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After last weeks post, talking about this restaurant, we can now find out what to expect when we order certain menu items at this restaurant. Let me know though, what your safest (in terms of taste & quality) menu item to order normally is. For me, it’s chicken and chips. In terms of affordability, it’s always a burger or pizza. Is that the same for you? Let’s find out if this rule of mine can apply at The Place Restaurant in Windsor. In case you missed the restaurant post see it here

Their menu can be seen below:

Let’s start with the drinks. First off was cappuccino @ 350/=. Like I said in the restaurant post, this area is terribly cold especially during this July period so you should come prepared in terms of attire. As you wait for your food, I highly recommend you try one of their hot beverages. I had the cappuccino and loved it. 

For the hot season you can try the vanilla milkshake, Windsor club speical @ 450/= or a cocktail. I tried the classic mojito @ 750/= and strawberry daquiri @ 800/=.

The club special drink is non-alcoholic and is very fruity. It is a cocktail fruit juice garnished with some fruit slices. 

I loved the cocktails. If you guys like your cocktails strong, this is definitely the place. Granted, this restaurant doesn’t have a happy hour but the normal portion or size is quite reasonable for it’s market. The ice wasn’t too much which is great! It allows you to enjoy the actual taste of the drink. 

The first food item I tried was the salad. I rarely look at the salad or soup section of a menu because… now why? However, since some of you do enjoy soups or salads I try to include them in the reviews once in a while. Chef Alex, who is in charge of the restaurant promised the salad I was about to try would be worth it. Why I needed to be convinced a little is because it would have salmon tartare. Allow me to explain what a tartare is. It’s a ball/cake of raw fish/meat mixed with select vegetables and seasoning. Obviously, it’s not dangerous to eat but isn’t necessarily a common thing to hear. Who doesn’t fear the unknown. He prepared a salmon tartare with garden salad at 2000/=. 

The red item on top that doesn’t look edible is a tulie. It is like a thin biscuit/wafer and is quite crunchy. The sauce on the side is mayonnaise to be used as the salad dressing. The salad had lettuce as well as some tasty edible flowers. The salmon tartare in itself was incredibly tasty. It had onions as well as other vegetables I couldn’t quite make out. In fact, both the salmon and veggies are cut/diced to extremely small sizes even to a paste and then is moulded into this shape. It was so tasty that I didn’t stop to ask what was in it.

As if that isn’t enough, the bottom of the tartare had a bread-like base. A perfect texture variation from the soft tartare. Add another slice like that on top and you have a salmon tartare sandwich or burger. Which I’d definitely eat. Trust me. How many people have ever had a seafood burger. I haven’t but would love to know where to try. 


Next is a main dish – pan seared salmon with beetroot risotto @ 3,000/=. This was actually my favourite. Actually, that is a lie because I may call something else my favourite. Just know it was really good. At home, I eat rice with absolutely everything. Even fish! Yes. Not the fillet. When I do, everyone is always like Aaai Laura! Rice and fish?? How! I hope you guys don’t think it’s a weird combination. 

This salmon fillet sat on a bed of creamy spinach. I don’t think I can emphasize how delicious the spinach was. I could devour a whole bowl if I could. Those who like salads could actually ask for a bowl of this and thoroughly enjoy. People say that it’s very easy to ruin salmon when preparing it. Either by over-cooking or under-cooking. It’s basically a very thin line. I must be very lucky to have never experienced either. This one was definitely not an exception. It was tender, well seasoned and married beautifully with the other items. 

The red/pink item is actually the rice. They made it with beetroot so it obviously spread it’s colour on the white rice. The type of rice is also unique. Risotto is really creamy rice. It sometimes has cheese but I didn’t taste cheese in this one. It was well prepared and seasoned. Yes, there is rice made to be a bit mushy. It’s not an error. The yellow sauce is saffron beurre blanc. Don’t worry, I can’t pronounce it either, A delicious yellow sauce that tied the whole meal together. Saffron comes from the same family as turmeric. The spice commonly found in our homes.  

There is no way we could have forgotten the vegetarians in this post. Windsor has you covered with this vegetable cannelloni with couscous @ 1700/=, Unfortunately, I have never understood couscous. It’s taste, existence and use. However, I do appreciate there are some people who love it. For those who don’t know, this particular one was crumby and yellow. That’s the best way I’d describe it. When taken on it’s own, the result is pretty inconclusive but with the vegetable, it is pretty nice. 

Vegetable canneloni is a wrap with vegetables. It may include a sauce as in our case. Here w had a mini wrap with a tomato-based sauce on it. I would have preferred the tomato sauce on the side because I felt it didn’t really work for me. You could ask for it this way so you proceed to pour it on top if you like it or don’t if you don’t. The vegetables in the wrap included french beans, onions and carrots. For those who don’t enjoy couscous like me, I believe you can swap it with steamed rice or pasta. 


Chicken had to feature in this review. I tried the supreme of chicken with mashed sweet potatoes & seasonal vegetables @ 2200/=. It sat on the same ‘difficult to pronounce’ yellow sauce. This may have been my second favourite but like we said, we won’t really keep track. I think people should incorporate sweet potatoes into meals more. They are delicious and go very well with savoury dishes. Let’s quit restricting them to the breakfast menu. Shall we?

Supreme of chicken was actually stuffed grilled chicken. I cannot tell you what the stuffing was but I promise it was delicious! I mean I could ask for that stuffing alone and just eat it like that. There was green so I believe spinach was included and it was quite compact so breadcrumbs as well. Due to the consistency of the stuffing, I couldn’t make out everything. It looked almost blended and was quite mushy. Definitely mushy and delicious. 

The vegetables were well seasoned, crunchy and fresh! That texture came in handy as the potatoes and chicken were very tender! 

We are a beef-loving country so surely, that wouldn’t miss out here! Prime aged beef fillet with fondunt potatoes and seasonal vegetables @ 3,000/=. When I say the beef is tender and delicious, please believe me. On the onset it looks a bit raw but believe you me it is incredibly good. If there is another thing I rarely look at on a menu, it is beef. Most times it will be tough, overpriced, tasteless or all the above. So I never gamble. However with this one, I was pleasantly surprised. It was none of those things. The starch portion seemed a bit small though. I’d have preferred one more potato. The beef however, was a good portion. Maybe I just love potatoes a bit too much. 


The delicious sauce complemented the beef flavour and served as a dipping sauce for the potato as well. The potato had a very interesting concept. It was shaped like a cylinder and then browned beautifully on both ends. In terms of colour and presentation, this was very good. Not that the other dishes aren’t well presented but can you automatically know that is a potato? Exactly my point. 


We spoke about pizza often being a safe bet in terms of price. I had the BBQ Chicken Pizza @ 1,800/=. Guys! Guys! Guys! I hope you’re paying attention. I will have to exercise utmost restrain whenever I’m in this area,  in order for me not to go get pizza. I’m a huge fan of bell peppers a.k.a hoho. I think a meal without it & dhania, just isn’t good. This pizza was heaven for me. It had chicken, cheese, onions and bell peppers. Simplicity definitely goes a long way. I don’t know how the base was made or how the chicken was marinated but it came together so well. Not to forget the generosity they showed when putting the mozzarella cheese. This pizza ddefinitely deserves an award. Or maybe they have such great pizzas cause they have an entire pizza oven and a full page menu dedicated just to this. They even have 24 inch pizzas. THAT IS HUGE! Just google, you’ll see. I’m ready to go try that with 10 people provided we each contribute. Lol!

This one I had is the size of the usual pizza inn/debonairs large so you could have this alone (if you can then mad respect to you) or share with someone.

Last but not least, we tried their dessert. Chocolate & peanut butter mousse with strawberry ice-cream @ 1000/=. Proceed with this only if you’re a sweet tooth. Otherwise, the sweetness will overwhelm you. The presentation of this blew me away! I mean wow! Even white chocolate shaped like a golf ball. Incredible! I’d have preferred vanilla ice-cream but that’s just my preference. Strawberry still worked fine. I think two or three people should eat this because the sugar and portion is a bit much for one. Unless of course, you walk in just to have this with a glass of wine then yes! Do it. 

It was mainly white chocolate and the mousse. The mousse had a harder shell then inside was the soft mousse. Peanut butter lovers will definitely enjoy this. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, not all food items I sampled are on the menu. However, they assured me that if you go and show them the picture or the name of the dish from this post, then they will be able to re-create it for you too!
Do you think my theory about pizza works? I think yes. It was the most affordable and what about the chicken? Turned out great. Do let me know your ‘go-to’ items are. 


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