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Four Points by Sheraton Nairobi actually has two hotels in Kenya. One is at the airport, and another is in Hurlingham. I was lucky enough to visit the Hurlingham Hotel with the winner of the giveaway I announced on the Artcaffe post. Nicole Kokonya was the only one who had followed all the instructions and got the question correct. Congratulations Nicole! We hope you enjoyed your #kulanini experience!

This hotel has actually changed hands quite a bit. Most of you remember it as Best Western. Now, it is Four Points and a part of Mariott International Group of Hotels. I guess the prime location makes it a jewel for many. I definitely wasn’t left behind on the jewel train!

The hotel has 2 restaurants and a lobby cafe’ that is open from 8a.m to 10p.m. The restaurant on ground floor is called Pablo’s and it offers international & fusion cuisine. They are open all day, everyday. See their menu below:

Their rooftop restaurant – Mezze on the deck, offers Mediterranean cuisine and is open from 12p.m to 11p.m Do you think you would want to see a review of this food and the restaurant? Let me know in the comment section below. Did you know, there is a beautiful bar called Level 8 at this hotel?

For today, we are going to talk about Pablo’s. We will do both the food and restaurant review in one post since the restaurant isn’t extremely big. It is a cosy type of restaurant with a minimalistic but very modern design.

The entrance to Pablo’s has a ceiling-high display of various wines being illumined by bright white lights. In addition to the indoor area with a buffet set-up provision, there is an alfresco dining area guarded with beautiful trees & flowers. This area leads to the Lounge cafe.

The seats have a beautiful grey and a subtle green colour that is consistent with the theme of the restaurant. All windows in this area are transparent, allowing you to see right through the whole restaurant. This gives the place a clean, neat and professional finish!

Indoors, beautiful green seats complement a tiled wall. The design throughout the hotel, is simply breath-taking. See the colourful jars above the buffet set up.

To start us off, we had their 400/= fresh juices. We tried the pineapple-mint, mango and passion ones served in short green-ish glasses. I felt the presentation was aesthetically pleasing especially because we were seated outside and were surrounded by beautiful green plants!

The juices were great! I thought the serving would have been more generous for the cost. Then again, maybe I liked it so much, I was just wishing for more! They were fresh, moderately sweet and had the true fruit- flavour!

One of the starters were these Malaysian chicken skewers @ 1100/=. They were laid on a generous portion of their signature salad and served with lemon wedges and a delicious chilli peanut sauce. The flavour of the chicken was quite spicy (but not overwhelming) but a bit dry. Thankfully, the delicious peanut sauce made up for it perfectly.

The consistency of the sauce was great and the flavour went surprisingly well with the chicken. Who knew peanuts and chicken could be mentioned in the same sentence let alone feature on the same dish! Personally, I only like nuts on their own and not mixed with chocolate, yoghurt or even ice-cream. This was a pleasant surprise.

I managed to try their Thai noodle chicken soup @ 750/=. It was actually just as spicy as the one I had at The Garden Restaurant & Bar.The chicken in the soup is roasted and then allowed to take in all the thai spicy, hot flavours from the soup before being served with a basil leaf.

This soup should only be tried by chilli-spicy lovers because it may rip your throat out if you just proceed WITHOUT caution. Nonetheless, I thought it was very delicious and had a great spice combination. For someone who doesn’t love chilli, I found myself really liking it and after two spoons, taking a gallon of water and going back once my tongue had forgotten. The chilli didn’t overwhelm the flavour. You could still taste the distinct flavour.Apart from the chicken and noodles, there were also green peppers and carrots that were crunchy. (So glad they hadn’t been over-cooked).

One of their salads is this tomato & mozzarella (cheese) caprese salad @ 1100/=. It is the absolute definition of a light, simple salad. I thought the pesto sauce with capers, transferred the whole salad to a new level. Capers are a fruit from a herb with a sharp, distinct taste, while pesto refers to a sauce/dressing made from garlic, herbs and oil.

Classic caesar salad @ 1,000/= is another vegetarian salad offered at Pablo’s. It has lettuce, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese and cashew nuts all generously coated in caesar dressing. I don’t think I have ever been served a salad with such a generous portion of dressing. Since I love creamy/mayonnaise based dressings more than the clear/vinegar-based ones, this salad was such a win for me.

I’d swap the parmesan cheese for another cheese or do away with the cheese completely since I am not such a huge parmesan fan. What is your favourite kind of cheese?

That not withstanding, the salad was extremely fresh, and the vegetables juicy and crunchy. To add to all this goodness, the presentation was utterly spectacular!

Lastly, in the starter section, we got to try the tomato & cheese bruschetta @ 700/=. Bruschetta, as we saw at Argenti is essentially a small peace of toasted bread with a topping. In this case, the topping was tomato, cheese and a sort of pesto sauce to give a unique flavour. The tomatoes were delicious! The burst of juice married well with the cheese, herbs and crunchy bread to make one’s taste-buds thoroughly pleased. They come with three portions with a basil leaf to decorate the plate.

On to the main course dishes. Whole baked tilapia fish @ 1,650/=. When is the last time you were served a whole fish at a restaurant? I must say, this was my first time! I always get fillet when it comes to tilapia. Pablo’s stuffed the large, fresh, fish with herbs and then baked it in such a way as all the flavours remained intact in the whole fish! The tilapia was well cooked, moist and all round delicious! Be ready to get your hands dirty for this one! You don’t want bones still filled with fish going back to the kitchen.

The presentation then had lemon wedges sticking from the fish. You know you can never have enough lemon with fish (at least for me). The fish is served with seasonal vegetables of cauliflower, broccoli and carrots and served with french fries.

Hands down, these have to be the best fries I have ever taken. I mean wow! They are well seasoned, crunchy and are not at all soaked in oil! I know you are wondering if it is even possible to have all that but, trust you me, it is! The fries ended in seconds just because they were that good!

Next up was the classic pan seared rib eye steak @ 1,950/=. For a steak as good as that, and a marination that good, I’d say the deal was too good to be true. However, it is that same mentality that led me to staring at an empty plate without really understanding how I got there. Tender meat is my weakness. So long as the meat is tender and the marination and flavour is good, I devour the steak whole-heartedly!

The mashed potatoes it was served with were a force to reckon with. They were fluffy, smooth and very well seasoned! The portion was generous and the presentation beautiful. definitely a win for me! The seasonal sautee of vegetables both in this dish and the fish dish was very tasty. The vegetables were cooked perfectly, leaving them fresh and crunchy!

Lastly on the mains section is Cheesy Chicken Schnitzel @ 1,600/=. This meal consists a chicken breast being coated in breadcrumbs and then deep fried before being coated with melted cheddar cheese. It is served with a homemade salad, tartar sauce and french fries as the accompaniment.

The chicken was extremely tender and well-seasoned. Both the breaded part and the chicken itself were well seasoned. I would do away with the cheese or have it put on the chicken before the breadcrumbs so the chicken is cheesy and not just the bread-crumb coat. The serving of this dish was very generous and the salad accompanying the chicken had a light vinaigrette dressing that was delicious! The tartar sauce to be poured on your chicken, drizzled on your chips, and used as a salad dressing, did a good job for all three. It was finger-licking good. I think this is one of those dishes you must go and try yourself!

We tried two desserts.

The first one was the cheesecake with raspberry sauce @ 750/=. The crunchy pastry base of the cheese cake wasn’t as hard and crunchy as I would have preferred. However, this dodn’t stop me from enjoying the cake.

Of course it wouldn’t be dessert without the chocolate so yes, they did include chocolate in this dessert. The sweet & sour raspberry sauce went really well with the cream cheese. I think those who don’t like cream cheese, can try the dessert below.

Chocolate nikki @ 800/= is a chocolate flavoured cake with lots of nuts! In fact I think the nuts are way more than the cake itself. A tasty jam accompanies the dessert to add some sweetness to the strong nut-flavour. The whole chocolate garnish from the top was delicious too!

That’s all I had for you today! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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