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I love telling you about spaces ‘not-well-known’ to the public. Therefore, I am pretty excited to share this post with you. I recently found out about Lotos Inn & Suites on Mpaka Road in Westlands and of course dug a little deeper to find more on their restaurant. Their only restaurant is a beautiful garden restaurant offering more than just Chinese cuisine. Don’t worry, the restaurant is open to all & not just the guests staying at the suites.

Garden restaurant is on the top-most floor (6th floor) of the hotel, giving quite a view of the Westlands area. As much as the restaurant is a roof-top one, the management has put in necessary provisions to shield their guests from the sun, wind and rain. It’s like being outside and inside at the same time!

Lotos doesn’t just have a massive restaurant at the top of their building. There also exists a bar & lounge area. You can enjoy Chinese stir-fry dishes as well as get yourself one of their affordable cocktails on the same floor. The entrance to the lounge/bar area has an absolutely marvelous design.

The restaurant gets its name from the garden-like setting it adopts. I must commend them for such an accurate ‘garden’ depiction. Potted plants & flowers at each and every corner of this restaurant make it green, colourful and lively.

Opposite the bar area, is this sitting area with large windows.

Ever seen a smoking zone with a fantastic view and a wall that makes an excellent background for pictures? Lotos is my first!

Lotos is all inclusive. In case you have a private function, there is a secluded area with sofas, low tables and a large round table that can be set aside for your function. In fact, since there are no concrete walls, this space can be far bigger depending on the type of function.

Throughout Garden Restaurant, the furniture is mainly wooden, with the wooden seats having soft cushions. There are also a few low sofas at the bar/lounge area for more relaxed dining/drinking.

I love the ambience at this restaurant. There isn’t too much to say about their decor or wall hangings since it is more or less an outdoor restaurant. I have seen how it looks in the evening and even at night and believe you me, the beauty is just as pronounced. Make a point of visiting them to see for yourself!

As is customary, we will delve more into the food offered at Lotos Inn Garden Restaurant in the next post. In the meantime, you can have a look at their website here to see their suites and even see their menu here.

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    Well written description of the space Can’t wait to see tutakulanini (no pun intended 😋)at the Garden on the next blog

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