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In the last blog post, I talked about my Restaurant experience at an Indian Restaurant at The Hub – The Mayura. In case you missed out on that post, you can read it here.

Remember me saying the experience I had was authentic and very ‘Indian’? Well, it was more than just the ambience, theme and decor that made this experience ‘one-to-remember’.

Befire we get into all the menu items, below is their food menu:

To begin my food experience, I had the Mayura Fusion Salad @ 650/=. It consists both fruits and vegetables; packed with several nutrients and intense flavour! The portion is extremely generous and can be shared by more than two. For an à la carte restaurant, this is probably the prettiest salad presentation I have ever seen. It had orange & apple slices and red grapes as the border and a large purple cabbage leaf as the bed of the salad.

Other ingredients included: fig, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, beetroot, cucumber, peach, green lettuce etc. all generously dressed in the creamy cumin dressing. Yes! The famous cumin Indian spice is drizzled in the salad in form of a dressing. The spice marries the sweet, fresh, crunchy vegetables with honey and lemon that is also in the dressing! A combination of sweet and the sharp cumin, vinegar and lemon taste, make this a perfect Indian fusion salad.

Next, I had a non-vegetarian starter: Chicken Banno Kebab @ 1200/=. It is chicken marinated with real Indian spices, dipped in egg and then char-grilled. Your typical road-side minced beef kebab re-defined! I say real because the flavour was so intense! I wouldn’t be surprised if I found out they transport fresh spices from India to make their dishes. Above the amazing marination was the tender chicken that easily tore off the main kebab without any effort!

Biting into it, you get a crunchy egg layer, tender, deeply marinated chicken with dhania (coriander), and then the barbecue flavour hits! The flavour from the grill isn’t too intense to overpower the flavour of the chicken, but makes a perfect balance. It is cooked with a skewer which is removed after the cooking process, and then served with sliced onion rings, a tomato peel flower and coriander to garnish.

Main Course was both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian. I had the Khadai Paneer @ 950/=, Chicken Jalfreezy @ 1,100/= and of course a basket of butter naan @ 150/=. I believe it is insulting not to have naan at an Indian restaurant. This has to be the best Indian meal I have ever had! If The Mayura hasn’t beaten the famous Haandi, then they must be at the same level! I hear people complain that Haandi is a bit expensive but the food is amazing. Here, we have both AMAZING FOOD and VALUE FOR MONEY!

Khadai Paneer is a vegetarian meal consisting soft chunks of cheese known as paneer. These chunks were so well marinated, you would think you are eating chunks of meat marinated in spices and dunked in a rich tomato gravy.

It is served with coloured peppers (hoho), onions and several other vegetables, making the dish extremely beautiful. Spices of cumin and cardamom can also be tasted. I say this to all non-vegetarians, with all the confidence in the world: ‘After this dish, you will consider becoming vegetarian.’

The butter naan doesn’t come with the dish but is ordered seperately. That way, you get to choose if you want parantha, rice, naan, biryani, pulao, kulcha or any other accompaniment. There are various types of naan – plain, butter, chilli, garlic, methi (with kuskus & fenugreek leaves) and peshawari (with onion seeds).

I decided to go for the butter naan since it sounded familiar and it turned out to be an excellent choice! It was soft (Yes. I don’t like it too hard or crunchy), had nice layers, beautifully charred and was above all, very delicious! This is hands-down, the best naan I have ever had! The butter and salt were in equal proportions to making me keep picking from the basket until there was nothing left to pick.

Chicken Jalfreezy was my non-vegetarian dish. This is chicken chunks in cashew nut gravy. This turmeric based gravy was so delicious! It was slightly sweet because I think it had a hint of coconut but wow! Chicken was tender and the flavour of the gravy had deeply penetrated into the chicken! Both the chicken and paneer came on stove tops to keep the food warm throughout. Pretty cool right?

One thing I truly appreciated in both dishes, was the thick curries/gravies, how authentic the dish was, and how deeply marinated each item in the dish was. It wasn’t just spicy gravy with chunks of bland paneer or chicken but everything had a consistent flavour similar to that of the gravy/marination.

Lastly, is the amount of chilli in each and every dish. It was amazing! The chilli was enough to shock your taste-buds to life while managing to bring out the true flavour of the dish. Personally, if the chilli is too much, to the extent I can’t taste the flavour of what I am eating, then you’ve lost the plot. Well done Mayura!

The Mayura prides itself in a wine list, cocktails and even mocktails. Below is the beverage menu:

I had a Virgin Sangria mocktail @ 550/= and a Blue Envy Cocktail @ 750/=.

The Sangria is a classy fruit punch consisting lots of sugar syrup, ice, orange slices, strawberries, lime juice and sprite! This cold drink is the ultimate afternoon cooler. The slightly sour lime and sweet syrup intermingle to give a cold bitter-sweet after-taste that is simply amazing.

My drink had quite a bit of sugar syrup which I didn’t like because it overpowered all the other flavours. Remember to specify how much syrup you want lest you walk out of there drank with enough sugar for a week! Nonetheless, it was a really good drink.

The blue envy drink is served in a tall glass similar to a cosmo and has a lemon slice to garnish the glass. The blue-green colour comes from Zappa liquor. Other ingredients are: lime juice, crushed ice, soda water and sugar syrup. This drink was pretty strong and had enough liqueur to make the lingering chilli feeling in your mouth disappear. Hopefully, you will try it when you go there!

I had an amazing day here and absolutely loved the whole Mayura experience. My experience lived up to the four pillars of: food quality, great service, value for money and even ambience. The fact that there is now a new branch at Kenrail Towers in Westlands makes it even better. You don’t have to come all the way to the Hub to have this experiential Indian dining experience. Well done Mr. Rajiv and the Mayura Team! You have set the bar for the Indian restaurant scene in Nairobi a notch higher. That’s all I had for you guys today!

Thank you so much for stopping by! See you at The Mayura!

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