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According to the Kulanini Dictionary, a Food Vendor sells food online with no physical sitting space for their customers. This practice is commonly referred to as operating a ‘Cloud Kitchen’. They heavily invest in marketing, reliable delivery services and of course unique food. Since there is no physical sitting area, food vendor customers tend to have high expectations about the food quality, affordability & value for money. Quite a difficult balance for the vendor to achieve! Did I mention, the food needs to get to the customer hot with no spillages and great packaging? This business is definitely requires a certian level of passion.

One food vendor who is definitely worth their salt is; Kalunj Kitchen. They have been providing Kenyans with affordable, quality and unique food for about a year now. What they offer can be seen on their menu below:

Kalunj Kitchen specialises in wraps, specialty fries and fish fingers. It sounds simple; but trust me, they have perfected the art. You can order their items directly from them through their number: 0702 406728 or on the following platforms: UberEats, Jumia Food or Little.

Their kitchen is in the Kilimani area therefore, customers ordering in the following regions (Kilimani, Kileleshwa, Lavington and Upperhill) between 12 and 2p.m enjoy FREE delivery. Those in different regions or willing to order at a different time, pay a small delivery fee.

The first item I tried was the refreshing Pineapple Mint Juice ( 250ml for 100/= ). It didn’t have too much sugar and married very well with the meal I had. By now,I’m sure you know how I love mint; so there’s no way I’m not going to hype this drink. I really enjoyed it!

For the crazy people who don’t like pineapple-mint, then you can definitely try their passion juice. When I was young, I would have passion juice 90% of the time with meals when out with my family. There was also a time when the bamboocha bottle was such a craze. A soda not in a ‘bamboocha’ bottle just didn’t cut it. Ah! Good times…

The food package comes with serviettes, cutlery, sauce, salt and even a mint. Such a thoughtful touch! All wraps come with either guacamole or salsa (kachumbari) side. In my case, it was smooth, seasoned guacamole. Mmmmhh!! I even used it for my fries. They were so generous with it so there was enough for both my wrap and the fries.

For me the affordability and ‘thought put into the products” really impressed me. If you look at the menu carefully, you’ll see how well thought out the flavours are. In fact, there’s a new peanut sauce they are developeing, that I got to sample. I think once it is released, it will truly blow your mind!

I had the Sweet and Sour Chicken Wrap served with guacamole ( 300/= ) and their Spicy, Onion & Garlic Fries ( 150/= ). The portion was so generous that I managed to carry some home for my family sample. For a total of 450/=, I think this is a very decent meal. I mean, the wrap alone can truly fill you up.

The wrap filling had: marinated, tender, saucy chicken strips with fresh lettuce, crunchy sweet corn, tomatoes, onions, green peppers (absolute game changer) and an extremely generous amount of their special sweet and sour sauce.

The wrap pastry was tender, fresh and not too thick. Each bite was a great balance between the chicken-vegetable filling and the pastry. A perfect union!

The onion, garlic fries were equally delicious. The onions were both soft and crunchy; not sure how that is possible so you have to try it to understand what I mean. I felt the garlic flavour was as bold as I would have liked. These fries were a big win for me as I have only had plain garlic fries before. They were well cooked and seasoned so each chip had the same flavour.

My family definitely seconds these opinions. They really enjoyed both items. I think I will be trying the Kalunj Combos with them so we get to sample more of the menu items. Aside from this, one can also commission them to do catering or corporate events!

I think Kalunj Kitchen food is affordable, easily available and very versatile. You can order it for lunch, a picnic date or have it on the go as you run errands etc. Did I mention it’s worth your money? My followers who are constantly looking for good meals ‘Under 500/=’, this is a post, you need to save very well.

Anyway guys, that’s all I had for you on this post. Let me know in the comment section below, what you think of the post and what you’re most excited about trying.

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