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As promised, this is the post about the place near Fraiche Cafe & Juice Bar (featured in my last post. (Read about it here.)) Gyros to Go is literally next door to Fraiche; behind Valley Arcade but within the very same compound (use same entrance as Valley Arcade).

I visited Gyros with an amazing friend of mine; Salma and while there, bumped into the famous food photographer; Sannie Sanford. (Instagram @sanniesanford). We were all there for one thing, and one thing alone: GYROS!

These Greek wraps & are different from the wrap I had at Fraiche in ways I will shortly describe. Besides the wraps, Gyros (a.k.a G2G) majors in serving pizza, sweet potato fries, garlic fries, salad and a variety of drinks (moroccan mint tea, iced tea, fresh juice, coffee, tea and even a few select beers). See menu below:

Salma got herself the Chicken Gyro, while I got the Lamb gyro. We also decided to try their garlic and sweet potato fries. The last time I had sweet potato fries was at The Arbor during the burger festival. (See here). I also had a mashed sweet potato experience at Ankole Grill. (Read about it here). The drinks you will see are from Fraiche next door.

All gyros (chicken, lamb, hummus (chickpeas) or paneer (cheese) are sold at a standard cost of 550/= each; irrespective of how many vegetables and sauces you put in. Besides that, I really liked how they cater for vegetarians!

G2G has adopted an open kitchen method of preparing the gyros. Basically, you start with the wrap (flatbread) laid down flat and you have different fillings (vegetables and sauces) OF YOUR CHOICE put in the centre.

Vegetables include: lettuce, onions, peppers, sweet/sour pickles (cucumbers that have been soaked in vinegar or brine (salty water) over a long period), and even marinated peppers! The various sauces include: hummus, roasted eggplant, garlic sauce, chili sauuce and of course tzatziki sauce. The choice of meat is then placed on top and it is wrapped and I think warmed. Just before it is handed to you, you get a nice dollop of tzatziki sauce.

Tzatziki is the signature white sauce for the Gyros. It is made from yoghurt, garlic, cucumbers, salt, oil and sometimes lemon juice/vinegar. My favorite vegetable was the sweet pickles! They were absolutely amazing! They gave a good contrast to the savoury meat flavours. Since they don’t limit you to how much of the veggies or sauces you can put, I ensured I had loaded my lamb gyro with those.

Salma and I filled our gyros with our choice of veggies and sauces and sat down to devour. The taste was mind blowing! The meat is roasted on a vertical rotisserie similar to how shawarma meat is roasted. Marination on these meats was so good! The meats were tender, well seasoned and managed to have a strong flavour while still being complemented by various spices.

The flatbread was well cooked (not raw), and was just the right density. (not too heavy or light enough for the fillings to tear through. I think this is my new favorite snack. When compared to the Fraiche wrap, I would say this one won hands down. However, they are of different styles and it wouldn’t really be fair to rank them in the same category.

This gyro has to be the most filling, well packed, generously portioned (yes even with the meat!) and most delicious wrap there is. All those sauces and vegetables come together to complement the meat as well as give a nice overall GYRO taste.

We didn’t stop there. We were feeling very hungry and so decided to add the garlic butter fries @200/= and sweet potato fries @ 180/=. This was probably not the best idea; considering, how filling the gyro and smoothies from Fraiche were. We actually ended up carrying these home. We just couldn’t eat anymore.

The garlic butter fries were my definition of correct flavour depiction. It wasn’t just normal french fries sprinkled with garlic powder. These fries had the garlic flavour routed deep in them. Its like the fries were marinated in garlic first. In addition to that, they were firm, well seasoned and were NOT oily. The portion was also very generous. I recommend these fries only if you have access to mints and maybe even a toothbrush. You know how strong the garlic flavour can get!

The sweet potato fries were absolutely amazing! I think much better than previous sweet potato experiences. Despite sweet potatoes being very sweet, they still managed to properly salt them! I am not quite sure whether they were fried or grilled because they weren’t oily. However, they were firm, but soft on the inside, giving great texture. Well done G2G!

The space is set up outdoors and the sitting area furnished with white, wooden, garden tables and cushioned chairs that provide ultimate comfort. The area is covered with a square tent and the ceiling covered with large lesos (african cloth common in Swahili community). The nice little white lights, light the place up at night.

The counter and DIY area (where you make your own gyro) is decorated with a brick wall. The walls & pillars have the unfinished paint finish that give a unique look. The design of this whole space is similar to all Gyro spaces all over the world: simple, authentic and detailed.

Remember to empty your table for yourself after. The trays are carried to a specific place near a bin; where you toss your trash. There are no waiters at G2G except in few instances. This is because you go over and say what you want at the counter and get it almost immediately. I really enjoyed this whole experience! Satisfying and affordable!

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