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Did you know there are restaurants behind Valley Arcade? To reach them, you enter Valley Arcade normally, but instead of parking or walking to your left, you keep going straight on.

There are two restaurants there: Gyros to Go (G2G); which will be on my next post, and a cafe & juice bar called Fraiche (pronounced as Fresh).

I have been to Fraiche thrice. The first & second time was with my friends and the third was a lunch date with my sister.

This space is an open place with large umbrella shades and movable metallic tables. The counter and kitchen is a modified trailer container; presenting a unique setting. The counter has low hanging lights and a white tiled wall to complete this modern look.

Apart from the black container, the black and yellow metallic chairs, also give a nice touch and make the place colourful. Green potted plants in white vases beautify Fraiche Cafe even more.

This place is well known for their wide variety of drinks (milkshakes, smoothie, juices), salads, sandwiches and wraps. Their calligraphed chalkboard provides an overview of the variety of items they sell as well as items not present on the menu.

See the menu below:

The first time I went to Fraiche, I shared a wrap and fries with my friend. It was AMAZING! A wrap is rarely ever shared. However, the generous portion made it possible for my friend and I to share.

We had the bbq chicken wrap that came with fries and roasted peppers (690/=). I think this is one of my favourite places to eat now! (lol I know I always say that. but for wraps, this is the place!) It was the best wrap I have ever had! I have heard my friend; Selina often complain that she has never had a good wrap. I believe she will be pleased once she finds out that good wraps actually exist at Fraiche!

A wrap is a pastry rolled over a filling. In this case, the filling was bbq chicken cubes, lettuce and tomatoes. The wrap was very well presented (equally split in 2) and was well wrapped such that nothing spilled over.

The lettuce was very fresh and crunchy and the grilled chicken in bbq sauce, was tender, well marinated and extremely flavourful. The wrap was packed with the delicious chicken cubes without any reservations; allowing you to have a piece of chicken with each bite.

The fries were very good. They were well cooked then flavoured with some spice & salt. I reckon I didn’t add even a pinch of salt! I felt the portion was very generous considering the ridiculous norm of serving a little fries with a sandwich or burger or wrap. You can’t serve me less fries because the bread is filling. Serve the standard portion and I will carry the rest!

The peppers dipped in vinegar completed the presentation beautifully & tasted just as good as everything else!

The second time, I solely went for a drink. In any case, it is a juice bar! We went in, bought some drinks then went over to Gyros to Go next door for our meal. I ordered a pinacolada smoothie, while my friend had the berry goodness.

My Pinacolada Smoothie was a blend of pineapple, banana and coconut milk @ 550/=. It was smooth and had an amazing flavour. It turned out to be extremely filling and so I ended up eating much less of my food. I am not a big fan of milk and so, would have preferred it with a little less milk just so I can taste the pineapple. I guess next time, I will make that special request.

Salma, my friend, had the Berry Goodness Smoothie (450/=) which was a blend of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and honey. Despite how amazing that sounds, the drink didn’t live up to it. I felt like there was probably one really bitter berry that spoilt the whole drink. To cover that up, I guess a lot of honey was added making it too sweet with a bitter aftertaste.

Nonetheless, that didn’t deter me from trying them out again but this time, for their shakes, salads and sandwiches. What I like about this cafe is they’ve stuck to what they know, instead of trying to do everything and not really having a firm niche on any. Well done Fraiche. I have so far tried their wraps amazing, their smoothies, also amazing (Salma’s was just bad luck), salad was awesome, milkshakes were the best I have ever had, and the sandwich… I guess I will just let you keep reading to find that out!

Lunch date with my little sister Doris on a hot Saturday afternoon was a plan! Doris ordered a Tiramisu shake, while I ordered an ‘Oh So Chocolaty’: Ferrero Rocher Shake. Did you just hear the names of those shakes? Let me say it again for the restaurant managers at the back who serve cheap (no offense to affordable ice-cream) blended chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream with basic straws as milkshake! Sorry. I can do that at home. Tiramisu shake & Ferrero Rocher is the class of milkshakes we are talking about! You don’t just serve milkshakes because you see others do it.

Anyway, on to Fraiche amazing shakes! Granted, it is more expensive than an ordinary shake. However, I would rather pay for something good than waste it on zero authenticity or something I can do at home. Each shake was 550/=, served in a mason jar, had a fancy straw and was the right thickness!

The Tiramisu Shake my sister had, was absolutely delicious. Tiramisu is an Italian coffee dessert. Remember the tiramisu dessert I had at La Cascina? (read about it here). This shake could easily be called a coffee milkshake. It had the strong coffee flavour but not overwhelming strong, was thick, beautifully presented and had a wafer on top!

My Ferrero Rocher shake was equally amazing! Ferrero Rocher is an Italian chocolate that is basically a hazelnut covered in chocolate. This shake was an exact and accurate depiction of this!Each sip felt like a bite into this chocolate.

For lunch, my sister had a Beef Fillet Sandwich, and I had a Thai Beef Salad.

Beef Fillet Sandwich @ 680/= came with a side of fries at no extra cost. The sandwich was generously packed with beef strips, macon, pickles, mustard, mayo, tomato and caramelised onions.

The fries, like the first time I went, were amazing. The beef & macon (meat from adult sheep) in the sandwich was well marinated and had a strong but not overwhelming flavour. It took to the vegetables very well making every bite a trip to remember.

The sandwich was very moist (not too dry), flavourful and the bread fresh and soft. The bread is toasted and buttered to make this sandwich experience even better! The portion was extremely generous and I believe can be eaten by 2.

My Thai Beef Salad @ 750/= was a beautiful bowl of grilled beef strips, cucumbers, carrots and mangoes on a bed of lettuce; all dressed in a passion & chilli dressing.

What drew me to this salad was the mango. At the time, it was mango season and I was thoroughly obsessed with mangoes. Actually, I still am. Cold mangoes are the best! Don’t you agree?

The salad was extremely fresh, generously portioned and had an amazing flavour! The ingredients come together beautifully and the dressing coated each ingredient. The dressing is very hot and I only recommend it to the heat lovers.

That’s all I had for you today! Thank you for stopping by!

Did you know about Fraiche & Have you eaten there before?
If yes, what did you have?

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