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As you know, January has been the Kulanini pastry month. Since I didn’t manage to post some pastries before January ended, I have decided to push a few more to February. I reached out to the famous Little Cake Girl for a feature and she was more than pleased to invite me to her home for a chocolate cake review and a chat. Samantha Njeri is a happy, energetic baker, mother and daughter to a cook (who has a pork choma place that will be featured here soon!).

Little Cake Girl began 7 years ago when Sama was still in USIU. Yes guys! SEVEN years ago! It’s truly never too early to start chasing your dream! Clearly, if you keep at it long enough, it will eventually pay off! Today, Sama is a well-renowned Kenyan baker who gives talks, has several cake options & flavours for her customers to choose from and is one baker who doesn’t shy off from any baking challenge. Pretty cool right? I told her that I think she would make a good motivational speaker too since our chat was a great inspiration for me. The fact that she is a free spirit makes it even easier for customers to open up to her and so help her in making their dream cakes come to life!

Little Cake Girl actually told me about a certain client who couldn’t afford a large cake for her wedding but was going to get a large styrofoam (faux) cake just for show, and a small real cake. Both of which, were within her budget!

Since Samantha is a home-baker, her main marketing platform is social media (Facebook and Instagram) as Little Cake Girl. There, she puts up a picture of each and every pastry creation she has made. I advice you to check out the pictures to see exactly what she can do. The wide variety of cake styles and flavours can be seen in her rate card below:

I had a nice long conversation with Samantha as I downed her chocolate-red velvet cake at a rate that still astonishes me to date. I mean, I was there as she put the cake together, iced it and then we did a shoot for it. You can imagine how long I had been staring at that cake, before we could finally sit down and indulge. I will give you a hint: LONG!

Samantha’s cakes boast real moisture and have an incredible flavour. She uses products available in Kenya and is constantly researching on how to get better. Humbling. Right?

We began by layering the chocolate and red velvet cakes she had pre-baked and basically did the icing together.

I found the cake to be extremely moist. You guys know how much I love moist cake! If it wasn’t for the fact that chocolate generally makes me thirsty, I would have had the cake without anything to drink! The sweetness was balanced in both the cake and the cream and managed to have a mellow chocolate taste that wasn’t overpowering at all.

Look at those layers guys! How beautiful? The fact that everything was done with me standing right there, made it even more interesting. You can tell, by the way she confidently ices the cake in between our laughter-filled conversation, that she has been at it for a while.

Did you know that a red velvet cake is actually not a red vanilla cake? In most cases, it should be more expensive than a usual cake since a lot more goes into it. In fact, it is a chocolate cake with a velvet-y texture. I am sure you’re looking back at all the red velvet cakes you have ever had and are wondering whether you were played. The truth is, most bakers think it’s too much work and would rather do a plain cake with red food colouring.

Little Cake Girl’s story, is however, very different. This cake melts in your mouth and is the true definition of red velvet. It has to be hands-down, the best red velvet cake I have ever had. What made L.C.G’s even better, is the fact that it was combined with a traditional chocolate cake with layers of chocolate ganache and melted chocolate to coat it slightly.

Cakes with minimal cream/frosting are known as naked cakes. Those of you who prefer a minimum amount of icing, should definitely go for naked cakes. Personally, I think they allow you to appreciate the flavour of the cake without the overpowering sweet cream that more often than not, has nothing to do with the cake.

One thing I applaud Samantha for, is working from the cake outwards. She makes sure the cake tastes good before making it look good. The flavour and texture is on point first, before she goes ahead to deal with the outward appearance. Don’t get me wrong, the cakes always look amazing. Just check out her social media pages for affirmation.

Sometimes bakers, restaurants, hotels and basically any brand focuses so much on the outward appearance and forget that the actual product has to uphold that same quality.

I assure you that this cake tasted even better than it looks. To me, visuals mean nothing if the product doesn’t match up to it! Well done Samantha!

That’s all I had for you guys today! Thank you so much for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Little Cake Girl – Bakery

  1. Mimmo says:

    I applaud you. This is superb. Your writing takes an individual to a whole different world and in this case a fairy tale world of cakes.
    Thank you so much.

    • Hey Mimmo. Thank you so much for your comment. I love it when people think I helped them understand different taste and flavours using my words and pictures. Welcome to Kulanini!

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