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Have you ever heard of the famous Geco Car Wash somewhere in Lavington? Well, the place has a cafe too! Not just any cafe selling coffee and dry pastries. The owner, Mateus Finato has dedicated this space to provide his customers with a wide variety of menu items, books to read and wine to drink! Without a doubt, Geco has set the bar for cafés a notch higher! Read on to discover more about Geco Café.

You have the luxury of having a burger, sandwich, coffee, wine etc. and even read a book as you wait for your car to be cleaned. Don’t worry. Even if you don’t have a car YET (Yes! 2018 is our year!) then you’re still welcome to unwind at the beautiful Geco Café.

Outdoor and indoor sitting options are available; with both ceilings covered in coffee bean sacks. This is because of their dedication to provide their customers with the best coffee! Even the aroma from the sacks can still be felt when you walk in!

I wasn’t able to get a nice shot of them indoors, because they were letting in quite a bit of light. In fact, the position of this café, allows the sun to hit it just right. Therefore, the cafe gets pretty bright; which is good for customers but not too good for cameras. I want to go back soon when the sun isn’t up so I can share more amazing shots.

Outside, the high tables and seats are provided, while indoors, there are stools, sofas, low seats and even normal-sized seats! Make your pick! The best part about the outdoor sitting area, is the table that has been made around a huge tree.

The theme at this restaurant is musical-rustic and modern. Musical because some walls have music notes to popular songs and parts of guitars as decoration. Mateus says that the cafe represents all he likes and what is significant to him in one way or another. For example, his love for coffee inspired the café ‘s quality coffee and ceiling choice.

Pick a book, read it and come back to finish where you left off! Better yet, carry your own, to read in this serene environment. I have never been keen on reading books; however, the ambience at Geco has made me want to give reading a shot!

You don’t have to read. You can soak in the sun, allow your imagination to be awakened by the decor and design or even just have your meal and leave! They are no limitations whatsoever!

The bar and barista area is a mainly designed using wood in a creative, unique way. Cups and mugs hang on the wall, while bottles and glasses are neatly arranged on a high shelf. The bar actually extends to the kitchen! Pretty cool, right? There aren’t too many employees since the cafe is not too big.

This made the experience intimate and cosy! There is one chef, one waiter who doubles as the barista and a mixologist who doubles as a waiter. Only three! Despite this, everything moves smoothly in terms of service, food preparation and even attendance. Keep it up Geco!

Check out these white, wooden, rustic tables and stools! I loved them! However, I couldn’t quite pick my favourite when I compared them to the low wooden seats with a similar finish. Maybe you guys could let me know which you prefer!

Lighting is provided for by the famous re-designed paraffin lamp cases most of us have had at home at one time or another. they have red, blue and even black ones! I wish all restaurants could adapt to this simplistic way of decorating and designing that makes use of what is available to us in Kenya! Don’t you think places like Wasp & Sprout, Fonda Nbo and even Marula Mercantile are some of the prettiest spaces we have encountered on Kulanini? Simply because, they appreciate all things Kenyan.

The art is laid on a stone wall above the rustic wooden seats. I loved this set-up because, the bare wall allows you to focus on the art and really appreciate it for what it is.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this space. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. 3m4e says:

    I love love LOVE this place! I like sitting next to the book shelf and just sip on a cold one or have their really awesome coffee. I’m so glad you did a review of Geco. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much! You can see similar places I have reviewed by visiting the home page or navigating accordingly.

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