant lollipop of all time. It has been there since I knew what a lollipop was, to all the class parties in primary school and even now! Hats off to them!

For some reason, the yoghurt lollipops; that have some tasty chewy substance on the inside, that disappears after a few seconds, have never been my thing. I like eating a lollipop knowing there is something I am looking forward to on the inside – that will last longer than a few seconds i.e gum. Unfortunately, more often than not, the something manufacturers call gum is of such poor quality; with the flavour disappearing after a few minutes. It actually gets to a point where you end up tossing it because your tired of chewing the gum; that has strangely become too hard, or the gum is flavourless. There is no semblance of the lollipop flavour left on the gum. You literally cannot tell the flavour of the lollipop you just ate, from simply chewing the gum.  Whether it was a strawberry or an orange lollipop remains a mystery.

Anyway, despite this fact, I still love lollipops and often indulge like a little girl. Below are some of the readily available lollipops in the market. You could purchase most from the roadside shops or hawkers except for chupa chups; which can be found in the supermarket.

First off, is the new ‘ice cream’ ‘big daddy’ lollipop. It’s actually from the famous ‘mr. berry’ manufacturers  (whatever happened to this chewing gum). I must say, they have really tried their best to bring out the ice cream flavour; so that’s really amazing. However, I felt like the sweet was a bit too brittle and hard. Not that it was rough, but, when the sweet starts to break after sucking it for a while, the pieces were sticking on my teeth in a very uncomfortable way. So for those of you who like to break the lollipop, then this wouldn’t be the best lollipop to get. For those who are patient enough to suck all the way to the centre, then go right ahead!  This lollipop does not have gum on the inside but a sweet chewy substance that disappears after a while. Both the red and yellow are the same flavour. It’s just the colour of the wrapping that’s different. The lollipop retails  at 10/= for one.

Next up, is the famous ‘chupa chups’ that has an amazing array of flavours! I think, this is the one lollipop, that has managed to accurately bring out the flavour advertised on the wrapping paper. I kid you not; the strawberry, apple, orange and cherry flavours; are very well pronounced! From the time you start eating it, right to the end, the flavour is constant. It’s not an approximate flavour; but the actual apple taste in your mouth i.e for the apple flavour for example. The lollipop is however really small and doesn’t have any gum or chewy substance in the centre. It’s a sweet all the way through.

In my opinion, taste (quality) is more important than size and so ‘chupa chups’ is actually my best lollipop. The flavours I found, are the above mentioned ones. I am still looking for a few other flavours that I remember from my childhood i.e cola, chocolate vanilla, strawberries n’ cream and lemon lime. (If you know where to get these, kindly let me know where I could get them in the comment section below!)  This lollipop retails at 15/= for one. This is slightly higher than the usual but is definitely worth it.

Despite the new ‘ice cream’ flavour, ‘big daddy’ has various types of lollipops. First off, is the ‘triple sensation’. The name comes from the aspect of 3 flavours in one lollipop. I truly don’t remember what flavours exactly, because it wasn’t written on the wrapper. However, I do know that; there is a sweet flavour, a sour flavour and something in between. It’s actually not as sweet as other big daddy lollipops. It has a nice distinct taste that I am unfortunately unable to place. I can definitely vouch for it as my best lollipop by ‘big daddy’! Hopefully that’s motivation enough. It has chewing gum on the inside and retails at 10/= for one.

Another lollipop, still by ‘big daddy’ is the ‘yoghurt cocktail’. Quite simply, this is more of a strawberry lollipop with a chewy substance on the inside. I say strawberry and not cocktail because the strawberry flavour is the most pronounced. The wrappings all have different colours but it is one and the same thing on the inside. The lollipop retails at 10/= for one.

Other lollipops under the ‘big daddy’ umbrella are: ‘3 in 1 lollipop’ and the ‘strawberry flavour’. The 3 in 1 is actually not really 3 flavours; but just strawberry and orange flavour with chewing gum on the inside; while the strawberry lollipop, as the name suggests, is a strawberry flavour lollipop with chewing gum on the inside as well. There are several types of lollipops by the company ‘big daddy’ but I could only find the ones mentioned. Kindly let me know if you have come across any other flavours. I would love to know. My favorite by this company still stands as: triple sensation.

I sampled two other lollipops; i.e ‘big bang’ and ‘big bomb’. Until this blog post, I thought it was one company with two flavors. Turns out; it isn’t. They are different flavours but from two different companies. Even the wrapping style is the same but the wrapping paper used is different. They both retail at 10/= for one.

Big bang is a blueberry flavor lollipop with chewing gum on the inside. I love the uniqueness of flavour. I think I have only ever tasted this flavour with this lollipop. It’s definitely a flavour you should try at least once!

Big bomb on the other hand, is a strawberry lollipop with chewing gum on the inside. It is my favorite strawberry lollipop as the flavour is more distinct in comparison to the ‘big daddy’ one. The chewing gum on the inside is also of much better quality than big daddy; in that the flavour lasts longer.

Anyway guys, those are all the lollipops I got to taste. I am aware there are many others in the market. However, I could only find the above mentioned ones. For example ‘pin pop’; I would love to do a review on those too! They were a hit when I was young. Especially the XXL ones! I couldn’t seem to find them anywhere. They are definitely not as popular now as they were before; which is unfortunate because I loved them so much! If anyone knows where I can get them, please let me know in the comment section below.

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17 thoughts on “Lollipops in Kenya.

  1. Penmy Onamu says:

    A bit extra??? try extraordinarily extra

    Great piece? craving lollipops. But do you remember when pin pop made mango lollipops and sweets??? life was amazing then

    • Haha Penny thank you so much!!! I wish I could buy many of those pin pops and store them then eat slowly. Your right! Those were the days !

  2. Majeed says:

    My mouth was just watering the entire time I was reading through this. I feel inspired now to start a lollipop hunt.
    Good job.

    • Haha thank you so much Abdul!! Haha hunt is a must! In fact I really want to find pin pops! 🙂

  3. Florence says:

    Hey, great piece there.
    You should also go to other locations, like Nakuru…… Kisumu…… Naivasha…… Kakamega…… Thus is bcoz there some stuff may have disappeared in Nairobi but they are available in other counties. Or better still, go to the company itself, I would so much want to know their production process?.
    No limits girl

    • Thank you so much Florence for the tips. I will definitely put that into consideration and try find stuff elsewhere. Thank you for taking your time to read ❤❤

  4. Paul Einstein says:

    Good piece I love how you articulate your points

  5. NashRonie says:

    Nyc article thea n luv the stories…Surely I lyk big pinpops n their flavours vry sweet 😛

  6. Arshad says:

    Have any one tried Monsta & Milk it Pops,amazing pops😎

  7. Mariga says:

    I know where to get pin pops in Nairobi!

    Cross towards the Eastleigh buses parked outside the Koja roundabout at the zebra crossing near the fire station

    The sweets stand there stocks pin pops

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