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My brother Paul, has visited Hashmi a couple of times, and he always talks about how amazing it is for weeks on end. Then again, he has the tendency to talk up people, places and situations more than they really are. He is your typical hype-man. Do you have friends who will hype something up only for it not to be all that?

Well, that’s my brother for you. He talked about how amazing Hashmi is and how we weren’t even ready for what was to come. What happened was: After church, my dad asked where we would like to go for lunch. Now obviously, they all look at me expecting me to give suggestions; but weirdly enough, no place could come to mind at the time. Maybe I was still excited we were going for lunch. (Eating out in a nice place isn’t cheap. You can imagine if your spending quite a bit of money every weekend on eating out, then what damage you can cause your bank account. Therefore, we don’t eat out often.) Its only on rare occasions such as these that we do and when we do, we try to visit a new place and try something new.

Am sure you now understand how delicate of a matter this is. You can’t just blurt out anywhere because you don’t know when the opportunity will come again. Then again, you can’t take too much time thinking because whoever is driving (mostly my brother) has already reached the roundabout that leads us home so if you can’t decide, the offer may be withdrawn and you will find yourself back home eating ugali and eggs~which happens to be our favourite default Sunday meal. Shout out to my dad for teaching us the best meal combo ever.

Anyway, as I was thinking, my brother suggested Hashmi; which is an Indian food restaurant. He as usual, hyped it up and made us all buy into the idea. Before we knew it, we were driving into Nakumatt Ukay’s parking lot.

Hashmi Barbeque center is located in Westlands at Nakumatt Ukay on Mwanzi road.

The place is in a pretty hidden location. I would never have known it, unless someone pointed it out. This is because you don’t really get into the mall to get to it. You go right past the entrance and straight on.

Hashmi is a pretty old restaurant. Once in, I was comfortable and got a warm, cosy feeling. The place is run by a couple of Indian men who look like brothers. There is sufficient sitting space at the restaurant but it unfortunately, still gets packed to the point of sometimes having to wait to be seated.

I would therefore advice you not to go right at 1 p.m because chances are; you will need to wait to be seated because they don’t allow seat reservation. It’s strictly: First come, first serve. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait to be seated as it wasn’t too busy yet. They say that if you want to know a good place; you look at the crowd. Seeing how busy it was, reassured me that it was a good restaurant.

The menu is brief in terms of the number of pages; which is good because indecisive people like me, spend less time finding a meal. It is specific to indian-marinated barbequed meats (fish, mutton, beef and chicken) and a few other indian delicacies such as naan, chapatti variations and chips masala. The pricing is pretty reasonable.

The meats come with chips ranging between 500 and 1000/= for one person; while the accompaniments alone are 150/= for naan, 200/= for plain chips and 250/= for both masala and pilipili fries.

They also have a few vegetarian options such as: paneer roll or paneer chapatti or paneer tikka. (Paneer is a type of fresh cheese.) Despite the meals coming with a few vegetables, you can also order a salad plate at 200/=. Additionally, they sell half-plate chips for masala, pilipili and even plain chips at 150/= and 125/= respectively. Below are images of the menu:

My brother advised us to order the chicken rolls (600/=) which he swore would be glorious. However, since we were not feeling that whole chapati vibe plus wanted to really experience the barbequed meats, we decided to order the mix grill platter. (It’s 1400/= and is enough for two; but you will probably add an extra half or full plate of fries). We also ordered some plain fries, masala fries, naan and boneless chicken tikka.

I would probably say that the reasonable menu pricing was made up for in the small portions of food. I felt I got my moneys worth but not my appetites worth. I would probably order two meats or one meat and naan or an extra half fries in order to be full. I guess that’s way better than overpriced food that comes in a ridiculously small portion.

There were sauces on the side that I believe were plain yoghurt, tamarind sauce and chilli sauce.

The mix grill came with beef, chicken and mutton. It was all very tasty. The mutton was probably my favourite because it was the least dry, and did not have excessive chilli. We asked for mild but yooooh… the beef and chicken was still extremely hot. I wasn’t too happy about that. A few tears down and I was able to appreciate the amazing flavour of the meats and eat while gulping my water religiously. This is definitely for the heat seekers.

Boneless chicken tikka was a win! It had an amazing flavour and was only mildly hot. Unfortunately, it was a bit dry. This however, didn’t stop us from using the Heinz ketchup provided to make it a bit saucy.

The masala chips came in a great portion and were very delicious. The chilli wasnt unbearable and they had a little coriander which made it even tastier. They came with a lettuce and carrot salad side that seemed like it was just thrown on. Nonetheless, I understood because it wasn’t the star of the show anyway.

The naan comes just one piece; so we ordered two – which was 400/= for both. It was really good. I have no complaints.

After having our meal, I can say that once again my brother over-hyped the place. I feel like for the same amount of money, we could have done slightly better. Maybe not indian food but better food in general. There was nothing out of this world according to me and the portion size really disappointed me. This is because you end up adding on items which then translates to a much higher bill. My favourite Indian place is still Haandi (at the mall) hands down. Then again, its way more expensive.

Nonetheless, I liked the new experience and would definitely come here for Indian food when I can’t afford Haandi. I urge you guys – especially spicy food lovers, to head over to Hashmi Barbeque Centre to try out their food. We may also have ordered menu items that aren’t as popular, hence our slight disappointment. I think next time I will listen to my brother and go for the chicken roll or chicken tikka that I saw everyone around me devouring. I think my brother has even brought some left over chicken tikka home that I remember being amazing.

Let me know in the comment section below; whether you have been to Hashmi Barbeque Center and what your experience was.

From my instagram page @kulanini; Sheila says: “The chicken tikka though!!! I live for it.” and Janet says: “The chips masala are awesome and the portions are quite generous! Though I do not like their sauces.” Clearly, this chicken tikka must be tried soon so I can let you know what its really like. I do agree with Janet; the chips masala portions are great. Unless she meant: all their portions are good; which I wouldn’t agree to.

As for the sauces, I can’t really say because I didn’t try them. Unfortunately I was very content with my ketchup. Next time I do promise to try them and let you know my thoughts.

These are some of the thoughts of other people on Hashmi. Join in and let me know what you like or don’t like and don’t forget to follow @kulanini on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for much more. P.S: I love my brother and absolutely value his opinion on any matter. 🙂 He will just ….over-hype it…. haha.

Last but not least,

Last week, a friend of mine lost his mum (May her soul rest in peace). I happened to attend the beautiful funeral last weekend and on the way back home, got to see an amazing sunset.

“There is something so relaxing and peaceful about sunsets, sunrises and beautiful sceneries. Forget the world. Let’s chase sunsets in this beautiful country. Just you and me.” Lol. I hope those are things my future husband will want to do with me. ~ To Him wherever he may be…

Anyway, in that moment, as I watched the sunset, I thought of how difficult it must be to loose someone you love. I can’t even begin to fathom what you, my friend, have been through this past week and a half. I can only say that I got your back, and that you can always count on me. This is a tribute to my friends late mum and a note to my friend – May your mum rest with the angels, watching the sunrise, sunsets and beautiful sceneries from the most beautiful place; and may you ever find peace in the beauties of this world as they constantly remind you of the true beauty your mother was. R.I.P Mwikali.

6 thoughts on “Hashmi BBQ Center

  1. ianeki says:

    I meant the chips masala portions are generous ?? funny thing i have never been in the restaurant i always order take away..the salad is really dry though ?.

    Happy to have met you guys btw (ole sereni) and i enjoyed the blog pretty detailed ?.

    • Hey! Yes. I remember you! Haha awesome. Yes bana that salad needs help. Thank you so much for the comment. Actually, kulanini is just one person- Laura (headscarf girl) and that was my cousin who was accompanying me. ? I ask anyone basically to come with me to places so if you ever want a good adventure, hit me up.

  2. Cat says:

    have always ordered the mix grill with extra fries and naan bread but mostly i’m in a group of three. and i honestly think the chef on sundays goes extra on chilli coz its not like that on weekdays also taking to go and eating in don’t know why i see a huge difference. p.s next time please please order the TANGERINE JUICE!!!! its to die for

    • I definitely will try all those and let you know how it goes. I hope I like it more.

  3. village_beauty says:

    try the chooza chicken… that mala ish sauce will poesha the fires of hell the chef puts in the food…. kula kua that hastily assembled salad, it helps with the chilli too… Hashmi is great for no frills, good, clean food….

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