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It has been so long since I wrote a review. First of all, I have missed you guys just as much as you have missed these reviews. Second, I can’t wait to share all the reviews I have. Third, there is a pretty exciting website feature about to be released! So, before you throw stones, hear me out. There is a cost filter kind of thing on the website now. However, when I released it, I got some pretty helpful feedback as to how I can improve it. I therefore decided to do it all over again because trying to correct it, was resulting in other issues & was taking just as long. Evidently, I am still not done with the new one as the old one is still in place. Nonetheless, I have found a way to balance writing reviews and working on the website so no need to worry guys! Lets find out more about Snack Attack. Shall we?

I have always found Snack Attack to be one of my favourite fast food joints. I mean, point  me in the direction of another place that sells several varieties of loaded fries! It’s actually the only place I know that does it! They used to have a branch at Adams Arcade but closed it and opened three branches. One in Sarit Centre  Food Court, another on Koinange Street at Kobil petrol station & another in Nyali Centre, Mombasa.

Below is their menu. All items are 100% HALAL Certified:

Snack Attack lemonades come in different flavours: strawberry, passion, lemon and mint each at 250/=. I had the strawberry and passion ones and found them to be really good. They were a little sweet but not the overbearing kind. Just the right amount! They also had real fruit! How amazing! It actually tasted real/authentic (for lack of a better word). Most places just put a flavour instead of the real fruit making it taste so artificial.

Snack Attack serves much more than just loaded chips. They have burgers, lemonades, wraps and hot-dogs! The Kulanini team got to try a little bit of everything on their menu. First off was their Crispy Chicken Wrap @ 450/=. The pastry wrap is layered with mayonnaise, onions, tomatoes, lettuce & crispy chicken strips and is then rolled into a perfect roll/wrap.

You often find chicken wraps/rolls being made with grilled chicken. However, for Snack Attack, you get tender, bread-crumbed chicken strips. The fresh, crunchy vegetables & mayonnaise, were evenly spread throughout the wrap, making every bite just as delicious as the last. They are very generous with chickens strips to allow every bite have a sizeable chunk in it.


Next up, was their loaded hot-dogs. Think of the Tuskys/ Naivas grilled boerewors hot-dogs but bigger and better! (P.S: I love those hot-dogs and should probably do a review sometime). Anyway, the snack attack hot-dogs were a force to reckon with. For 300/= you get a foot long (12-inch) spicy hot-dog with caramelised onions, mustard and ketchup.

I am no fan of hot-dogs, but, these ones were really good. They were spicy (not at all chilli) and had a unique flavour. I would have them instead of boerewors any day. I know that’s a really huge deal but, it’s true. It was that good!

Snack Attack has both Beef and Chicken Burgers. Under Beef Burgers, we tried the 550/= Bold Beef Burger that has a beef patty, macon (beef bacon) & cheese. In addition to this, it has lettuce, mayonnaise and tomatoes. The burst of flavour from the veggies and cheese married so beautifully! I was surprised that despite the burger being very fresh and juicy, the bread was not soggy. Well done Snack Attack!

We had the Angry Chicken Burger @450/= next. Beware! This one is chilli! Bread-crumbed chicken thigh, lots of chilli sauce, cheese, lettuce and some mayonnaise! It tasted just as amazing as the beef one. Definitely for the heat seekers! All in all, the burgers were really good. The best I have had in that price range so far! They sound like simple burgers but pack a load of flavour.

Finally, we tried the famous loaded fries. First up was the Carnivore. It came with beef gravy sauce, spicy bbq sauce and beef strips. The fries were crispy, perfectly cooked and well seasoned and the sauce, was mind-blowingly good! It had  a distinct pepper flavour that worked well with the beef strips. The sauce surprisingly doesn’t make the fries soggy. This was the junior size (350/=). You can definitely get a bigger one at 450/=.

Lastly, we tried the chicken loaded fries. They had buffalo sauce, chilli flakes and tender, spicy marinated chicken cubes. The flavour of the chicken was barbecue-y and the sauce was thick and had a distinct smoky chicken taste. The junior cup is 350/= while the larger one is 450/=. I am not quite sure how to describe to you the taste since there is really nothing I can compare it to. You just have to try it yourself!

I can tell you for a fact, that Snack Attack knows exactly what they are doing. From the burgers to the lemonades, loaded fries and even hot-dogs, I wasn’t disappointed even one bit. Let me know what you think of these menu items and if you’ll be visiting them soon. One thing about the Snack Attack at Kobil on Koinange Street, is that it is an express shop. Apart from a few high stools, at the counter to sit on as you wait for your food, there is no sitting area. It is therefore, only used for take-away orders.


In case, you haven’t heard, Kulanini has been nominated for the BAKE awards 2018 for Best Food Blog of the Year. Kindly click here to vote for Kulanini. A huge thank you for the nomination & votes so far! I really appreciate it. Voting is open until the end of this month (April 30th) so don’t be left behind! Vote, ask your friends to vote & even your family! Please note, you can only vote once per category.

In addition  to this amazing news, yesterday, Kulanini marked its 1 year anniversary (07/04/2018). I would like to thank each and every one of you; both old and new followers, for the massive support you have shown Kulanini. Thank you for nominating me for this award, reading these posts, sharing them and following Kulanini on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter! I love you all!

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    Really loved this review and your blog. Definitely voting for you, all the best!

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