Hey there! Welcome to this exciting FOOD POST!

I decided to try literally everything under each menu category at Wasp & Sprout Cafe so that you and I can get the true food experience. YES! Even Vegetarians are catered for in this post! In case you haven’t seen the blog post on this restaurant ambience, art and story, click here to see exactly what you missed!

Here is the food menu:

I began with a breakfast item: Sweet Potato Waffles @ 590/=. I didn’t want to try usual waffles since I tried those at Ventana Restaurant (see here). I was really interested to see how this unique variation of waffles tasted.

The waffles are served with almond or cocoa butter (in my case almond), maple syrup and berries (strawberries and raspberries). They aren’t as firm as the usual waffles but hold pretty well for something purely made from sweet potatoes. They were moist, sweet (well, obviously!) and very well presented.

The texture was soft and when placed in the mouth, sort of melted away. Yes. It was that moist! Amazing. Right? If you don’t think you can handle the taste of a moist like potato cake (Okay. It’s not as bad as that sounded). Let’s say: If you don’t like sweet potatoes, then I suggest you stick to the usual waffles (which are available!)

The berries were very generously scattered on the plate making it beautiful. Just imagine eating a moist potato cake kind of thing then a fresh strawberry bursts in the mix. It’s truly amazing The almond butter gave a smooth, nutty spread for the potatoes. However, since they were fragile, it was difficult to spread. I ended up scooping the nutty butter with every spoon to make me taste all the flavours at once.

I had the waffles with a Café Latte @ 240/= in a pretty large mug making the portion quite generous. For those of US (because I had to google it as well) who don’t know anything about coffee, a café latte is a mixture of espresso (coffee) and steamed milk. Its basically coffee with milk.

Your welcome! There is nothing much to say about this drink because it was delicious, creamy and had the right amount of caffeine.

Second I had a quiche and salad @ 750/=. The salad was a garden salad of lettuce, avocado, cucumber, onions, cherry tomatoes (smaller tomatoes), sliced onions and a few carrots. It is quite an extensive salad plate. Don’t you agree?

It has nearly everything! To top this off, the salad was drizzled with a honey-vinegar dressing that was delicious. The light dressing coated every nook & cranny of each vegetable giving a magnificent flavour.

A quiche is savoury open pastry. I would call it an open pizza pie. This particular one had cheese, baby spinach and tomatoes. Since this was a vegetarian quiche, there was no meat. Nonetheless, the taste was beyond amazing!

The quiche on its own is probably enough to fill you up. However, Wasp and Sprout goes that extra mile to make sure your portion is more than enough by giving you a mountain of salad! Definitely a heavy meal! The pie was harder & crustier when compared to a pizza base but had much more filling.

I had this with their carrot, apple and ginger fresh juice which was fresh and had no added sugar or preservatives. It is healthy and has an amazing taste.

The flavours combined surprisingly well with the ginger managing NOT to overpower the carrot and apple. This is a must try for those seeking new fresh juice flavours or even those willing to explore!

I had the chicken & avo Tartine @ 750/= next. A tartine is an open sandwich on sourdough bread. Sourdough is different from normal bread in that it uses a different kind of yeast that makes it have a small tangy taste.

However, you can barely tell if your having it with a savoury item like chicken or meat or curry. I guess if you have it alone, you may really note the difference in taste and of course texture, since its a bit harder.

Anyway, back to my open sandwich. The taste was mind-blowing! Can you imagine the tangy bread, creamy mayonnaise, baby spinach, roast chicken, avocado and sun dried tomatoes ALL IN ONE! This is hands-down my favourite sandwich ever! Yes. I have revoked Charley’s Cheese Steak on Kimathi Street of that title (see here). Then again, if you want something closer and more affordable, then its still Charleys!

The tartine has an amazing flavour combination that simply WORKS! The avocado is in generous portion and so is the roast chicken. Each bite gives you a perfectly ripe avocado, well-seasoned, roast chicken with minimal spices and some baby spinach whose backside has been laid on delicious mayo.

The freshness, crunchiness of the bread, just the right amount of mayo and the beautiful sun dried tomatoes (Yes. You can enjoy a tomato without all the excessive water it comes with!) are simply mouth watering! In case you didn’t know, chicken and avocado were a match made in heaven. They marry so well! In fact, Pizza Mojo has a pizza for this! I should do a review on it…

I had this sandwich with a dirty espresso shake @ 450/= that was beyond INCREDIBLE! It consists: caramel, double espresso (coffee) and ice cream. I know I talked about a caramel milkshake from The Talisman (see here) but it wasn’t as amazing as this. This here, was the mother of them all!

Who knew caramel and coffee go well together! They are two VERY different flavours: super-sweet & super-bitter and then the ice-cream as the bridge. Genius Idea! You have to try it! In fact, try all their milkshakes. If this one is anything to go by, then by all means drink them all! They are competing with Fraiche Milkshakes yet you know how amazing those were! (see here.)

For the last meal, I had a burger. Pulled pork burger with aioli and southern slaw. It is served with the famous skinned fries we first saw at Js (see here). Aioli is a classic sauce made from garlic and olive oil, while southern slaw is what we commonly refer to as coleslaw. In this particular case, it was purple cabbage, mayonnaise and a lot of other delicious ingredients I couldn’t quite point out.

The pulled pork is deeply marinated in their speciality sauces then grilled and shredded (pulled) to make the patty. This marination was definitely a win for me.

I loved the flavour the pork had, coupled with the crunchy slaw and smooth, creamy mayonnaise. Burger buns are fresh and are toasted for more crunch and a toasted-bread flavour.

I loved the fries. They were well seasoned during cooking making it easy for you just to throw them in your mouth!

I had this with a 500/= mimosa drink (white wine and orange juice), topped with a strawberry. It was nicely chilled and very refreshing.

FINALLY was the dessert. I had two muffins each @ 220 /=. One was an orange muffin topped with whipped cream (not fully whipped) and orange zest, and the other was a chocolate muffin with an intense chocolate flavour and icing sugar drizzled on top. .

The cakes were very tasty and had accurate flavour depictions! Can you imagine there was actual zest in the muffin! Heaven for all citrus-fruit lovers! Personally, I would have preferred the cake a bit more moist. That not withstanding, the cake was delicious!

There are some dessert items I have included below, that were not on the menu. This is because, there is a new dessert item every other day! I have heard their 350/= banana bread is to die for! Be sure to try it when you visit!

Other desserts include: Apple pie @ 350/=, Bread Pudding @ 350/=, Brownie @ 300/=, Sticky date pudding with ice-cream @500/=, Key lime pie @ 350/= and Cinnamon buns @ 350/=. That officially marks the end of my Wasp and Sprout food experience. I hope you learned quite a bit to do with flavour combinations and various foods.


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