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I am really excited to be finally writing a post. I know it has been a long time but hopefully you all follow me on social media (Yes. I believe you’re all very loyal Kulanini troopers), so didn’t feel neglected as I kept posting pictures throughout. Anyway, this year, I hope to collaborate with more local content creators and more restaurants. A very blessed 2019 to you all and your families. Thank you for crossing over to 2019 with me as your loyal food consultant.  I appreciate you all so much. This post was inspired after seeing a vlog Wabosha Maxine, Miss Trudy and Kemunto Bear did together. 

Joes Atlanta Wings is located on Ngong Road opposite Ligi Ndogo and beside (right)  Marsabit Plaza. It looks like what was once someones residence but, with most if not all homes around it, converting to business premises, it followed suite.

The sitting area is solely outdoors and has been well sheltered using a red canopy. The seats are sturdy, simple wooden chairs decorated with red cushions. You can tell that red is their theme colour. The menus and staff uniform re-affirm this clearly. Like the chairs, the tables are wooden and similar in design. I don’t know if the similarity or simplicity of this restaurant intrigued me but I thought the set up was beautiful. I mean the floor is gravel. 

Below is their menu and description of their sauces. P.S: You walk in through the small door, place your order, pay and wait. The waiters don’t come to get your order. You just might sit forever waiting, boiling with anger. 

I found the menu a bit complicated so I’ll explain a bit. Meal means it comes with fries and a 350 ml soda. JFC means Joe’s Fried Chicken. It’s bread-crumbed chicken on-bone (like KFC). ‘Wings and things’ and ‘snack box’ are combo meals. Wings come in 15 different flavours as shown in the picture beside the menu.

I went with a friend and they ordered 5 wings meal that’s 735/= while I went for ‘wings and things’ @ 775/= (Yes. the menu says 750 but they have just changed it). In total that is 1510/= for two people (inclusive of drinks). I saw much cheaper items on the menu so I know per person you can spend much less. Like 450/= for a burger, fries and soda or 325/= for 2 JFC pieces, fries and a drink. So IT IS VERY AFFORDABLE!

Now, affordability means nothing if you don’t have quality presented to you. Joes Atlanta Wings understands this 110%. In fact, I tasted the food and was like WOOOW! Let’s start with my friends’ five wings meal that came with flavourful fries and a 350 ml soda. They chose lemon pepper sauce for their wings and seemed to enjoy it. However, when I tasted it, I felt it was a bit too dry and the flavour wasn’t well pronounced. This however, was my only downside of this whole experience. It goes up from here. Portion was good. My friend says: “I am eating and this food isn’t finishing. You guy, who’ll eat all this food?” – MINI TESTIMONY RIGHT THERE! 

I am sure you’re wondering how fries can be flavourful but yoh! They were fried to perfection (right balance of soft and crunchy) and were not oil-filled. They were then salted and flavoured with paprika. Mmmmmhh! My chips-standard/bar has just been risen. I won’t accept any less. I really don’t mind salt (despite the health warnings) but felt they were a bit too salty for people who aren’t like me. So, be sure to ask them to go easy on the salt but maintain the paprika flavouring. 

The presentation of food here is simple. I liked that the plates/baskets had their red theme colour. My wings and things meal had 2 wings, a beef burger (instead of 4 chicken strips as it is on the menu. It was recently changed.), 4 chicken nuggets, a JFC leg, frys and a 350 ml drink. Trust you me, I wasn’t even ready for all this food. We both ate to our fill and my companion still had to carry some. 

Granted, I had sipped a little of my soda before the food came and so wasn’t as hungry as when I was ordering. Pro tip: Don’t drink anything until after the food. I chose the sweet teriyaki sauce for my wings and was very impressed with how well that turned out. I believe it was a mix of honey and soy sauce that worked very well together. One of you, highly recommends the honey bbq flavour so you can try that one as well and let me know how it goes. 

My beef burger didn’t acknowledge it was part of a bigger meal. It was a standard size burger that competed with the wings (if not better) in terms of flavour. I looked at it at first and didn’t think much of it but when I finally got to it. My goodness! Moisture galore. It was flavourful and not dry at all (yes. without adding ketchup!). Fresh veggies and a secret sauce that didn’t make the bread soggy! 

My 4 chicken nuggets were pretty large (damn, I wish I took a picture holding one up). They weren’t small at all, were bread-crumbed, well marinated & flavoured and tender! The JFC leg was also bread-crumbed but was slightly chilli-spicey (but in a very nice way). Ate every bit sniffing away! Don’t give kids this though. 

With all this, I am sure you can now proceed to Joes Atlanta Wings fearless, for an un-forgettable experience. I know it was for me. Burgers are just 200 bob meen! Can’t wait to go back! They have deals every single day too! See below:


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