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This month has been all about pastries! At this rate, I have a good mind to make January the Kulanini pastry month! In this post, we are going to talk about more than just pastries. Frenchmaid bakery is a family-owned pastry shop located at Kirima Shopping Centre on 5th Parklands Avenue (the one with Aga Khan Primary).

The quaint little bakery is especially familiar to Parklands residents. However, the fact that it has been there for 30 years, makes it popular in the whole country! If you have never heard of it, just stop what your doing, head over now and buy yourself one, two or several of their amazing products!

Below is their product list showing the various halal products they offer! A wide array of breads, rolls, buns, pies, cakes, cookies, sandwiches AND THE BEST OF ALL – GLUTEN FREE PRODUCTS!

Their thirty years of baking love-filled pastries, have enabled them to go a notch higher to provide products that are gluten-free ; which is great for gluten-intolerant people, those watching their weight and even people trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yes! Gluten-free bread is way healthier!

Nonetheless, it is necessary to note that gluten-free products are available on request and are mainly offered on Wednesday and Friday. This is because the ovens, tins and baking area needs to be free of wheat flour and wheat flour products for the cookies, breads, cakes and croissants to be baked 100% gluten-free.

Apart from baking products for their walk-in customers, Frenchmaid goes a step further to deliver all their products to those who can’t access the bakery! Call them on: 0723826120 for more information. Restaurants, hotels and even supermarkets contract Frenchmaid to deliver different pastries for them. For example, they can supply buns for burgers at your restaurant! These guys are extremely all-rounded!

Their build your own sandwich bar is very popular! The fillings include: spicy chicken, fillet steak, mild chicken, chicken capsicum, chicken mayo, cheese and vegetable. The original sandwich goes for 350/= (only one filling and lettuce) while the special sandwich is 450/= and has one filling, and unlimited vegetables.

I can say with utmost certainty that this is the best best sandwich I have ever had! When you compare this with Fraiche, they rank almost at the same position. However, their fillings are juicier and better marinated! The following sauces are provided: mayonnaise, honey-mustard, chilli sauce, ketchup and mustard. I don’t know what they add or remove but it didn’t taste bottled! Maybe it was the combination of the marinated fillings and the sauces that made every bite memorable!

Vegetables offered were: green peppers, avocado, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cucumber! Since the bread is made fresh at the bakery, it is very soft and sweet. I mean, it literally goes straight from the oven to the sandwich bar! Also provided for at the sandwich bar is fresh salad!

Pies available are: meat (minced meat), chicken, steak (beef cubes), vegetable and cheese! They are delicious! Most pies are often hard, dry and too dense! This however, had layers, was crunchy, soft and very fresh. The fillings, like those for the sandwiches, are very well marinated.

One thing I failed to mention in the beginning is that the bakery belongs to Indians. How many people absolutely love Indian food? You can imagine Indian flavours being replicated in most of their fillings. The product is a uniform spice and chilli balance that is the complete opposite of ‘bland’. Additionally all their products are halal certuified!

See their large croissants that replicate the same fluffy, soft layers seen in the pie crust!

Now that I have a place to get pizza base and pita bread, I think I will be trying to make a lot more sandwiches and pizzas with my preferred toppings & fillings. For those who are always making/want to make sandwiches and pizzas, you can get the base and pita bread @ 180/=. Don’t worry gluten-avoiders. They offer the same with rye @ 220/=

A wide array of fresh, soft breads are offered at Frenchmaid. Find the costs of each on the menu.

Frenchmaid sells plain donuts, chocolate donuts with sprinkles and without and chocolate filled donuts. I think their donuts are not as dry as most I have ever tasted. They are moist and even if plain, still taste delicious!

Cupcakes and mandazis are also offered. My sister thinks the cupcakes (both plain and chocolate coated) are the best cupcakes she has ever had. We both agreed that they had a melt-in-your-mouth kind of feeling but were not too moist. The crumbliness (if that’ a real word) of a cupcake is still retained!

These coffee pastries are the newest edition to their menu! Cream-filled for an even better experience! The coffee flavour is subtle but distinct, while the pastry itself resembles a donut.

This family-owned bakery, is huge on cookies! There are several varieties that I absolutely love. From coconut to choc-chip to even palmiers, Frrenchmaid has got you covered! They are the complete opposite of dry. I mean, have you ever seen a cookie that was crumbly but moist and not soggy! It sounds like a crazy mind-bender but is very much possible at this bakery!

How many cookies have you had that melt in your mouth? In fact, I bet even the number of moist cakes, haven’t been too many. These guys have been doing this for 30 years and so definitely know how to make a ‘perfect’ pastry!

Here are a few other shots of the pastries available at Frenchmaid! There are these, and so much more!

Frenchmaid has everyone covered! From gluten intolerant pastries, halal certified products, bulk baking for events and establishments, cake baking, a sandwich bar and even delivering! There is no reason for you not to visit them! They are open from 8 a.m to 6 p.m on Monday to Friday and 8;30 to 5:30 p.m on Saturdays. The ovens need some rest too, so they remain closed on Sundays.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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