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I have stubbornly come to the realisation that, the website revamp I’ve been working on, will never truly be 100% done, and ready to be launched. Therefore, why not just begin writing again and let the other minor details follow. To be fair, most of the heavy-lifting is done so, it’s only a few tweaks that I’m left with. Just writing these first sentences, has reminded me how much I enjoy writing. I’m genuinely glad to be back doing what I love and now, on a revamped site. More on this later… For now, let’s find out exactly where this creamy corner is. 

Gelato Treats is an ice-cream shop in South C on Ole Shapara Road just opposite Kenya Water Institute. (Click here to open map.)

Below is their milkshake menu.

The ice-cream prices are as follows: 85/= per scoop and 30/= for a cone. That means, it’s 115/= for a scoop of ice cream in a cone and 200/= for two scopps in a cone. If you do two scoops in a cup, it’s 170/=.

I’d say Gelato Treats is an extremely affordable option for delicious, unique ice-cream flavours. It’s definitely not the usual strawberry, vanilla and chocolate we are used to getting at that price point. Did I mention, syrup and sprinkles are added at no extra cost so make sure you ask for some! I personally forgot to ask.

The cute shop has both an ice-cream corner and a snack corner. At the snacks corner you will find a variety of items. From candy, juices, cookies, honey (1000/=) and even camel milk (200/= per litre)! In fact, the camel milk, is what the snack corner is well known for. By about 4p.m they are sold out so show up earlier in the day.

On the day I went, the following ice cream flavours were available: Menta, Oreo, Strawberry Cheese-Cake, Twix, Fior di Latte and Strawberry sorbet. Sorbet is similar to ice cream except that it has no milk. Refer back to the Milano post to see what a sorbet looks like. Most of their flavours have a lovely texture contrast. The menta has chocolate chips, oreo has crushed oreos, cookies and cookie dough, their rainbow fior di latte has marshmallows and their twix has some crushed twix chocolate. I tell you, trying their ice-cream is an exciting flavour trip!

The menta is ice cream made from chocolate and mint then topped with chocolate chips. I think this has to be my absolute favourite ice cream flavour. Even mint chocolate cake is a major favourite for me. I think if you generally enjoy the mint flavour then this will slap your tastebuds perfectly! 

Oreo isn’t just vanilla ice cream with crushed oreo cookies. It actually has cookie dough and other crushed cookies. The Twix icecream tastes just like the twix chocolate. Talk about accuracy! For me it tasted like caramel & chocolate flavour together. That’s what Twix is anyway. Haha!

Strawberry cheese cake tastes better than strawberry ice cream. There is no strong cheese taste so worry not about the strong taste or smell of cheese. The unique strawberry flavour and smooth texture were a big win for me. If you have always hated strawberry ice cream like me or can’t picture cheese in ice cream, this is definitely worth trying! The fresh strawberries are definitely a nice touch too!

Fior di latte genuinely tastes like a dream. I can best describe it as perfect vanilla ice cream with marshmallows. Saying any more about this flavour will definitely not do it justice.

While here, I also tried their milkshake and ice cream cone. You can get any flavour of icecream as a milkshake so I got Twix (230/=). They even put actual chunks of twix on top. How nice!

The consistency was a good balance of thick and ‘runny-enough-to-go-up-the-straw’. Like I said the flavour of the twix is well depicted so I definitely think this was a good deal. Kenyans, have had enough basic strawberry, vanilla or chocolate milkshakes.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing aganst these flavours, I just feel there should be more variety. I shouldn’t have them because it’s all that is available but because it’s my choice even when presented with other flavours like Twix!

I had two scoops on my cone (200/=) oreo and twix. I really like twix chocolate anyway so this was hard not to enjoy. The huge chunks of oreo and cookie dough here, made me so happy. Just look at those huge chunks! Loved it!!

Again, here, the flavours were very accurate so I got exactly what I was expecting. I doubt you can go wrong with ice cream, so I would say this entire experience was perfect!

Maybe those who are a little picky about amounts of sugar might find it sweet, but I believe that’s the point of ice cream. Otherwise, you just don’t get it. It didn’t make me feel like grabbing some water so I think it’s a good ‘once-in-a-while’ treat. 

The cone was good. It had the right amount of crunch so didn’t get soggy even if I was eating the ice cream slowly. In as much as it was a hot day and the ice cream was melting quick, it maintained firmness well. 


Anyway guys, that’s all I had for you on this post! Let me know what you think of the new site and how the experience can be even better as I help you Find What to Eat and Where to Eat. 

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