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As you all know, we recently held our elections. I feel obliged as a blogger, and even as the very opinionated person that I am, to mention a few things before going on with my post. However, being that it is a very sensitive issue, I would not want anything I say to offend anyone or to portray myself as being bias toward any political party or leader.

This whole process has revealed some of my so-called ‘friends’ true colours and I have actually, (like very many Kenyans) vowed to cut off certain friendships based on how people have dealt with this whole situation.

Now I know we are all entitled to our own opinions; but please, make sure your opinion is not an insult or a demeaning statement. Many fail to understand that you could put across your point without being abusive. Be mindful of the other persons’ feelings. Its something that I cannot say I have perfected; but, I am definitely trying to get there.

I understand, its difficult to explain to someone your point of view when this person has completely opposite ideas from you and every statement they say, makes you want to bash their heads. Yet again, we must all exercise restraint when we feel overcome by emotions, and remember that being abusive or insulting someone, does NOT make you in any way, look smarter in your conversation or earn you points in an argument. It shows how shallow you are and your lack of emotional intelligence. My father often refers to it as E.I. You can google it and see the definition but quite simply, I would say that it is:

The ability to know WHAT to say (because not everything must be said), WHEN to say it (not every situation is the best place to talk about certain things) and of course HOW you say it. (I could tell you something very truthful in a kind or extremely hurtful way).


  1. Be emotionally intelligent. Always consider the implications of your words on another person’s feelings. If you would feel even the slightest bit upset if someone told you the same (if you were in their shoes); then what your saying is mean and you must re-phrase your statement. Be humane. Be nice. It costs nothing.
  2. Don’t contradict yourself. Have the same stand on all matters. If your against certain vices in society and will fight tooth and nail to get equality or fairness in certain matters (e.g corruption, women rights, depression, suicide e.t.c), then let it be that way across all boards; be it political, tribal or even religious. Don’t defend a vice just because you are standing by the majority or by your tribe or political party. Be better. Be different. If what your about to say is not in line with what you’ve been saying on other topics, then just keep quiet. You don’t have to talk.
  3. When making statements or decisions or taking a stand on a matter, think not only about your position now but, put into consideration the poor, less fortunate and even the generations to come after you. Your own children and their children too. How will it affect these people who don’t have a voice today? Think about that; because, it’s never only about you. Think of yourself in a different situation financially or even in terms of where you live and such like lines and ask yourself if you’d speak the same way. Be considerate.
  4. Finally, realise that religion, politics and tribe/race are very sensitive issues and one should really be careful when talking about these three topics. In fact, avoid them if possible. You’ll make less enemies. Am not saying you don’t stand for what you believe in. Only that, if there are other topics to talk about then stick to those. If you must, defend your beliefs with emotional intelligence.

Now, am sure with those four tips, you are likely to deal with people who have a different opinion from you, in a more civil way. Shout-out to my parents for instilling those values in me.

I recently visited Js Fresh Bar and Kitchen Restaurant on Muthangari Drive in Westlands.

This post will only be about the restaurant. As usual, I will have a separate post for the food. I will however talk about the drinks menu a little bit and delve deeper into the food menu in my next post.

Hot drinks such as coffees and cappuccinos range between 200/= for small and about 300/= for large.
They have an extremely wide range of drinks. I was very impressed! Then again, it is a bar.
The cocktail menu is extensive; with over 10 to choose from. The cost is more on the higher side at about 750/=.
Beers are 300/= while shots are 450/=.
Wine by glass ranges 450/= to 700/= and by bottle is about 3000/=.
Spirits such as gins, vodka, tequila e.t.c are priced pretty reasonably (considering the amazing environment I am about to show you) between 400/= and 700/= for a shot.

For further analysis, click the pictures below. I would say that for the location (Westlands), the cost is still a tad bit on the higher side but if we consider the ambience, it’s definitely worth it.

J’s was actually a residential home that was turned into a beautiful restaurant. They have sitting space inside and outside and even an outside and an inside bar!
J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen, has 2 branches. One in Westlands which is the basis of this post and one in Karen; which I haven’t visited yet.

The restaurant has an extremely unique design that incorporates the trees and vegetation outside and is warm and cosy inside. I would recommend this place to absolutely anyone except children! Adults, couples, large groups and even small groups will be catered for.  There is really nothing to play with for the kids despite the huge space. Also the food menu which you will see in my next post, doesn’t cater for children at all.

The restaurant sits on a pretty big piece of land for the area and therefore has a lot of sitting space; accommodating quite a large number of people at once.


Pizza is made in this amazing pizza oven!

That’s all I had prepared for you today! I recommend this place to any adult for any occasion and believe that it’s a great place. It’s quiet, calm and super relaxing. However, if I was to choose between here and The Arbor Restaurant, I would choose The Arbor. Read my review on The Arbor here.

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  1. Mahinda says:

    J’s looks really nice but those prices are just painful.
    – Lovely article Laura!

  2. Wow! I love architecture and decor and man! This place is designed perfectly. Can’t wait to visit??? great shots!?

  3. Todays blog is very enlightening I learnt something new “Emotional Intelligence.”
    I have learnt a couple of life lessons about expressing my opinions especially on the sensitive topics you have highlighted- race/tribe, politics, religion.
    Today have learnt awesome life tips.
    Thank you Laura!

    • Thank you so much! It means a lot to me. Am glad you learnt something new! Thank s for reading.

  4. Eva olendo says:

    Wow..i love the place and your captions too

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