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Before we talk about my Karel experience, lets take a moment to appreciate the finally completed (for real this time) ‘Compare Prices‘ tab on the Kulanini website. You can now compare the price of different snacks, food and beverages from different manufacturers, restaurants or shops. From cocktails to pizza and even ice-cream. I currently have over 30 comparable restaurants but I am doing my best to add restaurants as we go along. I sincerely appreciate all the support you have all given me, and hope you can help me make it even better!

I visited Karel T lounge on June 17th for my birthday and Fathers’ Day celebration. It is located on the new Village Market wing (Gigiri). The restaurant website can be found here and the lunch/ dinner menu here and the drinks menu here.

The spacious restaurant extends to an upstairs semi-outdoor lounge with beautiful low sofas. I’d describe the decor, architecture and design of Karel T-Lounge as green, minimalist and unique. Green because there are so many potted plants and trees and minimalist because, every decor item seems to be well thought out and placed exactly where it is supposed to be.

The restaurant downstairs has a beautiful barista area and various sitting options. Lushy green potted plants are seen to be stemming from pots between the wooden tables, velvet seats, leather seats and even the sofas. The colours at Karel are primarily white and blue which is seen in the uniform, seats and even bar and barista (coffee) area.

The polished, wooden floor gives a sharp, classy finish while complementing the seats’ wooden legs and wood tables.

The best part about the lounge area upstairs is; it lets in just enough light while still shielding you from the rain. Unfortunately, while up there, you are not immune to the wind as one of the sides is open. Brilliant for a hot day. Don’t you agree?

We got a bread platter immediately after ordering our meals; keeping our mouths and stomachs busy. More often than not, complementary restaurant bread tends to be stale hence tasteless. Fortunately, this was not the case at Karel. We un-apologetically cleared the bread platter in no time.

With the bread and menu options revolving around pasta, risotto and seafood, I’d say, Karel’s cuisine is slightly Italian inspired. My family members all had different dishes. My dad had the grilled beef fillet on a bed of sauteed vegetables with mashed potatoes mixed with olives @ 1,490/=.

There was also a fresh, crunchy mix salad of lettuce and carrots drizzled with a vinaigrette. I thought the portion was small and the olives in the mashed potatoes not appealing only because I don’t like olives. Maybe if you do, you’d enjoy this accompaniment. I believe they can make the same creamy, well salted mash without the olives too for others like me. The steak was tender, juicy and well marinated. My dad actually downed it so fast. So, I assure you, it was delicious just small. Ensure you have dealt with that bread well after ordering this meal.

My mum had grilled pork loin flavoured with fresh thyme with sauteed fresh apples and mixed seasonal vegetables (carrots, french beans and green peppers) @ 1,190/=.

Unfortunately, this meal doesn’t come with any accompaniments so she added chips at 400/=. Like the steak, I thought the portion was small but the presentation breathtaking! The apples gave a sweet, juicy, crunchy flavour while the thyme bathed pork gave a tender, savoury bite.

My brother had herb marinated lamb chops on sauteed vegetables (cauliflower, courgettes, carrots & french beans) @ 1,690/=. with mashed potatoes with olives. The meat on the bone wasn’t too much but the portion more generous than the first two. I loved the red wine sauce that was drizzled on the meat. Red wine almost always complements red meat so this was a great duo.

My sister had gnocchi with sausage and rosemary @ 1,190/=. She also ordered a lemonade drink that has mysteriously disappeared from the online menu. Gnocchi is potato dumplings made with wheat flour, eggs, potato and in this case cheese. They then coated it in a delicious rosemary sauce whose flavour was contrasted by the sweet sausage chunks. DELICIOUS!

The lemonade was refreshing and came sugarless with sugar syrup on the side for one to add to their liking. This is always how it should come as we all have different levels of sugar preference.

I had a beef burger with chips but for some reason can’t find it on their online menu. Maybe it is not available anymore. The burger had lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. I thought it was extremely dry. I guess that’s why the dish had a side of mayonnaise.

However, even with that, I still had to add ketchup and gulp down my delicious 500/= mocha milkshake. The highlight of my order was the milkshake. Probably the best I have ever had. The coffee flavour was bold and consistent throughout the whole drink.

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